Saturday, 21 February 2015

Browtician Tweezers Ready To Launch*

I was recently contacted by Browtician who are a new and exclusive range of luxury Tweezers which are launching in Superdrug this month.  I got to choose from the range my favourite to try and I picked the Jeweller well it would be rude not to, I love a bit of bling.  

The science bit is that these Tweezers are made from M420 high grade carbon stainless steel, so to you and I these have been crafted with decency in mind. All five of the tweezers have been designed with precision for professional grooming results.

Now personally I cannot be without tweezers, I've had a good few decent pairs over the years, and I always seem to lose them no matter how safely I put them away, I've no idea how I do it, even bright pink ones I've lost and then I hyperventilate as I don't like stray eyebrow hairs I think I have a problem.  So these ones I discovered when I opened the packaging come with their own case RESULT, I cannot lose tweezers with a case as long as I remember to put them away in it.

You get different tips you get slanted tips, slant, and The Stylist were a pair I had my eye on, I liked these and they come with a shaping brush to so not only can you tweeze your brows till your hearts content but shape your newly trimmed brows ready for your eyebrow pencil or powder.

How did I find they held up to my brows?? 

The tweezers are quite light to hold I expected them to be a lot heavier than they actually are, and they whipped my eyebrow hairs out just as I hoped: that sounds a bit extreme but I have some quite stubborn roots in those brows, I haven't been blessed:::: I really like them, glad I had the chance to try as I would have been intrigued seeing them in store, I normally am quite loyal to my usual Tweezer
 brand but these impressed me.

I just need to remember to put them back in the box....  

Look for these in Superdrug from 12th March

Laura xx