Monday, 21 December 2015

Anxiety, going out and christmas fun

I'm writing this and nursing a bit of a hangover which I'm actually quite pleased out as I haven't been out out for a good while, this year I've been more out staying in on the sofa watching crap on the T.V. rather than getting myself out and about.  It's the same old dread what to wear, not liking my hair, the fuss of getting ready, BUT when all that's aside and I actually force myself to go out I generally end up having fun.  This year hasn't been good at all anxiety wise and I would say it's been my worst for severe panic attacks, I'm proud of myself for forcing myself to go to work,  but aside work I haven't been able to cope with much else.  I feel like an idiot for feeling like that, but I know I really am not alone, next year I'm going to try really hard and beat it as I think once I make the effort to beat it I actually have a good time, I just can't let my inner demons win.

Anyway I went to a wedding party last night with my lovely best friend and other friends, ended up having a good few gins too many buy hey hoh it's Xmas and why not.

Laura x

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Taotronics Portable Stereo Wireless Headset

I will go to the gym I will go to the gym!!!!!

Well I will in January anyway to many mince pies around and quality streets, so all my good intentions have gone right out of the window.  Now when I was gym addicted I cannot go there without music it's far to boring to for that, but there's nothing more annoying for me than say running on the tread mill and having to stop to put ear phones back in your ear as they keep falling out, I feel like a right idiot to, although I'm sure no one really notices, that's why these beauties come into play and I'm so glad I have them, they are from Taotronics and I have them in green, the headphones design will fit into the contours of the back of your ear, so the headset will stay in place even when sprinting or running.   Not only that they are protected with a liquid repellent gel to keep sweat and water away.

Come January I'm going to try my best to road run again, now these do cancel out a lot of noise, so I'm going to run whilst its still light as I'm not the most alert runner around and need to have my wits about me, but there's no chance that I will be running without music, so hoping I get a load of great music over Xmas.  If you fancy these you can purchase them from Amazon.

Laura x

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Why I'm loving baking right now

Ok so when I was in my twenties I thought baking was for ancient people (i.e people in their 40's) and me being there I really don't think that's ancient ha ha, and caking is now a cool past time.  I actually find baking to be very therapeutic and if you have had a bad day then it does take a lot of stress away.
I started just following a few simple recipes and then went to do bigger things like cakes for friends, I know bake cakes weekly to take into work, and my colleagues actually buy bits of cakes and then the money goes away and it goes to a charity, I've chosen a charity called Chrons and Collitus as my best friend in work suffers from Chrons and seeing her daily struggles has inspired me to keep doing it along with my enjoyment.
Now I'm never going to be a Mary Berry or a Nigella not from the want of trying but I really love it.

So here is my attempt at a chocolate and vanilla swirl cake, my work colleagues loved it, and I was actually proud that once the cake was cut into the middle it actually was swirly woo hoo.

Do you like baking and what are you fave things to bake

Laura x

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Superdrug PhytoDeluxe Indulgent Day And Night Cream

I was lucky to have been sent two products from an exciting range for over 40's that has not long been released from Superdrug as in the title I had the day and night cream, and I've been trialling this for just over a month, just to give it time incase of break outs or skin irritation.

As I often say being older is a case of give me the skincare your skin defo needs a lot more love and care and you simply cannot skimp on taking care of it. Or you will simply wake up looking like the grim reaper.

So back to the skincare, this range is new and a premium skincare range for Superdrug, which packaging wise and key ingredient wise will give the bad boy premium expensive skincare brands a run for their money.  Ingredients include Vitamin E, Pro-Vitamin B5, Black Truffle Extract which is derived from platinum, and with all the other ingredients they help to boost the synthesis of Collagen to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and improve hydration.

I have been using the day and night cream for over a month I found the day cream lightweight and sank into my skin quickly, the smell is fresh but not over pouring at all,  for me I would give my skin a good clean - cleanse in the morning and then apply the cream.

The night cream is naturally thicker in texture but it's velvety to the touch and again soaks in my skin nicely.  I do double cleanse every night anyway as I wear quite a lot of makeup and want to get it all off,  all I can say my skin looked and feels amazing after using these two creams and trust me I would say if I didn't like them, they didn't break my skin out or cause any nastiness.  And for the record my skin is slightly sensitive and a minute has a real mind of its own and not loving the really intense cold weather at the moment.

I'm loving also the fact this top range is available at Superdrug where I can't just go in and not buy anything else, but as I said this range gives the department store creams a run for their money, and if your looking for a gift for you, your mum or your nan go and get it before it's gone.

