Thursday, 19 March 2015

Blogging Cliches And Do You Have To Be Young Rich And Beautiful To Be A Successful Blogger

I fell into blogging by accident after watching You Tube videos for hours when my kids went to bed, i was drawn in to makeup application and hauls i mean its a real escape from reality.  Being nosey i would always look at products and decoration around the you tubers as to what their rooms looked like.   At that time everything seemed super clean white perfect surrounded by Diptyque Candles Chanel handbags and nothing with fingerprints or foundation that had been spilled everywhere so it seems like the perfect bubble.  Pictures of posh cats spilling out of pages (ha ha theres mine) and thats the only thing posh about me is her, and even she manages to go to the toilet on my rugs so I'm guessing she's not as posh as she looks.  

I myself started blogging as to me it was like my little bubble of excitement talking about things i loved and things i didn't love so much, in my day to day work i can't share the excitement of a new lip liner as no one is interested so to me this was perfect.

And then the dark side:

Social Media is amazing but can be so cruel also, i really don't like seeing celebs or big bloggers being criticised for their looks or if they review a product and say they don't like it as much they seem to get it in the neck, I've also seen bloggers and you tubers being slated for being the "wrong" side of 30 i mean come on.  or if they have created a look or image being inundated with comments such as i thought you would have done that look better etc.

So what I'm trying to say is you have to develop a thick skin and really choose to You Tube and Blog for you, as if you let every negative comment get to you it will eat away at you.  

So in answer I think the world assumes you have to be as the above title suggests but no  you really don't, perhaps you have to work harder but I think thats a better way anyway.

From my personal view my blog is only the smallest corner of the blogging sphere but i love it, I'm not young I'm far from it, I'm not rich, or beautiful, I'm rubbish at HTML etc and my memory is worse than a gold fishes, but i generally love what i do, the evidence that you don't need to be any of these things was I'm a Vlogger for Beauty at Tesco which has made me super proud and i was also in this months Look Magazine so this shows you just need to be you and love what you do and your dreams will come true.

What you don't see::

I try now to get my photos to look as pleasing as i can but by the side of my computer table is normally a huge pile of clothes ready to be put away, and by the side of my Diptyque Candle is my 99p candle with love hearts on my daughter bought me and amongst all my posh makeup is all the cheapest drugstore along with my posh skincare theres the budget to.  

I struggle with insecurities to like everyone does and i don't use makeup as my mask but as i feel more groomed with it on, I'm not someone who gets up in the morning and is blessed i have to try and work at what i haven't got, but if i can help and advise people to feel better about themselves i will, and yes keep pursuing your goals your dream will come true.