Monday, 23 February 2015

Makeup Revolution Oil Control Fixing Spray*

All i can say in short that if you have oily skin like i do and you do your makeup in the morning for wherever your going that day and by mid afternoon its melted off your face, then this little bottle is the gem your after.
I do like a little glow on my face I'm all about the highlighting and contouring look I'm trying at the moment but i don't like it when i pop to the loo at lunch time in work and think oh i may have just stuck some mascara on and thats that.

So when the guys at Makeup Revolution released this little fella and sent me one i was all over it.  I was a bit skeptical at first after all, i use primers and potions before my makeup i was quite pleased that this spray you use AFTER you have done your makeup, good for me as sometimes I'm too tired and forget to put on the products first.


Nothing too technical do your makeup and then spray,  when i say that do spray away at least 8 to 10 inches from the face and eyes, and most importantly close your eyes when your spraying, sounds silly but you don't want to be spraying into your eyes.  Yes you spray onto your eyelids and I was glad of this as this is my worst slippage area where my eyeshadow just slides away.


Well it did for me, i sprayed it on just before i left for work, and i came home from work at 4pm and my makeup was still on hooray
I also did the gym test to see if it stood the sweat test, (i looked great at the gym a full face of makeup) i did feel a bit shown up tbh but hey we have to try stuff out, and it was pretty good going, my makeup did sweat off not all of it but then we are on about the gym.

Would i repurchase yes i certainly would and at a budget price of £5 this is great stuff.

Laura xx

*pr sent for consideration for review