Laura x

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Dermalogica age smart kit

Hello guys well I'm now really excited about Christmas I used to be a proper ba humbug but I love it now, I'm really liking all the kits and gifts that come out for Christmas and skincare pretties being a favourite of mine.  We are just in the middle of the effects of the tail end of hurricane Abigail so the wind has even shocking and my face is literally crying with the battering it's taking. I was lucky enough to be gifted with a kit from Dermalogica and I had the Age Smart one which included the super rich repair moisturiser, skin resurfacing cleanser and a weird grey thing which I will explain later.
Years ago I had a facial in a salon by an amazing lady who was just ready to retire and I think I was her last facial, she used Dermalogica products and used a face mapping system to target any concern areas and used different products to target these areas, I left the salon thinking omg my skin is glowing.  I was chuffed to bits. That was my first experience with the brand and I knew after that it couldn't be the last.  I have used lots of their products since and always have something from them in my stash.
So the skin resurfacing cleanser, you put some product into the palm of your hand mix with a little water and massage into your skin, avoiding the eye area, this cleanser contains Lactic Acid which helps retexturize the surface by removing dirt and helps prepare the skin for other products, this is where the weird grey thing comes in, now what I do is, as it's like a glove you put your hand in, dip into water and massage the glove all over your face, it's not rough but helps to get rid of the dirt and dead skin cells, what I love the most is I normally use muslin cloths for this and I have to wash them out all the time but with this you just rinse under water and leave to dry.

Then once you have dried off your face it's time for the Super Rich Moisturiser to use apply to face and neck using light upward strokes until absorbed, if your skin is really dry you can apply a thicker layer and leave it to absorb and then using tissue take off the excess, so it's literally like a really thick mask.  If your skin is not dry this cream wouldn't be for you as it is really rich in texture but for the dry winter conditions a small amount for less drier skins would be good, but for chronic dehydrated conditions this would be a must.    You could be inclined to think this is suited to the over 40,s and that being said yes yes yes I need it, but if your in your 30,s and can see the signs of ageing creeping up then slap it on I say it won't hurt you.

Laura xx

This kit was gifted to me. X

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Reseed shampoo and conditioner product review*

Hey guys  hope you are all well and I cannot believe Halloween and Bon fire night are over and Christmas is nearing, my favourite holiday of all.  So with that in mind whether you love it or hate it I'm sure you would be out for at least one event whether it's a works meal or a big huge night out, you want to look your best.  Now for me being honest I normally get ready and my makeup is usually on point, but my hair that's another story.  I was recently contacted by some lovely guys who asked if I wanted to review some products for thinning or fine hair.  Now being in my twenties I knew my hair was ultra fine but I kind of ignored it and just got on with stuff probably being young and carefree.  However being in my forties now it's not something I can ignore now.

So I had heard of I knew there was a range for men but wasn't aware there was a now a range for women until now.  Now when my hairdresser told me my hair was thinning I literally came out of there dying I was so embarrassed, but it's life and I have to deal with this and I'm not the only person in the world who suffers from this, and If I can use or find products to help then bring it on and that's why I wanted to try these.  I received very kindly a shampoo and conditioner, the shampoo is in Ginkgo and Sabal which is basically fortified with loads of vitamins and minerals which help to stimulate the scalp and revitalise hair follicles and also my favourite and trust me it does work helps add volume and density.  The bottles are nothing fancy, very clean packaging but I didn't expect them to be glitzy as these are in fact a treatment range you don't need the fancy pants packaging.

To use, you wet your hair as usual and lather and leave for three minutes then rinse away, I enjoyed the smell to, nice and clean smelling but nothing over powering, again I didn't expect it to be and as I said it does the job amazingly.  

Unfortunately amongst my male friends hair loss is a big joke and I think that's how they deal with it, but for women it can be a big thing, traumatic, and really confidence affecting but I personally now it affects me appreciate there are products available to help thank god, now excuse me while I swish my hair ha ha.


*products sent for consideration for review! all thoughts are all my own. 

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Remove the brass with Naissant Blonde Pearl Shampoo and Treatment

Anyone who has highlights or dyes their hair full on blonde like I do knows how amazing the colour looks after you come out the salon or you do it yourself, but what happens after time and that dreaded dirty or yellow colour creeps through what do you do then?

There are tons of shampoos and conditioning treatments on the market and it can look like a massive minefield, where do you start and more importantly what do you buy.  So it was after me reading some fellow blogger posts I read that Naissant a brand I had never heard of before had a shampoo and conditioner out that helped with toning so I ordered the shampoo and conditioner both from Amazon.

They arrived pretty quickly and from the picture you can see they are not traditionally bottled shaped, inside the product is a deep blue violet hue don't be scared, it doesn't stain your hands. The product description on the bottle reads

Keep the colour until the next dye

Contains provitamin B5 olive oil, honey vitamin E, hydrolyzed wheat protein.

