Saturday, 31 January 2015

Re found love of nails inc porchester square

Hi guys hope everyone is ok, I thought I would do a new post as I've finally had my nails done after what seems like months of having hands like builders..
Very dry hands and I've been sat in work typing away desperately trying for people not to see how rough my hands and nails were looking.

Not sure the weird weather has helped not only are my hands dry cracked and weathered but I haven't put a nail varnish near my nails since well before Christmas.  Anyway new year new start.  I've plastered my hands in my fav hand cream as above and I've got Nails inc Porchester Square on the nails. 

It doesn't look like too much in the bottle, and some people find nudes boring, but I actually really like this shade it's like a beigey mushroom colour and goes with everything you wear. 

I do find Nails Inc is generally good, you do need a few coats though to make it not look see through but that's fine, and with the chip test you get a good few days out of it as long as you use a good top coat. 

What do you think

Laura xx