Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Uspicy Complete 32 piece makeup brush set

I'm a big fan of makeup brushes as you probably have guessed, and when I do my makeup in the morning or if I'm going out I go through loads of different brushes, my makeup routine consists of the usual foundation concealer then powder so a couple of brushes for this application, and I use a good few colours on the eye lids so again there's at least another 6 by the time I've finished blending to.
So when this mammoth 32 piece set came through my door I was jumping for joy although the downside of using the brushes is the cleaning of them grrrrr.

So I've photographed several sections of the belt, this collection comes in a leather type belt with the brushes neatly fitting into sections of the fattest brushes I.e, the fan type to contour and blush moving down the middle to eye shadow brushes right down to the end with the smallest.

I think that this set would be ideal for travelling as I've mentioned it comes in the pouch and normally when I travel I usually just put the brushes I need into a separate makeup bag which is not very travel friendly but I don't tend to over think it I just throw it together, sensibly the travel pouch is a great idea.  

The brushes are soft and not scratchy to the face, they wash well and as long as they are shaped properly whilst damp they do retain their shape to.  

If you like the look of these brushes they are available from. amazon

Have you got a makeup brush addiction to? 


This post contains press samples 

Saturday, 28 March 2015

my thoughts on the Real Techniques Bold Metals Brushes

The Real Techniques Bold Metals brushes are the latest release from the lovely Chapman sisters who are part of the dynamic duo who bring you the channel PIXI WOO.  If you already are a fan of their brushes I'm sure you will have at least one of their original brushes in your makeup kit.  These new ones have been out now for a couple of months and i bought three of them a month or two ago.

The regular brushes are very purse friendly and are literally a good way for us to create a quite flawless look to our faces with out the price tag of normal makeup artist priced brushes.  This is where the Bold Metal Collection of brushes differs as i think they are aimed at a more professional makeup artists kit as the price reflects that, the price of these brushes is much more jaw dropping than the regular.  The three brushes i bought for my kit are the 100 301 and 200.

The 100:

The 100 brush is the arched powder brush and dome like in appearance, the handle is gold coloured and is actually quite weighty to hold, so your least likely to drop it when applying product, I found the initial packaging truthfully quite annoying to get the brush out of it was stuck with like a glue cello tape stickiness which ruins the brush a bit, but then they need to keep the brushes secure in the packaging i guess.  The bristles are soft and feel lovely to the touch and they are brilliant in that they do not shed much at all even once cleaned they stay in a really good state.  This was my least favourite of the brushes only as i prefer to use powder with a more rounded brush, why did i buy it then your wondering, well i wanted to give it ago to see if it gave a better performance I'm sure for some it will just not for me.

The 301:

This is my personal favourite of the three brushes i bought, this one is the flat contour brush, in a rose gold colour its beautiful i love rose gold in lots of things, I'm not sure how long it will stay this colour I'm hoping the colour doesn't tarnish with regular use, again this is a weighty brush with good quality bristles and soft to touch, this brush is used by myself every single day I'm a bit of a contouring freak at the moment and seen to try it every day, i use my contouring power and sweep this brush in it and literally brush up my face along my cheekbone and as its flat in design its perfect for this, i almost feel like I'm a pro using this it does seem to be able for me to get this right.

The 200:

And lastly the oval shadow brush the smallest out of the brushes i bought, this one is silver in colour and again weighty with beautiful soft bristles, this brushes aim is for all over the lid application of either cream or powder eyeshadow, i prefer using this brush for powder eyeshadow i just find for me it works better with powered shadows it seems to pick up product really well and i don't get a lot of fall out of eyeshadow which i hate.

So my overall impression is that the quality is really good of the bristles the heaviness of the brushes is good as i think with some other brands you may not get the weight behind, but the price of these brushes personally i think is too high and it will put people off buying them, if you were to buy one and you are a contouring fan then grab the 301.