Specially for lighter shades and champagne blondes.

What I did first was washed my hair with my Redken Blonde Shampoo rinsed out and then towelled my hair very lightly and applied the treatment first to see how this would work, almost straight away you can see your hair changing and almost greying, the bottle says to leave in between 5 to 10 minutes, I chose 5 minutes for the first time as I was a little bit scared. Now one side of my hair must be more porous than the other, I have no idea why it takes colour quicker than the other but I applied the toning treatment to that side first. After 5 minutes I rinsed out well, and then I applied a tiny bit of a leave in conditioner from another brand.  I have to be fair this worked amazing my hair was really bright and had quite a lot of gross yellow tones in, this was toned right down and my hair now looks a more natural cooler blonde.  If you like your hair more golden toned this will not be for you as you definitely get a cool tone coming through.  I really like this and is perfect for getting rid of the brass,

Laura x

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Competition time design wellies for Joules and win

Who doesn't like competitions I do, and even better ones you could actually win something cool.  All you have to do is design some Joules wellies not to difficult eh.

You could win:-

Win a luxury break worth £5,000

3 nights in a golden oak treehouse cabin plus lots more

10 runners-up will each receive a £250 Joules gift card,

The winning welly  design will go on sale at

All you have to do is submit a design and enter the competition here -

All proceeds from the sale of the limited edition winning welly will be donated to our charity partners via CHARITABLY JOULES.

Good luck

Laura x

*this is not a sponsored post although I may be entered to win a gift card for myself

Monday, 19 October 2015

Three days in New York City

As I'm writing I feel very tired but defo not moaning as had the best couple of days ever in NYC.
I went with my little sister Kelly and we had so much fun.  We had laughs good times and memories I'm sure neither of us will ever forget.
We stayed in the Cassa which is a little boutique style hotel situated in Midtown New York, perfectly situated for the things we wanted to do and minutes away from Times Square.  The hotel was lovely and the staff so friendly not that we were there much but whilst we were there they made us feel so welcome.
If you have never been before my only advice would be don't bother with high heels as you won't wear them, take comfy clothes and plenty of money, although unless you are shopping you can do it cheaply if you want to.

If you are worried about it being a major city and being attacked by gangs etc don't be,  there are people everywhere, and around the typical tourist attractions there is a visible police NYPD presence, ps they look amazing in their uniforms.  Obviously there are quite a few homes less people around, keep your bags safe and don't give anyone money or change if they ask.

If you asked me my highlight probably too many to list but after seeing the twin towers years ago and obviously the after effects now, I found ground zero very moving and we did the 9/11 new museum which again was very moving and gave a very big insight into that day and how NY has recovered after that awful day.  Shopping wise you will be so hard pushed into not getting a bargain or even into not buying anything. Macy's was our favourite as a visitor you get 10% off goods but they have sales galore to which was at 25% whilst we were there.  We also went over to Nike Town which Is a huge store dedicated to all things Nike again you will be hard pushed to not buy anything.  
If you are thinking of going don't think!!!! Book and go.

Laura x

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Why I find Caroline Hiron's so inspiring.

I have always been a huge fan of Caroline Hiron's for a huge list of reasons, obviously her knowledge of skincare, beauty and all speaks for itself, I genuinely look to her posts for inspiration when my own  skin needs a boost and even some times when I feel a bit miserable just seeing her posts on Instagram lift my mood straight away.  Now please don't read this and think it's a lick arse post blah blah it's not, the reason for it is off the back of reading her latest post about "the importance of having an opinion, and voicing it.  And I urge you if you haven't read it to read it.

Years ago I never would have voiced an opinion I was far too scared to, if someone asked me a simple question like even "what's your name" my head would hit the floor I would go bright red and a whisper would come out .... I think then I was scared of everything everyone inc my own shadow.  I simply would have done most things in order for someone to like me even saying I liked something even if I didn't.  It's taken me a while to change in fact now I'm in my forties I feel so much more empowered.  Blogging is definitely harder to do when your older there's no doubting that, and I feel that there is more scope for younger girls and boys, but that being said there a lot of older respected bloggers doing well and enjoying what they do.

When it comes to writing posts I do try and be as honest as I can, I have had some really exciting emails in the past from PR's saying how refreshing it was to read honest posts, I do have opinions about things but I post mine in a way that's not insulting to anyone or anything but I try to do it still so it remains refreshing and not run of the mill sugar coated in glitter and fairies if you get my meaning.   It's really hard as I mentioned to be honest especially if your younger as I said about myself in the past, now in my own line of employment I do speak up quite a lot more in meetings and I think it's important to do so.  Not everyone is going to agree with your opinion but as a person you have the right to voice it.

