Friday, 13 March 2015

Smoky eyes with Dior 5 Couleurs

I always wanted to be french growing up i don't know why but when i was a little girl i wanted to be called Pascalle and my middle name Jeanne. French in school was my fav language and i wanted to be fluent french mind it sounded funny in a half welsh scottish accent.  So the nearest now a days i get to France is appreciating their makeup and skincare and i love most things DIOR.

I picked this palette up the Dior 5 Couleurs collection in PIED-DE-POULE, the one i have is a combination of smoky greys blacks and almost khaki dark green.  The palette is much nicer than their normal silver ones in fact they are now black with DIOR written on the front in silver they look much sleeker what you would expect.  The palette design is also slimmer so a lot easier to cart around with you in your makeup collection.

You get two brushes to use, although personally i never use these as i find they do nothing for your makeup application at all, but i know some people do like them, i throw them in the bin.

My personal favourite colours in the palette are the khaki green colour which i use mid crease on my eye and i also run it under my eye as an eyeliner and smudge it, and i really like the charcoal in the middle which i use in the outer corners of my eye.
You can create lots of look with this palette as the colours are quite pigmented and dense i would say its more suitable for an evening look, although with a really light application and using the lightest colour in the top right you can pair it right down for day.
the good news is you don't get a lot of fall out with this so you don't end up with eyeshadow powder all over your face, the bad news is unless you spend the time to really work to use all these colours separately to create a look of your choice they can look like one colour all over your lid.

I like them and if you spend the time in creating a smoky rock chick look i think you might to

what are your thoughts do you like these colours and what look would you create