Monday, 16 February 2015

My new weekly ritual

I know your going to be so jealous of my weekly 
ritual, not going to give you any clues as my pictures will probably give it away.
Anyway every weekend now since Christmas I've made a massive effort to clean my makeup brushes, your are probably reading this and thinking one of two things: 

1: you dirty girl you should be doing this already every week.


2: oooops you have just reminded me that I need to do it as well, as you look at your pile of makeup brushes full of foundation.

So how do I do it:: I really like the MAC brush cleaner, I pour a little bit into a mug then dip my brush into the cleaner get some kitchen roll and swirl the brush in circular motions on the kitchen roll, until the eyeshadow or whatever product that's on your brush has come off.
Then leave on top of kitchen roll to dry.

It's not a particularly difficult task it's just not as fun as putting the makeup on:
I hate makeup removal to, so that's two things that are ESSENTIAL makeup removal and brush cleaning so boring but has to be done: 

I might actually shove some house music classics on next time I do it, will make the job so much more bearable.