This is why in my couple of years of blogging and I've been noticed in that short time huge changes, I have noticed that the community has moved away slightly from the supportiveness that was there before and I would love to see that back, blogging is a huge voice and I look to blogs to read about products and fashion way before I would pick up a this is why the blogging community needs to regroup and remember support and say how you feel, if you don't like the latest fashion or eyeliner trend you don't have to, just because everyone else does you don't have to.  I hate culottes with a passion probably because I had them the first time around, so I wouldn't wear them or buy them, I wouldn't buy them because they are the thing of the moment or because my friends have them.  I was actually chuffed the other day in work we had a dress down day (we could wear what we want day) and my colleagues said they really liked my style as I dress for me and what I like.  That was refreshing for me as I think I used to dress how I thought everyone else should.

So back to why I admire Mrs Hirons because she's got a wicked sense of humour that comes across, she's real and seems very grounded. I could imagine a night out with her would be hilarious but your head would be killing for ages after,
But the fact she speaks her mind and with her raised eyebrow I to would love people to gain the strength to be original to.

Laura xx

Saturday, 3 October 2015

What do you do when you have your haircut and don't like it

Anyone who reads my posts will know since I've started blogging how often I change my hair colour and style, and also everyone around me knows I have issues with it and if there was a clinic I could go to, to help I would be there ha ha. Anyway with all this in mind I wanted to go shorter and off I went to the hairdresser.  Armed with ideas and pictures as usual and here is what I ended up with.  Now looking at my smiling face you would think I was happy and I was until I woke up this morning and I don't like it.

Now this is the quiff version of it so I can wear it flat or funky, but I just feel like I look minging.  And I've cried all morning.  I am glad that when it comes to hair that I am brave and not boring but I do wish I could just settle with something.  I know that it will grow in time but right now I'm a bit sad.  Not to say it's not been cut amazing it really has and my hairdresser is fab it's just me and my hair issues.

Is anyone else like this?

Laura xx

Thursday, 1 October 2015

The autumn edit

The autumn edit

High rise jeans

Oasis equestrian boots

Michael kors tote bag
£195 -

Ted Baker felt hat
£56 -

How To Keep Your Relationship Alive

How To Keep The Spark Alive After Years Of Relationship

When two people have been in a relationship for very long, especially those who share a home and children, it may be challenging to put all of the daily tasks to the side and keep the spark alive. Even though schedules can get busy, it is up to the couple what their life together looks like. The following tips should point both of you in the right direction:

Plan a Date Night

It doesn't have to be anything extravagant. If you worry about your finances, budget conscious couples can always scour the local papers for coupons and look online at such sites as Discountrue to save some cash. Even if it's something as simple as going out to a sit down restaurant without the kids or spending at least one lunch break per week together, having a regular date to look forward to keeps the relationship feeling fresh and interesting!

Don't Stop Flirting

Just because you "already have" a person doesn't mean you should ever give up on doing the things that won you their affection in the first place. Never hesitate to tell your significant other how sexy they look, how much they mean to you and if an opportunity to lay down your very best pickup line should happen to present itself, you have to seize it!

Be Spontaneous

One of the main reasons why the spark dies in our relationships is complacency. We allow ourselves to fall into ruts and routines that drain life of spontaneity. Don't let this happen to you – surprise your significant other with a trip out of town for the weekend (and take care of all the necessary arrangements first). Or skip the usual home cooked meal and take them out for a night on the town. When you feel things becoming stale, make a move in the opposite direction.

Put Each Other First

Once a couple has joined their lives together, it becomes much more challenging to prioritize one another. Work, school, children, family, all of these aspects can drain us and keep us from giving each other the attention we deserve. When you fail to put each other first, this is how schisms develop between couples and they begin to seek affection from outside sources.

Talk Problems Through

Couples who both have full and busy lives still have disagreements, but these obligations and responsibilities get in the way of hashing them out. While it is definitely a cliché to say that a couple should never go to bed mad, this cliché has endured for a very good reason: because it is true. Allowing problems to fester and build up only leads to increased tension and an inability to enjoy the moments you do have together, so talk your problems out and don't let them becoming bigger than they should be!

you can go online and find some great offers at Discountrue

*sponsored post

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Tata harper nourishing oil cleanser

I'm a big fan of double cleansing, some people view it as a waste of time, or a fad or unnecessary and maybe in some people's cases this will apply but in mine it's an essential part of my routine.  My evening routine normally now consists of an oil type cleanser and a normal light cleanser.  The oil cleanser I've been using is from Tata Harper and is her nourishing oil cleanser.  Now firstly you can use it in two ways:) if you want to remove makeup saturate a cotton pad and gently apply around the eye area and wherever else you have your makeup, this will help to remove makeup and lift impurities.
Secondly to cleanse apply the oil cleanser to a dry face, leave it for a bit and then lightly splash with water, massage into skin to really cleanse the skin and rinse thoroughly.

