Thursday, 26 February 2015

Three Budget Micellar Waters


Hi guys hope your all ok, I'm sitting doing all my posts as its pouring with rain and miserable outside and i wanted to go for a nice walk so I'm exercising my fingers instead woop.

so today I'm writing about Micellar waters, these have become a stable in most peoples homes or bathrooms at some point or another and if they haven't where have you been.  The first one I've ever used has to have been the Bioderma one which is amazing but there are loads on the market now so i thought i would list three of the ones i currently have in my bathroom.

What are Micellar waters? They are not cleansers or toners and not a facial wash so what are they?
In my opinion they are the perfect alternative to cleansing wipes which incidentally I'm not keen on at all.  So in a nut shell then Micellar waters are 
a skincare product that cleanses the skin gets rid of dirt and gets rid of makeup.
So are they any good?

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water:
The first one I'm writing about is the Garnier Micellar water this comes in a 400ml size so its quite a big bottle, the bottle is quite nice it looks quite like a drinks bottle with a pink lid, this one is suitable for sensitive skin, would be suitable for travel as the plastic on the bottle is strong.  Its non smelling so doesn't smell of anything when used. This one does a good job of makeup removal and does get rid of even nightmarish eye makeup but does leave a film on my face. This didn't break my skin out or cause any irritation.

L'oreal Skin Perfection Micellar Water:
The second is the L'oreal one, this ones comes in at a 200ml size so smaller than the Garnier one, the cap on this is flimsy so not as sturdy as some other bottles, so i would be a little more scared of travelling with this one for fear of the product spilling out everywhere, when you tip the bottle to put some product on your cotton wool it literally soaks the cotton wool theres not much control over it.  This micellar water is really good at eye makeup removal, i hold a pad over my eye and leave it there for a minute and wipe away and it gets rid of your stubborn eye makeup i loved it for that, didn't leave my skin feeling sore or irritated. 

Tesco Pro Formular Radiance Micellar Water:*
This micellar water is enriched with Green Tea & Vitamin E complex, this packaging is rectangular with a green lid to reinforce the Green Tea I guess, this product smells a little of cucumber but i actually like the scent of this, the lid is quite similar to the L'oreal one in that you do waste product and it does spill out, If you don't like micellar water with a hint of scent then this isn't for your but i found this to be refreshing for me, in terms of getting my makeup off did need a couple of goes but it did it and i liked the feel of how clean my face felt after using it. This didn't break my skin out either.

My Overall Thoughts:

My day to day look consists of quite a lot of makeup so if using the Micellar Waters for me with no other form of cleanser would consist of using quite a lot of each of these and using loads of cotton wool to remove all my makeup, but for me cleansing my face with one of my everyday cleansers and then using the Micellar Waters to double cleanse was the best for me.  If you don't wear a lot of makeup these are ideal for you, i am still going to carry on using these as i like my skin being clean.
My fav one was the Garnier one as i loved everything about it and the best budget one was the Tesco one.

Do you like Micellar Waters?


*sent for consideration for review.

Monday, 23 February 2015

Makeup Revolution Oil Control Fixing Spray*

All i can say in short that if you have oily skin like i do and you do your makeup in the morning for wherever your going that day and by mid afternoon its melted off your face, then this little bottle is the gem your after.
I do like a little glow on my face I'm all about the highlighting and contouring look I'm trying at the moment but i don't like it when i pop to the loo at lunch time in work and think oh i may have just stuck some mascara on and thats that.

So when the guys at Makeup Revolution released this little fella and sent me one i was all over it.  I was a bit skeptical at first after all, i use primers and potions before my makeup i was quite pleased that this spray you use AFTER you have done your makeup, good for me as sometimes I'm too tired and forget to put on the products first.


Nothing too technical do your makeup and then spray,  when i say that do spray away at least 8 to 10 inches from the face and eyes, and most importantly close your eyes when your spraying, sounds silly but you don't want to be spraying into your eyes.  Yes you spray onto your eyelids and I was glad of this as this is my worst slippage area where my eyeshadow just slides away.


Well it did for me, i sprayed it on just before i left for work, and i came home from work at 4pm and my makeup was still on hooray
I also did the gym test to see if it stood the sweat test, (i looked great at the gym a full face of makeup) i did feel a bit shown up tbh but hey we have to try stuff out, and it was pretty good going, my makeup did sweat off not all of it but then we are on about the gym.

Would i repurchase yes i certainly would and at a budget price of £5 this is great stuff.

Laura xx

*pr sent for consideration for review

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Rodial GLAMTOX Cleansing Balm Review

Hello Guys well hope your all well and loving the lighter nights I am its better for lots of things including photographing things and I have to be honest I'm more excited about that at the moment.

