Sunday, 18 January 2015

How to beat the January blues

Well I started this month all happy positive and rairing to go.

Well what changed? Well as much as I was all happy and positive most of my work colleagues have been unhappy miserable etc, I've tried to ignore it but sometimes when people around are continuously miserable it does get you down.

So I've had some horrible things go on this month but I've picked myself up dusted myself down and going to continue to keep going.

I'm going to keep positive and keep smiling and carry on.

So if you are feeling down or things are getting on top of you what can you do?

I think the biggest thing you can do when you feel horrible is to look at the good things you have around you, it's not easy to see good sometimes when you feel like that but keep going we can do it.

And here's a picture of my kitten she makes me smile, well she does when she's not pooing on my rugs grrrrrrrr.