As I wear a lot of makeup I prefer the second method to use, it just works for me, as the oil helps melt the makeup off my face and not only that I like the clean feeling I have once I've used it.  You may be reading this thinking who is Tata Harper and I didn't know until I did a bit of research, basically Tatas step father was diagnosed with skin cancer and she decided to create a line of non toxic, natural products, she lives in Vermont so surroundings and ingredients don't get much more natural than that really, and out came her skincare line.  The only thing I'm not to keen on is the glass like bottle as it's totally impractical for travelling as one drop and that oil is all over your stuff, however that's not the end of the world really, I love having it in my bathroom, it's easy to use with a handy pump and I really recommend it, after all a Caroline Hirons swears by it you don't need much more of a recommendation really.

Laura x

Saturday, 19 September 2015

How to save your hair after bleaching

Ok so after switching my hair from a vivid bright copper auburn colour to a gold, but yet not happy with that and wanting to go lighter, I reached for the bleach to take my hair up a bit lighter, I can hear all the alarm bells ringing waaaaa your hair, well in my case luckily its short, or else I could imagine having to have inches cut off already, but nether the less long or short once you have chemically treated your hair you really have to look after it when your finished.

So after tons of searching for a product I haven't used before I finally decided on a brand I've never used or tried before and I chose Joico and the Deep-Penetrating Reconstructor for damaged hair.

This product is described as an award winning intensive protein Reconstructor to improve and rebuild the hair.   Now I've read it's best to use this product once a week and once you have improved your hair you obviously can switch the products, too much protein in your hair can be a total recipe for disaster as can not enough, and if your hair is just slightly dry I wouldn't bother, this is for hair that really needs help or like mine which is literally crying.
The smell is amazing I can't really describe it but lets just say it reminds me of how your hair smells when you walk out the hair salon if you get my idea, the product is thick but easy to spread through the hair and once washed out leaves your hair feeling amazing, even if your hair is brittle dry and generally feels like crap this stuff will really help and you need it.  I'm glad I've tried this and I think my hair has to, I'm now going to have a little peek into other products in their line as well as I've noticed a purple shampoo, as much as I like having my hair blonder I'm not keen on the brassy tones you are sometimes left with so I'm going to check this out.

Laura x

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Kukui oil shampoo and conditioner by OGX

I first set my eyes on OGX products a good few months ago while wandering up and down the aisles repeatedly for about half an hour and I think that day I bought the ones with Argan Oil in, it didn't last particularly long in my house as it went down really well, but the one I wanted really was the Kukui Oil one literally raved about ages ago by Caroline Hirons I did think after that recommendation that this one had to be good.  This one proved a lot harder to track down then any other of their formulations, didn't have it in my local Waitrose and my local superdrug didn't either, anyway without boring you I found it in Cardiff and to top it off it was part of a 3 for 2 so I was well happy.

The Kukui Oil comes from the Hawaiian Kakui Nut Tree so that's the history and is extremely good for your hair, essentially better if you struggle with flyaway uneasy to tame hair then this will be your bag.

The formulation is quite thick and creamy you do not need a large amount at all, so I would think right I need loads of this because I have thick hair or long hair you don't, in this case less is definitely more.  I myself have short hair so I use a tiny amount, I get a really creamy lather, and as much as it lathers up well it's at the same time easy to rinse out and doesn't feel like it's all built up in your hair.  The smell is amazing it's not too over pouring or strong the only way I can describe it is really pleasant and literally clean smelling.  Or for a more descriptive imagine with your eyes closed you were in Hawaii and the sun is blazing down and your walking with sand between your toes and your feeling all tropically hope that helps.  But I can really understand the hype I guessed this would be my favorite blend and I wasn't wrong it's literally gorgeous.

Laura x

Monday, 7 September 2015

5 minute makeup challenge

Hey guys sorry I've been out a bit absent for a while, I've been really needing some valuable family time plus I've been on holiday.   I've got three children and they have been busy with activities more than ever and they have really needed me lately and obviously they come first.  Anyway with all that aside I have got a tan on my face so guess my makeup challenge is easier as I'm skipping foundation he he so here's what I used.

I think it's much quicker to do makeup when your not doing a base but unless I have a tan I'm too scared to skip the base, so I used Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in Amethyst all over the bottom of my lid up to the crease, this colour is so pretty and the stick is so easy to use and apply, a slick of Rimmel  Wonderfull Mascara enriched with Argan Oil, a little slick of BD by Tesco highlighter I did have to mix this with a darker one as I have a tan.  Complete with a lick of my Chanel lipgloss and I felt confident to go out.  I did it in less than 5 minutes to, just disappointed once the tan has gone it will probably take me twenty minutes ha ha.