Have you tried them and what are your thoughts


Wednesday, 25 March 2015

ESPA Tinted Moisturiser Review

ESPA Skincare recently put out a shout out on Twitter to ask if any bloggers wanted to try out their new range of Tinted Moisturisers and feature the results on a post, i love trying new things whether makeup or skincare so i immediately replied.  I do buy most if not nearly all the products i write about so i was chuffed to have been given the chance to trial out some new products.  I haven't actually tried anything from ESPA before so it was nice to try something a bit different.

I was send two trial size Tinted Moisturisers in shades NUDE and BLUSH on my hand above you can see the swatches the top ones is Blush the Bottom Nude.

So this is said to be a sheer tinted hydration with UV protection for radiant healthy looking skin.

The moisturiser has an SPF of 15 within so i like this for starters as we are all aware how important SPF is in our daily routines.
I have tried out both shades but the above pictured is me wearing shade NUDE, to start with i cleansed my skin using my normal face care and then i put a light primer on, i applied the tinted moisturiser to my skin using my Mac Foundation brush and blended, the application was light as i expected and sank into my skin really well, and was a good match i think anyway for the colour of my skin, i blended this all through i did use a little concealer under my eyes from a different brand but apart from that and doing my eyebrows thats my face.

I did use the Blush shade to this has much more of a pinky tone to it, which was lovely but personally doesn't suit me at all, so I'm sticking to the NUDE.

I think for summer and holidays and light makeup days this is beautiful hydrating and gives just the amount of coverage, if you have blemishes like most of us do then you just need to dab some concealer over these areas but i would do that anyway even with a heavier foundation.

ESPA very lovely of them also sent a sample of their pro serum to try and pro cleanser as yet i haven't tried them as yet but cant wait to, i love little samples of products as i may not have bought any of these before had i not sampled them first.

I know the picture above is scary mary but at least you get the true image of just the tinted moisturiser (waaaaaaaaa)

thanks for reading guys


Monday, 23 March 2015

Spring Makeup Look With Mac

I love the changing of seasons and spring is one of my favourites why you ask? because the weather gets warmer the nights get lighter and everything changes to a more summery feel, so with all this in mind I've done a little spring makeup look which I've done in collaboration with House Of Fraser  who contacted me recently and asked me to chose some products from their online store using Mac Cosmetics,  I chose the Toledo Range and the Violetwink palette as i love beiges and pinks and purples and the Blush Palette in Kindergarten Red.

So how did i get this look everything I've used i will list below, my eyes are every colour from the palette, i started with the lightest colour (sweet allure) over the whole eye lid, then i also blended (french clay) over the lid, i took (tender smoke) the darker taupe colour and pushed that into my top lash, i then used (stars n rockets) my fave colour which is like an iridescent pink purple at the inner crease and blended then took (frizzy plum) and blended that into my outer crease and lined this under my eye, the darkest colour (overnight) i used to line the outer corner of my eyes and under neath my eyes.

Im quite a full on eyeliner girl so i really paired this look down as i wanted it to look fresh and spring like almost like a spring day and i think this look is very day wearable one although you could strengthen the look by doubling the intensity of the colour and that would be your night look.

Normally as well i love my bronzer and contouring but I've totally skipped this and tried to keep it natural (well as natural as i can be ha ha )
But i can't be too natural as i need my makeup (cries) so on my cheeks I've used the Mac Blush in Kindergarten Red now this looks a bit scary in the pan but as its ombre effect you have a lighter to darker blush, which i just swirled my brush all over and blended well on my cheeks, i liked this effect i think it gives a just been for a run look in my case a 2 minute jog.

The fun part makeup wise for spring and summer is it reminds me of pinks and pastels and purples and lovely spring/summery colours and you can experiment with makeup and make your look as subtle or as heavy as you want it.

If your a fan of MAC at House of Fraser you can buy these products HERE 


This post does contain some press samples

FYI: i used on my face ESPA* natually radiant tinted moisturiser in shade NUDE
Chantecaille loose powder in SUBTLE
BD SECRETS*Light effect Concealer
MAC Toledo Violetwink Palette*
MAC Toledo Blush in Kindergarten Red*
Hourglass Ambient Lightening Palette
Chanel Le Volume Mascara
Estee Lauder Double Wear eyeliner in Onyx
MAC Soar Lip Pencil
Nars Audacious Lipstick in Brigitte
Chanel  Glossimer in 131 over the top

Sunday, 22 March 2015

My Haircut At Guy Christian Cardiff Bay

I just wanted to say before you read that this isn't a sponsored post or gifted i paid for this haircut myself but as it was my first time at this salon i just wanted to write about my experience there and obviously showcase my new haircut.

