Thursday, 12 February 2015

An easy way to dress up an outfit

Bit of a different post for me guys, but I like to chuck something different in the mix now and again.

I love picking out outfits to wear but I'm so makeup obsessed I actually plan my makeup look first before the outfit.  That's probably not really normal but before I go off to sleep I prep in my head my next days colour eyeshadow. Yes I live the dream I know.

Clothes wise I tend to not wear much floral, only because I'm not keen on it on me, although I have one silky shirt that's flowery must other things are plain, so I like dressing up my clothes with accessories.

I still like the fact statement necklaces are cool and love the way they can make a generally mediocre outfit look good.

So the one above from Zara is one of my faves.

Why do I like it, well it looks like it would be really heavy like something Mr T (mr snickers ads) would wear but it's actually really light.  

It's classy looking (well in my opinion) 
The colours in it I think match and go with everything.

In fact I think I've worn it to death, I really like it with the colour ochre at the moment.

Anything you really like at the moment?

Laura x