Can you do your makeup routine in quick time?

Laura x

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Home update and what I've been up to

Hey guys  it's nearing the end of the summer/school holidays, I use the term Summer as it's meant to be, but it's literally been a washout, I'm not going to bleat on about the weather though after all I live in the U.K. So it's kind of expected, although as a kid I can never remember the weather being like this, I remember always being out playing and never getting wet, or that's how it seemed.  So my kids have been out and about as much as I could in between showers so for a change we have been doing quite a bit in the house.  I've also been doing a bit of decorating and updating my living room.  Last year I had a feature wall which was purple and I had purple and silver accessories including cushions, but I've got bored of all the purple, so thought I would change the feature wall to lime.

Well how could I be more wrong, a trip to B & Q later and I was at the paint mixing desk asking for a bright lime, the man mixing kept asking me if I was sure, in my head I couldn't be more sure, so after painting the wall adding my new green accessories I thought this will be a funky update.  I went out after it had been done and returned walked in my living room and looked at that feature wall and it was an instant migraine, I thought I was going to cry, it made the room looked closed in, and every time I looked at it my eyes went fuzzy.

I tried to convince myself I liked it and decided I would give it a bit of time for me to get used to it, I couldn't, every time I looked at it I thought I was going to heave.   So with my middle kid in tow I was back at B & Q, this time not at the paint mixing desk but scouring all more subtle greens.  It's great in there now as they have little square hard samples above the paints which give a true reflection of how the colour turns out once dried, we were undecided on two colours but in the end we decided on a light fresh green.  I was so scared repainting it but two coats later and it was done. I wasn't sure on the colour wet but once dried I stepped back and instantly loved it.  So a clock from Next Home and a huge statement mirror and a new rug my living room was now complete and I'm happy.  It may not be to everyone's taste but I like it and think it looks calming and homely in my opinion anyway.  Oh and look Joel my son has photo bombed the pictures on his beloved ipad playing Minecraft no doubt.

So what have you been up to this summer.

Laura x

Sunday, 16 August 2015

How to pack for a family going on holiday

Going on holiday to me is so exciting down to the buying outfits to wear to getting all the toiletries, to packing it all in the suitcase.
A lot of my friends get so stressed with packing and organising everything and I totally get that, my massive top tip is not a rock science one and I'm sure you all do it already but I'm a list freak.  I write lists for everything including how many flip flops and shoes to go in, to listing what makeup I'm going to pack.  I then literally tick off as I'm going along and then it goes in.
Now an example of when I decided to not use my lists and I packed to go to London and got there and I had missed about three really important things out of my case and they were massively important I got there and thought kill me now.  So list writing is so important.

Another thing I'm keen to do is roll my clothes, I literally get my children's shorts and t shirts and roll them length ways and place them in my case.  This means that it's space saving and you can pack more into your case, not only that but when you get to your destination you open your case and literally hang up your items and the creases drop out.

Another massive tip is don't over pack, there's nothing worse than going over your luggage allowance, and really you don't need to do that, if I'm going somewhere hot then it's usually maxi dresses and maybe the odd light weight cardigan thrown in, don't get me wrong I have clean different clothes on every day but I tend to wear everything I have packed, the same for the children they always have their nice stuff but again I don't over pack otherwise it ends up getting left in the suitcase and what's the point in that.

Sun cream and after sun I normally get in the sale when it's reduced and I make sure it's packed so it doesn't leak as that's my massive fear, imagine getting your stuff out and it's covered in oils and creams gross.

I do always pack sachets of medication as well, plus plasters and antiseptic wipes.  Always better to be prepared and has to be done.

Does everyone else love going away and all the preparation getting ready to go..

Monday, 10 August 2015

Why you need a decent concealer in your life

Unless your blessed with perfect skin when you wake up don't read on, but if your like me and wake up to blotchy skin and gorgeous bags under my eyes then you need a concealer like it's your new best friend.  I personally love a good concealer and literally use one every day and when I run out I go into massive panic mode, so I tend to buy a few to make sure I have at least three in stock.

I've got three in my stash that I replace time and time over and they are two from the chemist (drugstore) and one a more premium. Concealer used along with your foundation and or powder properly can completely leave you with a flawless look. So here's what I have and use.

BD Trade Secrets: light effect concealer.* This is one of my faves, when I run out of this I'm like a looney driving into Cardiff to their huge Tesco to get another one, the BD range has gone from my local Tesco which is such a Shame, but back to this, this concealer is frickin amazing, it reminds me so much of another premium one and if you have used this one you may know what one I mean, however the price point on this one in comparison is amazing. I use this one under my eye area and I also use this on areas on my face I want to brighten.  It's so easy to use and I love that it's like a pen, one of the best.