If your a reader of my posts you may know that i love skincare and as much as sometimes i do find it faffy getting rid of the makeup at the end of the day i do like the feeling of clean skin and i do like products that work without irritating the skin.  my skin is oily and a bit weird and sometimes doesn't like all products so i do have to be careful but i love buying and trying different things.

So after using Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish for a while and still loving it but i ran out and thought i would buy something else for a change i bought the Rodial Glamtox Cleansing Balm.  Initially i was kind of sold on the bright pink box it came in, I'm such a sucker.  I hadn't read anything on this cleanser at all but i was hoping for good things as makeup wise I'm really into Rodial.  
So you open the box and your left with a shiny bottle which kind of looks too pretty to be in your bathroom, you get 100ml of product and you have to use it all up within 6 months but if your removing makeup everyday you would easily do this.  You also get a muslim cloth so the Liz Earle similarities continue, however thats where it ends as this product even though its a cleanser the balm game changes that.  

How to use: 

After a long day at work or college, however you do your cleansing routine, you simply pump a small amount into your palm and massage into your face including your eyes, then dip your muslin cloth into lukewarm water and wipe off, the feeling on your face is quite strange as you expect the texture to feel runny but upon impact to your skin you can feel it as a balm, once you add the water thats when the texture changes and the cleanser turns milky.

for me as i wear quite a lot of face and eye makeup so i use a miceller water after cleansing just to remove every bit of makeup as my like my face to be very clean, who doesn't i know, but if you don't wear lots of makeup you wouldn't need anything else.

I didn't and haven't noticed any negative changes to my skin using this, i did have one spot but thats not exactly going to end my usage of this.  I didn't notice any glowing effects or anything but i did like its cleansing abilities and how soft it made my skin feel and for just over £20 its not the cheapest but nor is it towards the high end either.

Have you tried this one or what is your favourite cleanser


Saturday, 21 February 2015

Browtician Tweezers Ready To Launch*

I was recently contacted by Browtician who are a new and exclusive range of luxury Tweezers which are launching in Superdrug this month.  I got to choose from the range my favourite to try and I picked the Jeweller well it would be rude not to, I love a bit of bling.  

The science bit is that these Tweezers are made from M420 high grade carbon stainless steel, so to you and I these have been crafted with decency in mind. All five of the tweezers have been designed with precision for professional grooming results.

Now personally I cannot be without tweezers, I've had a good few decent pairs over the years, and I always seem to lose them no matter how safely I put them away, I've no idea how I do it, even bright pink ones I've lost and then I hyperventilate as I don't like stray eyebrow hairs I think I have a problem.  So these ones I discovered when I opened the packaging come with their own case RESULT, I cannot lose tweezers with a case as long as I remember to put them away in it.

You get different tips you get slanted tips, slant, and The Stylist were a pair I had my eye on, I liked these and they come with a shaping brush to so not only can you tweeze your brows till your hearts content but shape your newly trimmed brows ready for your eyebrow pencil or powder.

How did I find they held up to my brows?? 

The tweezers are quite light to hold I expected them to be a lot heavier than they actually are, and they whipped my eyebrow hairs out just as I hoped: that sounds a bit extreme but I have some quite stubborn roots in those brows, I haven't been blessed:::: I really like them, glad I had the chance to try as I would have been intrigued seeing them in store, I normally am quite loyal to my usual Tweezer
 brand but these impressed me.

I just need to remember to put them back in the box....  

Look for these in Superdrug from 12th March

Laura xx

Friday, 20 February 2015


I was recently contacted by a company asking if I would like to review a set of makeup brushes, as someone who's always dabbing brushes in different 
colours to create different looks I couldn't refuse.

So the 10 piece kit are from a brand called U Spicy, who provide easily affordable good quality beauty products.

The brushes I received came in the gift box shown in the picture above, the brushes are white and gold with U-SPICY embossed on, the brushes aren't labelled with what type of brush they are, but there is a booklet enclosed which tells you the best usage, you don't have to stick to that, you can use them 

however you want.   I've used them all week and have found them to be good for contouring the face with my different contouring kits. Contouring is not an easy task unless your Kim K's makeup artist Mario, so I find for me more brushes and blending the better.

So how did they wash?

They washed fine, a little swirl in my normal brush cleaner and dried on kitchen roll. These are by no means massive shredders of hair you will be pleased to know, and overall are lovely soft brushes I'm pleased to add to my kit.

You can purchase these online HERE

*PR sent for consideration for review: this has not and will never affect my thoughts 

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Competition Time Win A NARS lipstick of your choice

So i thought i would run a competition to my lovely readers as I've been blogging for a little while now and why not.

Basically the competition is for you to chose a NARS lipstick of whatever you chose if you win.

