Thursday, 26 February 2015

Three Budget Micellar Waters


Hi guys hope your all ok, I'm sitting doing all my posts as its pouring with rain and miserable outside and i wanted to go for a nice walk so I'm exercising my fingers instead woop.

so today I'm writing about Micellar waters, these have become a stable in most peoples homes or bathrooms at some point or another and if they haven't where have you been.  The first one I've ever used has to have been the Bioderma one which is amazing but there are loads on the market now so i thought i would list three of the ones i currently have in my bathroom.

What are Micellar waters? They are not cleansers or toners and not a facial wash so what are they?
In my opinion they are the perfect alternative to cleansing wipes which incidentally I'm not keen on at all.  So in a nut shell then Micellar waters are 
a skincare product that cleanses the skin gets rid of dirt and gets rid of makeup.
So are they any good?

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water:
The first one I'm writing about is the Garnier Micellar water this comes in a 400ml size so its quite a big bottle, the bottle is quite nice it looks quite like a drinks bottle with a pink lid, this one is suitable for sensitive skin, would be suitable for travel as the plastic on the bottle is strong.  Its non smelling so doesn't smell of anything when used. This one does a good job of makeup removal and does get rid of even nightmarish eye makeup but does leave a film on my face. This didn't break my skin out or cause any irritation.

L'oreal Skin Perfection Micellar Water:
The second is the L'oreal one, this ones comes in at a 200ml size so smaller than the Garnier one, the cap on this is flimsy so not as sturdy as some other bottles, so i would be a little more scared of travelling with this one for fear of the product spilling out everywhere, when you tip the bottle to put some product on your cotton wool it literally soaks the cotton wool theres not much control over it.  This micellar water is really good at eye makeup removal, i hold a pad over my eye and leave it there for a minute and wipe away and it gets rid of your stubborn eye makeup i loved it for that, didn't leave my skin feeling sore or irritated. 

Tesco Pro Formular Radiance Micellar Water:*
This micellar water is enriched with Green Tea & Vitamin E complex, this packaging is rectangular with a green lid to reinforce the Green Tea I guess, this product smells a little of cucumber but i actually like the scent of this, the lid is quite similar to the L'oreal one in that you do waste product and it does spill out, If you don't like micellar water with a hint of scent then this isn't for your but i found this to be refreshing for me, in terms of getting my makeup off did need a couple of goes but it did it and i liked the feel of how clean my face felt after using it. This didn't break my skin out either.

My Overall Thoughts:

My day to day look consists of quite a lot of makeup so if using the Micellar Waters for me with no other form of cleanser would consist of using quite a lot of each of these and using loads of cotton wool to remove all my makeup, but for me cleansing my face with one of my everyday cleansers and then using the Micellar Waters to double cleanse was the best for me.  If you don't wear a lot of makeup these are ideal for you, i am still going to carry on using these as i like my skin being clean.
My fav one was the Garnier one as i loved everything about it and the best budget one was the Tesco one.

Do you like Micellar Waters?


*sent for consideration for review.