Maybelline the Eraser eye: I have mine in the shade nude, now the first one I bought the product didn't come out and no matter how much I squeezed or twisted the top I couldn't get any out, I ended up chucking it in the bin and I was fuming, I don't know if it was my fault or the lids so I bought another one, and it worked fine, perfect for the under eye area and didn't settle to bad in any creases or lines.  I use mine around my nose to where my skin is a bit blotchy and find this is absolutely perfect for disguising issues here.

Nars Creamy Concealer: this concealer has a bit of a cult following and your not worth your salt if you don't have this in your stash, we are told, I've got mine in Vanilla, and yes the texture is creamy and the blend ability is great.  This again Is a must for under eyes and it does help me look less tired which is essential in my life,

Laura x

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Wedding outfit ideas from the high street

Hello guys hope your all well, I know we are in August and I can't believe it and the wedding season is still ongoing,  so if your struggling for wedding outfit inspiration and you struggle with what to wear, I hope this gives you a few ideas.

I've picked a couple of outfits from two high street shops that I love, I haven't even asked to do this I've just done my usual scouring the web for fashion ideas and I really like the look of these pics.

The two shops I love are Warehouse and River Island I buy things from here regularly can you guess which two are from what shop?
I would defo wear these to a wedding and what I liked about these items are that I would wear them again, you know when you buy an outfit for a wedding and never wear it ever again, that really annoys me, so when you know you will wear it again it's much more budget friendly.

Do you like any of these outfits and what would you put with it shoes and bag?

Laura x

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Current haircare saviours

Hey, I thought I would do a hair post today as a few people have been asking me since I got my haircut what I use to style it.  My routine changes quite a lot,  but you know when you favour certain products and then get bored so you switch them around again well this is my just switched around routine.  At the moment I currently have gone quite short with the hair so I can't overload it with products although sometimes I forget and over spray things especially hairspray.
So what products have I been reaching for lately, well hair washing wise it's been anything that's been around my bath, I can't say one particular shampoo at the moment has been screaming at me to wash my hair with but before after washing my hair conditioning and then blow drying I would be able to get away without using anything else on it those days are gone, who said short hair is less maintenance.

Paul Mitchell:: Ultimate Color Repair Triple Rescue:: I spritz this on my hair after conditioning, the reason I like this is the quinoa colour locking system in it is meant to help lock in your hair colour for up to 9 weeks that said along with the shampoo and conditioner.  It's also used as a heat protector which after blasting my hair with a hot hairdryer welcomes.  In fairness my hair does feel softer after I use this.

Dove: Root Lift Spray, this is from Doves Oxygen range which I have to admit I bought it on a whim as it was on offer and I think I used it once and wasn't in love with it but my hair was in a bob at that time and I just don't think it did anything for my hair then but this time round I'm loving it.  If your hair is fine and quite lifeless you will love this, couple of sprays at the roots massage in and dry and you will get tons more body and volume, I'm really liking this and I can see me using this up and going to get another one.

Sebastian: Hair Texturizer, I'm not normally a fan of waxes or hair putty or anything like that as I don't like the gross sticky feeling you can get with things like that, however I do really like this, I literally scoop out a tiny bit with my fingers and warm between my hands, I then scrunch well into my hair after it's dry and then tweak my hair into place. You do only need a little bit so with this less is defo more, but I find it washes out well and if you want to create a funky messy style you need this in your routine.

If you want to see me in action styling my hair from just washed to dry then click here:::

See you soon

Laura xx

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Zelens Triple Action Advanced Eye Cream Review

I've tried eye cream after eye cream, premium and the cheapest I could find all in the search for a solution to getting rid of bags and stopping fine lines in their tracks. I've been eye cream free for about two weeks as I couldn't decide which one to buy and wanted to get one which would be worth getting.  So with all this in mind and me trying a sample Sephora had sent me after purchasing some make up a while ago I decided on Zelens Triple Action Advanced Eye Cream.

These are the claims:

A state of the art eye cream with targeted triple action, developed by Dr Marko Lens.  This moisturising cream helps to visibly reduce the appearance of puffiness, dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes.

I ordered mine online and it came in a 15ml jar, the texture is very light very gel like and easy to apply.  I use morning and evening you only need a tiny tiny amount, I have the tendency to apply eye cream to heavily but not with this one, one as you don't need to and two it's not a cheap cream so I think I bear this in mind when taking some out the bottle.

