Monday, 2 February 2015

Tips to avoid bloggers block

I'm know there are loads of posts about how to keep up your motivation when blogging but this list is to help me and you to keep going with doing what we love, sometimes I and we get stuck in a rut and sometimes it's hard to think of new things, budget is an issue to but it doesn't have to be so read on and see if any of these tips help. 

1. Keep a diary to schedule posts and to jot tips and ideas for when your out and about. You never know what you will see when your out and if your like me and you don't write it down you will forget.

2. Keep your phone with you at all times most of us always have our phones attached to us, but it's typical the day we leave it home we will see something great we wished we could take photos of. Having your phone with you means you can snap pictures of new releases of makeup, hairstyles, new fashion ideas you never know what a new day brings.

3. Don't think that if you are skint you can't do a blog post because you can, and don't worry if you haven't bought the latest mascara or lipstick it doesn't matter, scour the internet for what's new, go to department stores and swatch with the testers you will have your new post In no time, just don't use the lipstick testers on your lips like it's your own lipstick, I've seen so many people do it and it's gross.

4. Use up your skincare and hair products, I need to do this, unless I love something loads, I tend to chop and change what I use and really I should use things up what I've got first.  I love reading empties posts to see what people have loved using.

5. Try different looks whether it's clothes or makeup, reinventing is good, I like reading fashion posts and seeing individuality in styles, and changing makeup round is also good and gives readers tips they might not have known themselves.

6. Do a high end versus high street look, I love these, again you don't have to spend out, you could go and get a makeover done courtesy of department stores or if you are at the chemist or supermarket grab some purse friendly items and do a look and see if readers can tell which look is high end or high street.

Hope these have helped