Any reader of my blog will already know how hair obsessed i am how much i change it and how often i colour it or do something to it, big fan of trying new styles new products whether shampoos or styling sprays i love it all.

Im not scared to go from long to short in a flash or black to blonde although that one doesn't happen in a flash (unfortunately)

So with all this in mind i went along Friday to Cardiff Bay to Guy Christian Salon  i was immediately impressed with how sleek and stylish it looked, i didn't take any pictures in their as i hadn't asked if i could and it was my first visit so just wanted to see how the experience went first.

I was met at the reception and gave my name in, my coat was taken and i sat down literally only for 5 minutes and then the lady came to meet me i had booked in with called Danielle i chose her before i went in as their website indicated their skills and what  they were trained in, Danielle's was precision cutting so she was my go to gal.  She even washed my hair herself which i thought was nice, i showed her a picture of what style i liked which wasn't anything massively different just a more modern take on what i had, my hair was an asymmetrical bob.

So she cut my hair then made sure i was happy with it, she chatted to me whilst she was cutting my hair, and then dried it.  I honestly was thrilled with the results and feel that I've had a really sharp professional looking cut, would i go there again yes i sure will the date is already in my diary, i can go back and have my fringe trimmed for free in-between haircuts which is good because a fringe seems to grow back so quick.

I was really pleased with the professionalism of the salon and all the staff seemed really nice and friendly,  even though from the outside it looks posh and a bit scary to enter don't be it was a really lovely experience.

Laura x

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Blogging Cliches And Do You Have To Be Young Rich And Beautiful To Be A Successful Blogger

I fell into blogging by accident after watching You Tube videos for hours when my kids went to bed, i was drawn in to makeup application and hauls i mean its a real escape from reality.  Being nosey i would always look at products and decoration around the you tubers as to what their rooms looked like.   At that time everything seemed super clean white perfect surrounded by Diptyque Candles Chanel handbags and nothing with fingerprints or foundation that had been spilled everywhere so it seems like the perfect bubble.  Pictures of posh cats spilling out of pages (ha ha theres mine) and thats the only thing posh about me is her, and even she manages to go to the toilet on my rugs so I'm guessing she's not as posh as she looks.  

I myself started blogging as to me it was like my little bubble of excitement talking about things i loved and things i didn't love so much, in my day to day work i can't share the excitement of a new lip liner as no one is interested so to me this was perfect.

And then the dark side:

Social Media is amazing but can be so cruel also, i really don't like seeing celebs or big bloggers being criticised for their looks or if they review a product and say they don't like it as much they seem to get it in the neck, I've also seen bloggers and you tubers being slated for being the "wrong" side of 30 i mean come on.  or if they have created a look or image being inundated with comments such as i thought you would have done that look better etc.

So what I'm trying to say is you have to develop a thick skin and really choose to You Tube and Blog for you, as if you let every negative comment get to you it will eat away at you.  

So in answer I think the world assumes you have to be as the above title suggests but no  you really don't, perhaps you have to work harder but I think thats a better way anyway.

From my personal view my blog is only the smallest corner of the blogging sphere but i love it, I'm not young I'm far from it, I'm not rich, or beautiful, I'm rubbish at HTML etc and my memory is worse than a gold fishes, but i generally love what i do, the evidence that you don't need to be any of these things was I'm a Vlogger for Beauty at Tesco which has made me super proud and i was also in this months Look Magazine so this shows you just need to be you and love what you do and your dreams will come true.

What you don't see::

I try now to get my photos to look as pleasing as i can but by the side of my computer table is normally a huge pile of clothes ready to be put away, and by the side of my Diptyque Candle is my 99p candle with love hearts on my daughter bought me and amongst all my posh makeup is all the cheapest drugstore along with my posh skincare theres the budget to.  