When I pat some cream under my eyes it feels cool and soothing occasionally I've felt a slight tingling sensation but it's not uncomfortable.  I would recommend getting a sample first as the ingredients are active and may not suit everyone, but I would always try and get a sample of anything first before buying it, to see if I liked it.

If you worry about eye creams being ultra heavy and make your makeup run this one won't be the culprit, it's fine for using under makeup.

Have you tried it and what are your thoughts??

Laura xx

Monday, 13 July 2015

My beauty and clothing Wishlist

I haven't done a Wishlist in like forever, so I thought I would put together a little group of things I'm loving at the moment.  On the clothes front I haven't bought any new ones recently I'm kind of I between sizes a bit after managing to lose a bit of weight woop woop, and for me not anyone else.  I've loved Next for ages and every season there's usually something I'm lusting after.  I'm really loving the Jumpsuit that I've picked out, the colours the style everything it's so stunning.  I can imagine it looking amazing for a holiday to look smart but without being over the top.

Secondly a little light weight jacket in a blush colour, probably not my first go to colour, but a welcome change to my usual navy black or Illuminous colour. I think this little jacket would go with everything and dress up anything and not only that be perfect as a jacket to throw on if it got chilly in the nights.

On a makeup front I've been trying to get the Laura Mercier secret brightening powder for ages I've been going into John Lewis for weeks, but they have been continuously sold out, I've seen so many reviews and people saying how good it is for setting makeup under the eye without the makeup creasing and making under eye lines look worse.

My second makeup Wishlist item is Nars Laguna I have a bit of an issue when it comes to bronzer buying,in fact I think I'm addicted.  Nars Laguna is described as such a natural healthy glow, and being super pale in real life, I think this one would be right up my street.

And lastly but one of the most important is an SPF protector for the face from Zelens, not one to break the skin out, it reads skin protection from the sun at its best, so all I need is payday to help me out, but I defo need this as I'm sick of burning my nose!!!!

Laura xx    

Monday, 6 July 2015

What I like and what I don't about being an older blogger

Hello guys hope your well I'm writing this after stuffing my face all weekend with junk after being really good for weeks, it was a blow out of mammoth proportions lets just say I thought the world would end.  Anyway back on the healthy band wagon and writing with a huge glass of water with slices of Lemon in it. So back to it all.

So I've been in the blogging game for over two years which in blogging terms make me a baby blogger in blogging years but in age years I'm defo an older blogger. Does this have advantages or disadvantages or both?

In my case I would say both, I mean has age stopped me from opportunities again I'd say yes and no. Locally I don't get invited to much events in Cardiff I see lots of local bloggers going to events and that makes me happy for them, although I do think sometimes I'd love to go, I do get invited to a lot of events in London now which is amazing but having little kids and a full time job does stop me attending most of them but the fact I get invited is cool.
Is it being older that means that I don't get invited to certain things, well I guess only the companies would know. But sometimes I feel maybe it is because I'm older or it could be that they just don't like my blog which again is fair play ha ha.

My biggest achievement to myself as an older blogger is, I'm not striving for it to be my full time job, I'm doing it as it's my hobby, I feel that my honest reviews of products and things that go on in my life can help other people.  I've written and talked openly about my massive struggles with depression and how ill it can make me feel, but also how I will not ever let it beat me, I've also said about struggles with past acne and blotchy pigmented skin and how I deal with these, and if these can help people then I'm happy. I've also worked with Beauty at Tesco this year and I currently still am, they haven't judged me or worried that I'm the oldest out of the team and that's given my confidence a huge boost.

So what do I not like about being an older beauty blogger:::::

It's so much harder to get a "glow" with the skin, it really does take such hard work now as compared to me being in my 20's but hey I had acne then so I guess you couldn't see any glow anyway.

I put eye shadow on my eyelids, my eyelids are a bit more Creasy than they used to be but there we are.

I do feel like I am over looked from certain things.

So what I like about being an older blogger.

I'm on youtube now again after a huge break after getting comments before saying, your too old to be on here, you have a fat nose, I don't like your accent, blah blah I've come back with the attitude I really couldn't give a crap now about what people say.

I don't have the pressure that younger bloggers have to look and feel that my life had to be perfect, my pictures need to be sparking and full of the latest products, I'm happy in me (most of the time)

So my advice to anyone thinking of blogging or doing youtube, don't be scared just do it, don't expect to be a millionaire or to be sent a ton of products, and don't message people asking for them, and just be you.

If you want to watch my latest Youtube video it's here

See you soon 

Laura xx

Saturday, 4 July 2015

USA theme: 4th July

USA theme: 4th July

Essie nail polish
£5.46 -

River Island nail polish
£5.14 -

Rocio clutch
£315 -

Summer top
£22 -

Swim suit
£42 -

Superga platform shoes
£22 -