Monday, 9 March 2015

DGJ Organics* Glossy Brunettes Shampoo and Conditioner Review

I was recently very kindly sent a shampoo and conditioner combo from DGJ Organics in the Glossy Brunettes Range. Sadly if you know me my hair is dyed quite a fiery copper ginger colour so i didn't use the range on myself as I'm not a glossy brunette,  although my daughter is and she has used these every second day as part of her hair washing and conditioning routine.

Who are DGJ Organics? well you may have heard of Daniel Galvin Jnr he's a renowned colourist who has a swanky salon in the heart of Belgravia who has handled the hair of many celebs, and ten years ago he created his range of DGJ Organics to use in the salon and also to market for people who wanted salon quality results without taking a trip to London.  I on the other hand who's hair obsessed love having my hair cut and love trying new products, i don't know where i got it from my parents have had the same hair colour and style for about 50 years.  So trying new products on my hair is great, and i can tell you how this worked on my daughters hair who is naturally curly and brown.

So the products come in 250ml sizes, in fitting for a brunette brown and cream bottles, the best thing is they contain you guessed it organic ingredients so don't strip the hair of natural oils, they say they contain Cocoa Bean and Walnut and to protect depth of colour in dark hair, so if you colour your hair brunette this may be your bag, and if your natural brunette this would hopefully bring out the tones of your hair.

The shampoo is brown in colour which does seem weird as we are generally led to believe shampoo is clear or white, and the conditioner is white, once you get your head around that your fine.  My daughter found that you get quite a good lather from this shampoo which we didn't expect as it doesn't contain sulphates and parabens and without these you normally don't get much of a lather.  The conditioner left my daughters hair feeling really soft and healthy and worked really well, the smell was pleasant to not over powering just a tiny sort of cocoa smell but nothing major that you could pick out.

I  was very shocked when i checked the price i did guess before hand thinking they would be about £12 each but i was wrong they come in at £5.99 each which for an organic salon brand i expected much more, so thats great but you have to order them online which is not so great you can get them at however and i would love to see more from this range for fiery red and bright auburn. 

They do also stock an Argan Oil range which looks amazing, and a Hangover range which as the name suggests when your hungover you feel rubbish and everything about you feels rubbish, well if your hair feels rubbish this sounds like it would give it a boost it needs hmmmm next on my list.

Have you heard of this range before or tried any of the products


*gifted pr item