I struggle with insecurities to like everyone does and i don't use makeup as my mask but as i feel more groomed with it on, I'm not someone who gets up in the morning and is blessed i have to try and work at what i haven't got, but if i can help and advise people to feel better about themselves i will, and yes keep pursuing your goals your dream will come true.


Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Why Exfoliating Your Scalp Is As Important As Your Face

Any readers of my posts will know that i love skincare and hair and beauty loads and trying new things in my books is right up there.  Also readers will know that i colour my hair by choice a bright coppery gingery colour which at the moment I am loving so what relevance your wondering has this to do with exfoliating your scalp well read on and you will understand shortly.

I dont tend to read anything much at all on blogs about caring for our scalps and i don't even tend to see much in magazines about this either but then again truthfully i don't think I've actually looked for it or even realised there were products for it, hang my head in shame.

I actually have a really dry quite irritated scalp probably from using so much bleach and products on my hair and not washing and rinsing them off properly.  I tend to have a flaky scalp gross i know but i bet I'm not the only one so when i was asked if i wanted to try a product to care for your scalp i thought why not.

The Salon Science* Hydrafoliant Scalp Scrub arrived and i was a little sceptical at first after all a scrub for the scalp!!!!

Salon Science are a brand which promote healthy hair and scalps by doing this naturally by using plant extracts such as Aqua-Cacteen which is an organic cactus extract which soothes and cares for scalps. 

How To Use:

Shake before use and apply in sections using the nozzle you see in my pictures by placing this onto your scalp and squeezing out onto your scalp, the directions say to use on damp hair i tried this method which was fine but i prefer to use on dry hair, once you have put the exfoliant where you want it gently start massaging your head, the smell from the exfoliant is so refreshing and clean smelling i really liked that, once you have basically exfoliated your scalp leave on for ten minutes and then the bit i was dreading, wet your hair and wash twice to make sure all the beads and particles have been removed, then condition as normal.

The Benefits:

 Scrubbing away dead skin cells and bit of hair dye and and remaining bits of products has really made me think about how neglected I've been to my scalp and how important it must be to hair health i mean how great is our hair going to look when your scalp has a build up of all these nasties.  So for me this is a product i will be using regularly to care my scalp and hair health.

The only thing that worried me about exfoliating my scalp was that maybe stimulating my scalp would have made my hair greasy and look terrible but it didn't probably the benefit or washing your hair twice after exfoliating and a big tip make sure you wash ALL the beads from your hair which I'm sure you will I'm rubbish with all that and i did it.

The scalp scrub* is priced at £15.00 and is available from Boots 

Have you ever thought to scrub your scalp before?


*pr sent for consideration for review 

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Lazy guide to beauty

I normally take the longest way ever to get ready and do everything it even takes me ages to wash my hair and it ends up becoming such a faff I dread doing it.  Having a shower takes me as long as running a bath and sitting in it I just think I need a rocket somewhere if you know what I mean, so I thought I would compile a list of things I've got that you can use to speed up the process.

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer 

This is one of my fav haircare products you might be thinking how can this be a time saving product, well for me I yes this on a weekend, if I'm not going anywhere I will get up and dampen my unruly hair and pump some of this cream into my hands and then literally work this into my hair brush through stick on a hair band and carry out my day.  Sometimes I will go to bed with this on and sort it out the next day.  To remove you rinse your hair and then wash out, your left with revitalised and soft hair, this stuff really is a miracle in a bottle, expensive to buy, but the bottle is huge and I have this for ages, so to me using once a week it's totally justified it's like 50 pence a week.

Vaseline Spray & Go

As far as quick body moisturising goes you don't get much better than this, perfect for taking on holiday to I'm never without a tin of this.  My favourite one is the yellow one the oat extract I like the smell it's not heavy or overly perfumed.  You simply spray slightly rub in and job done.

Nivea In Shower Moisturiser 

I'm never without this in my bathroom either, perfect for lazy girl moisturising, simply as the advert says shower as normal with your normal product then slaver this on, I've loved Nivea since I used to go beauty shopping when I was a teen buying Nivea Visage products thinking I was so cool, Nivea do not disappoint never heavily perfumed and this moisturiser leaves your skin lovely and soft to the touch whoever thought of this is genius.

