Sunday, 15 February 2015

What I've used up and what has ran out

I'm really trying my best to use up my products instead of starting on new ones. I do get bored quite quickly unless I absolutely love something and start using something completely different.
Anyway these are things I've either used up or they have gone off and gone a bit whiffy in other words  the use by date has gone well past.

So would I repurchase or not any of these items??

Elemis: I really like their products and infact love most of their things, the tri enzyme range is very very good for keeping on top of skin and getting rid 

of those unwanted layers.  Is probably not ideal for ultra sensitive skin.  As much as I liked it I don't think I would repurchase as it didn't do wonders for me.

Chanel: the hydra beauty range smells lovely, but the  hydra beauty serum did leave my skin feeling a bit tingly, there's quite a bit of alcohol in this, I much preferred the Hydra Beauty Creme I thought that was lovely refreshing moisturising and light.

Burt's Bees: coconut foot cream is really nice smells nice, not overly strong or incidentally coconuty either, it has a very oily texture and quite thick so does take a while to soak into the feet, I know feet are gross, but if you rub this in and put a pair of socks on, your feet will soften up.

Liz Earle: Superskin hand serum, smells very earthy as most of Liz's products do, as a serum is very light and soaks in quickly, after a long period of use couldn't see any drastic improvement in my hands, although it's a pleasant product.

Elemis: tri Enzyme facial wash, this wash is in conjunction with the tri enzyme system, I did like the face wash, used regularly left my face feeling squeaky clean and refreshed and brighter,  I didn't feel like I needed to exfoliate after this as the wash did that alone.

What have you liked and used up.

Laura x