Saturday, 28 March 2015

my thoughts on the Real Techniques Bold Metals Brushes

The Real Techniques Bold Metals brushes are the latest release from the lovely Chapman sisters who are part of the dynamic duo who bring you the channel PIXI WOO.  If you already are a fan of their brushes I'm sure you will have at least one of their original brushes in your makeup kit.  These new ones have been out now for a couple of months and i bought three of them a month or two ago.

The regular brushes are very purse friendly and are literally a good way for us to create a quite flawless look to our faces with out the price tag of normal makeup artist priced brushes.  This is where the Bold Metal Collection of brushes differs as i think they are aimed at a more professional makeup artists kit as the price reflects that, the price of these brushes is much more jaw dropping than the regular.  The three brushes i bought for my kit are the 100 301 and 200.

The 100:

The 100 brush is the arched powder brush and dome like in appearance, the handle is gold coloured and is actually quite weighty to hold, so your least likely to drop it when applying product, I found the initial packaging truthfully quite annoying to get the brush out of it was stuck with like a glue cello tape stickiness which ruins the brush a bit, but then they need to keep the brushes secure in the packaging i guess.  The bristles are soft and feel lovely to the touch and they are brilliant in that they do not shed much at all even once cleaned they stay in a really good state.  This was my least favourite of the brushes only as i prefer to use powder with a more rounded brush, why did i buy it then your wondering, well i wanted to give it ago to see if it gave a better performance I'm sure for some it will just not for me.

The 301:

This is my personal favourite of the three brushes i bought, this one is the flat contour brush, in a rose gold colour its beautiful i love rose gold in lots of things, I'm not sure how long it will stay this colour I'm hoping the colour doesn't tarnish with regular use, again this is a weighty brush with good quality bristles and soft to touch, this brush is used by myself every single day I'm a bit of a contouring freak at the moment and seen to try it every day, i use my contouring power and sweep this brush in it and literally brush up my face along my cheekbone and as its flat in design its perfect for this, i almost feel like I'm a pro using this it does seem to be able for me to get this right.

The 200:

And lastly the oval shadow brush the smallest out of the brushes i bought, this one is silver in colour and again weighty with beautiful soft bristles, this brushes aim is for all over the lid application of either cream or powder eyeshadow, i prefer using this brush for powder eyeshadow i just find for me it works better with powered shadows it seems to pick up product really well and i don't get a lot of fall out of eyeshadow which i hate.

So my overall impression is that the quality is really good of the bristles the heaviness of the brushes is good as i think with some other brands you may not get the weight behind, but the price of these brushes personally i think is too high and it will put people off buying them, if you were to buy one and you are a contouring fan then grab the 301.

Have you tried them and what are your thoughts