Percy & Reed Foaming Treatment Mask

I'm sure by now you will have heard of Percy & Reed if you haven't one half of the duo Paul Percival  just recently cut Cheryl's hair and incidentally I love her new look.  So back to the product this is great if you have fine hair that needs conditioning but without being weighed down. Simply wash your hair and pump a tennis ball amount into your palm and work through your hair and rinse, it absorbs quickly into your hair so there's hardly anything to rinse out - hence the lazy treatment that works. I love this and have to hide from my daughter.

What are your lazy go to products:


Friday, 13 March 2015

Smoky eyes with Dior 5 Couleurs

I always wanted to be french growing up i don't know why but when i was a little girl i wanted to be called Pascalle and my middle name Jeanne. French in school was my fav language and i wanted to be fluent french mind it sounded funny in a half welsh scottish accent.  So the nearest now a days i get to France is appreciating their makeup and skincare and i love most things DIOR.

I picked this palette up the Dior 5 Couleurs collection in PIED-DE-POULE, the one i have is a combination of smoky greys blacks and almost khaki dark green.  The palette is much nicer than their normal silver ones in fact they are now black with DIOR written on the front in silver they look much sleeker what you would expect.  The palette design is also slimmer so a lot easier to cart around with you in your makeup collection.

You get two brushes to use, although personally i never use these as i find they do nothing for your makeup application at all, but i know some people do like them, i throw them in the bin.

My personal favourite colours in the palette are the khaki green colour which i use mid crease on my eye and i also run it under my eye as an eyeliner and smudge it, and i really like the charcoal in the middle which i use in the outer corners of my eye.
You can create lots of look with this palette as the colours are quite pigmented and dense i would say its more suitable for an evening look, although with a really light application and using the lightest colour in the top right you can pair it right down for day.
the good news is you don't get a lot of fall out with this so you don't end up with eyeshadow powder all over your face, the bad news is unless you spend the time to really work to use all these colours separately to create a look of your choice they can look like one colour all over your lid.

I like them and if you spend the time in creating a smoky rock chick look i think you might to

what are your thoughts do you like these colours and what look would you create


Wednesday, 11 March 2015

YSL Black Opium My Current Favourite Perfume

I know this perfume hasn't just come out but I thought it was really worthy of doing a post for as i really love it and i haven't changed my perfume wearing daily choice for weeks now as i just can't.

When it was released I actually didn't think i would like it as i wasn't keen on the YSL original Opium i found it very strong and a bit of a heady perfume, i do like strong perfumes but this one was strong in the SUPER strong sense.

So why do i like this one so much, yes the bottle is super pretty, its black with an almost sparkly glittery effect to it, anything glittery is cool,  this does look lovely in your bedroom or wherever you keep your perfumes, then you have the circle which you can see with Black Opium written in it, yes its the little things that please me.

So now to the most important part the smell, enriched with Black Coffee (i knew there was a reason i loved it, then White Florals to give it a more balanced pretty smell and then Vanilla which gives it the sweetness.  these scents wouldn't be great for a perfume as stand alone ones but mixed together give the desired effect.

In my opinion its not a light perfume its more suited to evenings, but if like me you enjoy stronger perfumes for day wear then this will be right up your street.

I love the way perfumes smell different on everyones skin so this is why i would always recommend trying before you buy as what smells amazing one someone you might not like on you.

But if you get this i hope you love it as much as me


Have you tried this one, or what is your fave scent?

Monday, 9 March 2015

DGJ Organics* Glossy Brunettes Shampoo and Conditioner Review

I was recently very kindly sent a shampoo and conditioner combo from DGJ Organics in the Glossy Brunettes Range. Sadly if you know me my hair is dyed quite a fiery copper ginger colour so i didn't use the range on myself as I'm not a glossy brunette,  although my daughter is and she has used these every second day as part of her hair washing and conditioning routine.

