Friday, 6 March 2015

Clarins Lip Balm Perfector Review

I have a massive love for beauty products I can't help it, so when I had seen Clarins had brought out an updated version of their Instant Light Lip Perfector's i really wanted to give them a go.
If you are familiar with their original ones you will remember that they are in a tube and the product squeezed out almost toothpaste like,  i did like them but thought they were a little messy so hoped the new versions would be better.

So what are they like, well the packaging is much better its smaller but thats not always a bad thing, and much easier to apply. There is no more squeezing involved and the product has evolved more into a balm hence the name lip balm.

There are 6 shades Rose, Coral, My Pink, Orange, Red and Rosewood i ordered my online without testing any colours and i thought i was being brave buying Coral expecting it to be bright after all it does look bright as I'm sure the other deeper colours would be, but once you put it on your lips its not as scary as you think.  You do get a hint of Coral but its a subtle barely there Coral so if your aiming for brights these may not be for you.

If you want a lip balm that gives you a peak of colour and a slight sheen then these are perfect for you, the taste is lovely but may want you to lick if off a bit, i don't but you could be tempted.

I found the colour quite long lasting it didn't do too bad considering i was eating and drinking but the only down side was i was left with a little film of coral on my lips that could have just been me, so i wouldn't let this put you off.

I actually think if you suffer from dry lips and don't want a heavy lip these are ideal but priced at £18.00 i would buy them if you want both of these things, if you just want to nourish your lips i would probably get a Nuxe lip balm.