All you have to do is comment on twitter to say you have entered my giveaway at libertyxloves and follow on google plus and or  

Never done a competition before so i hope you enjoy:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

The secret is out beauty at tesco

I don't know how I've managed but I have kept very very quiet about a project that I'm involved with 
which is now live today.
I've previously written and included this picture to indicate myself and the lovely girls above are also part of this project.

So this is it Beauty at Tesco have launched online Beauty Consultations or Beauty Sessions from today.

So what does that mean to me or you, well you can now chat to us online basically, each one of us have expertise in different fields, so if you need advice in styling, Laurie would be your girl, or brow advice April would be your girl see where I'm going with this.  

Or if you really wanted some skincare advice but didn't have time to pop into a department store we are here.  Imagine you were going to a big event and had all your dress planned but didn't know how to do your hair and makeup to match then don't worry we are here.

All sessions are confidential and you would be speaking directly to us.  If you would like to book: here is the link: 

It's a really lovely site and easy to use all you need is a computer with a camera and a google account.

I'd love to speak to you soooo excited 

Laura x

Monday, 16 February 2015

My new weekly ritual

I know your going to be so jealous of my weekly 
ritual, not going to give you any clues as my pictures will probably give it away.
Anyway every weekend now since Christmas I've made a massive effort to clean my makeup brushes, your are probably reading this and thinking one of two things: 

1: you dirty girl you should be doing this already every week.


2: oooops you have just reminded me that I need to do it as well, as you look at your pile of makeup brushes full of foundation.

So how do I do it:: I really like the MAC brush cleaner, I pour a little bit into a mug then dip my brush into the cleaner get some kitchen roll and swirl the brush in circular motions on the kitchen roll, until the eyeshadow or whatever product that's on your brush has come off.
Then leave on top of kitchen roll to dry.

It's not a particularly difficult task it's just not as fun as putting the makeup on:
I hate makeup removal to, so that's two things that are ESSENTIAL makeup removal and brush cleaning so boring but has to be done: 

I might actually shove some house music classics on next time I do it, will make the job so much more bearable.


Sunday, 15 February 2015

What I've used up and what has ran out

I'm really trying my best to use up my products instead of starting on new ones. I do get bored quite quickly unless I absolutely love something and start using something completely different.
Anyway these are things I've either used up or they have gone off and gone a bit whiffy in other words  the use by date has gone well past.

So would I repurchase or not any of these items??

Elemis: I really like their products and infact love most of their things, the tri enzyme range is very very good for keeping on top of skin and getting rid 

of those unwanted layers.  Is probably not ideal for ultra sensitive skin.  As much as I liked it I don't think I would repurchase as it didn't do wonders for me.

Chanel: the hydra beauty range smells lovely, but the  hydra beauty serum did leave my skin feeling a bit tingly, there's quite a bit of alcohol in this, I much preferred the Hydra Beauty Creme I thought that was lovely refreshing moisturising and light.

Burt's Bees: coconut foot cream is really nice smells nice, not overly strong or incidentally coconuty either, it has a very oily texture and quite thick so does take a while to soak into the feet, I know feet are gross, but if you rub this in and put a pair of socks on, your feet will soften up.

Liz Earle: Superskin hand serum, smells very earthy as most of Liz's products do, as a serum is very light and soaks in quickly, after a long period of use couldn't see any drastic improvement in my hands, although it's a pleasant product.

Elemis: tri Enzyme facial wash, this wash is in conjunction with the tri enzyme system, I did like the face wash, used regularly left my face feeling squeaky clean and refreshed and brighter,  I didn't feel like I needed to exfoliate after this as the wash did that alone.

What have you liked and used up.

Laura x

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Matrix biolage color care shampoo and conditioner

Hey guys my quest for haircare and hair colour 
saviours continues.
Now I bought this shampoo and conditioner as my 
hairdressers use it and I'm normally sat at the sink having my hair washed thinking why does my hair never smell this good: well now it does yay.

So what about the shampoo and conditioner?

Well they contain no Parabens which seem to be the norm now less and less products are containing them.
The shampoo cleanses the hair well using only a small amount and the conditioner again was thick in texture but you only need a small amount, leave on for a couple of minutes and rinse out. 

Was there any drawbacks well for me, the plastic cap (lid) broke off, not the end of the world but a bit annoying.
The shampoo leaves my hair super fly away (my hair 
is fine and a lot of it) and I mean like ultra static.
Does it help preserve the colour no not massively, but then my hair is bright copper auburn so it's difficult to preserve the colour anyway, unless I don't wash it at all. 

So what are the bonuses well I would say the smell and the small amount you need to cleanse your hair.