Who are DGJ Organics? well you may have heard of Daniel Galvin Jnr he's a renowned colourist who has a swanky salon in the heart of Belgravia who has handled the hair of many celebs, and ten years ago he created his range of DGJ Organics to use in the salon and also to market for people who wanted salon quality results without taking a trip to London.  I on the other hand who's hair obsessed love having my hair cut and love trying new products, i don't know where i got it from my parents have had the same hair colour and style for about 50 years.  So trying new products on my hair is great, and i can tell you how this worked on my daughters hair who is naturally curly and brown.

So the products come in 250ml sizes, in fitting for a brunette brown and cream bottles, the best thing is they contain you guessed it organic ingredients so don't strip the hair of natural oils, they say they contain Cocoa Bean and Walnut and to protect depth of colour in dark hair, so if you colour your hair brunette this may be your bag, and if your natural brunette this would hopefully bring out the tones of your hair.

The shampoo is brown in colour which does seem weird as we are generally led to believe shampoo is clear or white, and the conditioner is white, once you get your head around that your fine.  My daughter found that you get quite a good lather from this shampoo which we didn't expect as it doesn't contain sulphates and parabens and without these you normally don't get much of a lather.  The conditioner left my daughters hair feeling really soft and healthy and worked really well, the smell was pleasant to not over powering just a tiny sort of cocoa smell but nothing major that you could pick out.

I  was very shocked when i checked the price i did guess before hand thinking they would be about £12 each but i was wrong they come in at £5.99 each which for an organic salon brand i expected much more, so thats great but you have to order them online which is not so great you can get them at www.dgjorganics.com however and i would love to see more from this range for fiery red and bright auburn. 

They do also stock an Argan Oil range which looks amazing, and a Hangover range which as the name suggests when your hungover you feel rubbish and everything about you feels rubbish, well if your hair feels rubbish this sounds like it would give it a boost it needs hmmmm next on my list.

Have you heard of this range before or tried any of the products


*gifted pr item

Friday, 6 March 2015

Clarins Lip Balm Perfector Review

I have a massive love for beauty products I can't help it, so when I had seen Clarins had brought out an updated version of their Instant Light Lip Perfector's i really wanted to give them a go.
If you are familiar with their original ones you will remember that they are in a tube and the product squeezed out almost toothpaste like,  i did like them but thought they were a little messy so hoped the new versions would be better.

So what are they like, well the packaging is much better its smaller but thats not always a bad thing, and much easier to apply. There is no more squeezing involved and the product has evolved more into a balm hence the name lip balm.

There are 6 shades Rose, Coral, My Pink, Orange, Red and Rosewood i ordered my online without testing any colours and i thought i was being brave buying Coral expecting it to be bright after all it does look bright as I'm sure the other deeper colours would be, but once you put it on your lips its not as scary as you think.  You do get a hint of Coral but its a subtle barely there Coral so if your aiming for brights these may not be for you.

If you want a lip balm that gives you a peak of colour and a slight sheen then these are perfect for you, the taste is lovely but may want you to lick if off a bit, i don't but you could be tempted.

I found the colour quite long lasting it didn't do too bad considering i was eating and drinking but the only down side was i was left with a little film of coral on my lips that could have just been me, so i wouldn't let this put you off.

I actually think if you suffer from dry lips and don't want a heavy lip these are ideal but priced at £18.00 i would buy them if you want both of these things, if you just want to nourish your lips i would probably get a Nuxe lip balm.


Wednesday, 4 March 2015

An Anti Ageing Must Have Khiels Midnight Recovery Concentrate

Well after a hectic couple of days my son falling over my cat and then him chasing it all over the house, little git,  I've sat down and doing a post about a product I've really liked.  it is after all one of my fav subjects Skincare.

Ive bought a few things from Khiel's but not a massive amount but i had heard really good reviews about the Midnight Recovery Concentrate so thought i would buy it and hope that it would do good things for me.

What is it: 

Well its described as a replenishing elixir of pure essentials oils and distilled botanicals to visibly restore the appearance of skin by the morning.

