Thursday, 8 January 2015

Love etsy shopping

Well my Christmas Tree and decorations have gone down, and I feel like that time has been about a year ago, so what to focus on now.

As I put in last posts, fit and healthy is something I'm doing now, but also I'm giving my home a little bit of an update.

Hope you don't find it boring to read, but I like reading and looking at home decor pictures, and can spend hours nosing at people's living room ideas and bedrooms, I always look at them and think wow that's so much nicer than mine.

To cut a long story short my down stairs bathroom was white and lime, so I've changed that to white and black.

I wanted a picture to go above my toilet, someone suggested a mirror, hmmmmm think not, who puts a mirror there, so the picture idea won.  I wanted something a bit different, I scoured the internet and Etsy shops and came across the poster above.
I love London and all things a London so to me this was perfect.
I ordered the poster and then a frame to go with it.

I think this is nice, can't wait to put it up, il post how the bathroom looks with all that done.

Do you like buying things that are a bit different?

Laura x