What are your thoughts and findings on colour stay shampoos and conditioners 

Laura x

Thursday, 12 February 2015

An easy way to dress up an outfit

Bit of a different post for me guys, but I like to chuck something different in the mix now and again.

I love picking out outfits to wear but I'm so makeup obsessed I actually plan my makeup look first before the outfit.  That's probably not really normal but before I go off to sleep I prep in my head my next days colour eyeshadow. Yes I live the dream I know.

Clothes wise I tend to not wear much floral, only because I'm not keen on it on me, although I have one silky shirt that's flowery must other things are plain, so I like dressing up my clothes with accessories.

I still like the fact statement necklaces are cool and love the way they can make a generally mediocre outfit look good.

So the one above from Zara is one of my faves.

Why do I like it, well it looks like it would be really heavy like something Mr T (mr snickers ads) would wear but it's actually really light.  

It's classy looking (well in my opinion) 
The colours in it I think match and go with everything.

In fact I think I've worn it to death, I really like it with the colour ochre at the moment.

Anything you really like at the moment?

Laura x 

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

The Big Announcement::: Working with Beauty At Tesco

I'm so excited to announce that I am now part of the Beauty at Tesco Team.

As you can see from the photo shots there are nine of us in the team and I'm quite sure that you will 
recognise the faces around me.  

They are :

Laura from 
I met these lovely ladies recently and everyone was 
really lovely, little bit nerve wracking meeting people you have read about but never met, but when we all have a similar thing in common it's always going to work out well.

It's a project that has been worked on for months and months and is nearly ready to be fully 
announced, what I mean by that is I can't yet fully tell you my role with Beauty at Tesco other than it's totally amazing and I think it's going to be fun. 

I will say that I've been introduced to a whole heap of products now from Beauty At Tesco and I have to say, (and I'm always honest) the range looks slick and modern, they have come a long way.

So lots of exciting things to come...

So keep reading as the big reveal is very soon.

Laura x

Friday, 6 February 2015

Valentines Gift Ideas

Valentines Gift Ideas

Chloé flower perfume
£69 -

Diptyque body moisturizer
£56 -

Hello kitty wrist watch
£8.52 -

ChloBo gold charm jewelry

Monsoon shoulder strap bag
£12 -

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Current bathroom favourites

I have to admit I am a bit of a hoarder when it comes to bathroom products especially shower gels and shampoo's so I'm showing you the products I'm loving this week and determined to 
use up.

1. Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish 

One of my fav cleansers as long as they don't change the formula.

2. Calcot Manor Cleanse & Scrub Shower *

(beauty at Tesco) 

This is a lovely shower product very luxurious and the tiniest bits of grain in to slouch away dead skin, the lazy quick way to shower and exfoliate. Perfect!!

3. Matrix Biolage Colour Shampoo

My hairdresser uses this shampoo and I always love the way my hair smells after using this, my hair feels soft after using this, unfortunately my colour still suffers from the dreaded fade.

4. Imperial Leather Cucumber & Aloe Vera Shower Gel

My after the gym shower gel, smells amazing and leaves me feeling super clean.

Laura x  

Monday, 2 February 2015

Tips to avoid bloggers block

I'm know there are loads of posts about how to keep up your motivation when blogging but this list is to help me and you to keep going with doing what we love, sometimes I and we get stuck in a rut and sometimes it's hard to think of new things, budget is an issue to but it doesn't have to be so read on and see if any of these tips help. 

1. Keep a diary to schedule posts and to jot tips and ideas for when your out and about. You never know what you will see when your out and if your like me and you don't write it down you will forget.

2. Keep your phone with you at all times most of us always have our phones attached to us, but it's typical the day we leave it home we will see something great we wished we could take photos of. Having your phone with you means you can snap pictures of new releases of makeup, hairstyles, new fashion ideas you never know what a new day brings.

3. Don't think that if you are skint you can't do a blog post because you can, and don't worry if you haven't bought the latest mascara or lipstick it doesn't matter, scour the internet for what's new, go to department stores and swatch with the testers you will have your new post In no time, just don't use the lipstick testers on your lips like it's your own lipstick, I've seen so many people do it and it's gross.

4. Use up your skincare and hair products, I need to do this, unless I love something loads, I tend to chop and change what I use and really I should use things up what I've got first.  I love reading empties posts to see what people have loved using.

5. Try different looks whether it's clothes or makeup, reinventing is good, I like reading fashion posts and seeing individuality in styles, and changing makeup round is also good and gives readers tips they might not have known themselves.

6. Do a high end versus high street look, I love these, again you don't have to spend out, you could go and get a makeover done courtesy of department stores or if you are at the chemist or supermarket grab some purse friendly items and do a look and see if readers can tell which look is high end or high street.

Hope these have helped