Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Uspicy Complete 32 piece makeup brush set

I'm a big fan of makeup brushes as you probably have guessed, and when I do my makeup in the morning or if I'm going out I go through loads of different brushes, my makeup routine consists of the usual foundation concealer then powder so a couple of brushes for this application, and I use a good few colours on the eye lids so again there's at least another 6 by the time I've finished blending to.
So when this mammoth 32 piece set came through my door I was jumping for joy although the downside of using the brushes is the cleaning of them grrrrr.

So I've photographed several sections of the belt, this collection comes in a leather type belt with the brushes neatly fitting into sections of the fattest brushes I.e, the fan type to contour and blush moving down the middle to eye shadow brushes right down to the end with the smallest.

I think that this set would be ideal for travelling as I've mentioned it comes in the pouch and normally when I travel I usually just put the brushes I need into a separate makeup bag which is not very travel friendly but I don't tend to over think it I just throw it together, sensibly the travel pouch is a great idea.  

The brushes are soft and not scratchy to the face, they wash well and as long as they are shaped properly whilst damp they do retain their shape to.  

If you like the look of these brushes they are available from. amazon

Have you got a makeup brush addiction to? 


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