Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Rodial instaglam Deluxe bronzing powder

I love a good bronzer and trust me I've tried plenty. I think us makeup gals and boys when we like something we buy lots of the same in all different looks and brands. 

When it comes to bronzer I've bought 
liquid ones cream ones and powder.  I haven't really got a pref to which I prefer. Although cream is not the best if your skin is oily. 

I'm a sucker for pretty designs and 
packaging although I do like how the product performs ultimately.

I have wanted the Rodial instaglam bronzing powder for ages, and I've got it at last.  I love the funky classic packaging, it's a bit fiddly to open but I 
think that's more me than the compact.
In terms of bronzing I've got it on, in my picture above I'm using currently to try contouring but I'm not looking like KIM K or Daisy Lowe Rodials brand ambassador, however I can try, in the summer I will use it a bit more 
unsparingly as you can get away with a more tanned look in the summer, although I like a glow most of the time. 

The powder is lovely it seems quite finely milled, and very light.  I don't think it comes out and gives you a fake glow and the best thing my face doesn't go muddy through the day (some bronzers make my skin go like mud) as the day goes on.

Have you tried it what do you think?

Or whats you fave bronzer?

Laura x