So with this in mind I've been using this every night for weeks hoping i will wake up like I'm 15, i can't say that I'm waking up like that, but what i will say is that i have a bit of hyper pigmentation on my face and I've noticed that this has seemed to improve and I'm not joking, i was very worried about putting an oil on my face as my skin is quite oily but it hasn't made my skin break out, other than a few tiny spots on the side of my nose but i get them no matter what i use or do.  

If you have oily skin you may be put off initially like i thought i would be but I'm glad I've stuck with this, the ease of use is good, unlike some face oils that you tip out and it goes everywhere, this bottle has a little dropper as you can see from my picture, so you can control how much you need, personally i put about 4 drops onto my palm and then massage gently into my face after cleansing.  This oil soaks into my skin really quickly so quick i can apply moisturiser straight after the oil.  I don't have to sit and wait for it all to absorb RESULT.

For me my skin does seem to be looking a bit more even and my complexion does seem to be looking pretty good for me at my age cough cough.

The smell is pretty good to its quite lavender in aroma so may help send some off to sleep doesn't really help me, but it may help you.

Would i buy it again well it costs £36 so its not the cheapest oil I've come across but i think it will last quite a long time, and its been good for me, obviously if i find cheaper that works the same or better i would use that, but knowing this is good I'm happy to use this.


Monday, 2 March 2015

Going out contouring essentials

Hey Lovelies a lot of people have been asking me online or friends about contouring.  Contouring is huge right now after makeup artists who do Kim Kardashian West's makeup showcasing what they do and what they use.  There are a few ways that you can do it, I'm showing you products i use to do the going out version of it, i say going out as this way is the long version of the contoured look and would be far to faffy for just doing for school or work.

Ive listed some products that i use to do mine but you don't have to use these and you may already have items in your kit that you prefer or if you have any tips or tricks id love to hear yours so leave them in the comments box below.

So to start I use BD Trade Secrets* Luminescence Silk Primer on a clean face, anything that give a glow works with this look, and i was pleasantly surprised that a primer this reasonably priced would work as well as some of the expensive ones out there.  You don't need a moisturiser with this one.

Then i use a foundation all over my face and again its a BD Trade Secrets* one, I have used the mattifying base ones, which is oil free, as I have quite oily skin so try to keep the oil at bay so my makeup look lasts all day.

Then what i use is the Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer in Light and i use this all under my eyes to conceal and i basically draw a triangle under my eyes and leave it like that and move on to my chin and put some on there, then i draw a line down my nose and at the middle of my eyebrows i draw a tree basically going upwards onto my forehead and then that parts done.

I then use the Maybelline Fit Me foundation in shade 315 which is scarily dark for me but in contouring this is a must, and with this colour, i put some on my hand and then using my smallest Real Techniques Bold Metals brush i brush some cream onto my face under my cheekbone and then down the sides of my nose, if you already have a slim nose you won't need to do this, you can just brush some over the bridge of your nose, then i put some under my jaw, this helps slim down the face, thank god for contouring,  i put some more of the darker shade around my temples with the middle brush you can see in the picture and on the sides of my face by my eyebrows.
By this time i look like my children have been doing my makeup its scary but it does come together trust me.

Then its blending time now you can either use a makeup sponge or a brush whatever you find easiest, start with the highlighted part and lightly pat in, then taking another brush start blending the darker areas in.

Once all this is done i take a face powder the powder I'm using is the Chantecaille one, and i lightly dab some powder under my eyes where the highlighting has been done to set this look.

Nearly done: i then use my highlighting palette Hourglass palette that the enabler herself Michelle from TSNC blog introduced me to and i haven't looked back its amazing, and i highlighter above my cheekbones and under my eyebrows i also run a little down my nose.

Now you could just stick a blush on or be done, but nah we are going out, so again using a bronzer i haven't got one in the picture but i like the Rodial one just take some on a brush and run it down the contour of your cheek and blend for added definition then take a highlighter and just run that under where you have just contoured.

Now you just apply your eye makeup mascara and however you do the rest of your makeup and your good to go, it does take a while i warm you, but i bet you love how it looks id love to see some of your looks and pics.  If you want more info on this or see me do a demo click on my Tesco Beauty Sessions button on the blog and you can ask me for hints and tips.

Laura xx