Monday, 2 March 2015

Going out contouring essentials

Hey Lovelies a lot of people have been asking me online or friends about contouring.  Contouring is huge right now after makeup artists who do Kim Kardashian West's makeup showcasing what they do and what they use.  There are a few ways that you can do it, I'm showing you products i use to do the going out version of it, i say going out as this way is the long version of the contoured look and would be far to faffy for just doing for school or work.

Ive listed some products that i use to do mine but you don't have to use these and you may already have items in your kit that you prefer or if you have any tips or tricks id love to hear yours so leave them in the comments box below.

So to start I use BD Trade Secrets* Luminescence Silk Primer on a clean face, anything that give a glow works with this look, and i was pleasantly surprised that a primer this reasonably priced would work as well as some of the expensive ones out there.  You don't need a moisturiser with this one.

Then i use a foundation all over my face and again its a BD Trade Secrets* one, I have used the mattifying base ones, which is oil free, as I have quite oily skin so try to keep the oil at bay so my makeup look lasts all day.

Then what i use is the Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer in Light and i use this all under my eyes to conceal and i basically draw a triangle under my eyes and leave it like that and move on to my chin and put some on there, then i draw a line down my nose and at the middle of my eyebrows i draw a tree basically going upwards onto my forehead and then that parts done.

I then use the Maybelline Fit Me foundation in shade 315 which is scarily dark for me but in contouring this is a must, and with this colour, i put some on my hand and then using my smallest Real Techniques Bold Metals brush i brush some cream onto my face under my cheekbone and then down the sides of my nose, if you already have a slim nose you won't need to do this, you can just brush some over the bridge of your nose, then i put some under my jaw, this helps slim down the face, thank god for contouring,  i put some more of the darker shade around my temples with the middle brush you can see in the picture and on the sides of my face by my eyebrows.
By this time i look like my children have been doing my makeup its scary but it does come together trust me.

Then its blending time now you can either use a makeup sponge or a brush whatever you find easiest, start with the highlighted part and lightly pat in, then taking another brush start blending the darker areas in.

Once all this is done i take a face powder the powder I'm using is the Chantecaille one, and i lightly dab some powder under my eyes where the highlighting has been done to set this look.

Nearly done: i then use my highlighting palette Hourglass palette that the enabler herself Michelle from TSNC blog introduced me to and i haven't looked back its amazing, and i highlighter above my cheekbones and under my eyebrows i also run a little down my nose.

Now you could just stick a blush on or be done, but nah we are going out, so again using a bronzer i haven't got one in the picture but i like the Rodial one just take some on a brush and run it down the contour of your cheek and blend for added definition then take a highlighter and just run that under where you have just contoured.

Now you just apply your eye makeup mascara and however you do the rest of your makeup and your good to go, it does take a while i warm you, but i bet you love how it looks id love to see some of your looks and pics.  If you want more info on this or see me do a demo click on my Tesco Beauty Sessions button on the blog and you can ask me for hints and tips.

Laura xx