Sunday, 22 March 2015

My Haircut At Guy Christian Cardiff Bay

I just wanted to say before you read that this isn't a sponsored post or gifted i paid for this haircut myself but as it was my first time at this salon i just wanted to write about my experience there and obviously showcase my new haircut.

Any reader of my blog will already know how hair obsessed i am how much i change it and how often i colour it or do something to it, big fan of trying new styles new products whether shampoos or styling sprays i love it all.

Im not scared to go from long to short in a flash or black to blonde although that one doesn't happen in a flash (unfortunately)

So with all this in mind i went along Friday to Cardiff Bay to Guy Christian Salon  i was immediately impressed with how sleek and stylish it looked, i didn't take any pictures in their as i hadn't asked if i could and it was my first visit so just wanted to see how the experience went first.

I was met at the reception and gave my name in, my coat was taken and i sat down literally only for 5 minutes and then the lady came to meet me i had booked in with called Danielle i chose her before i went in as their website indicated their skills and what  they were trained in, Danielle's was precision cutting so she was my go to gal.  She even washed my hair herself which i thought was nice, i showed her a picture of what style i liked which wasn't anything massively different just a more modern take on what i had, my hair was an asymmetrical bob.

So she cut my hair then made sure i was happy with it, she chatted to me whilst she was cutting my hair, and then dried it.  I honestly was thrilled with the results and feel that I've had a really sharp professional looking cut, would i go there again yes i sure will the date is already in my diary, i can go back and have my fringe trimmed for free in-between haircuts which is good because a fringe seems to grow back so quick.

I was really pleased with the professionalism of the salon and all the staff seemed really nice and friendly,  even though from the outside it looks posh and a bit scary to enter don't be it was a really lovely experience.

Laura x