Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Why Exfoliating Your Scalp Is As Important As Your Face

Any readers of my posts will know that i love skincare and hair and beauty loads and trying new things in my books is right up there.  Also readers will know that i colour my hair by choice a bright coppery gingery colour which at the moment I am loving so what relevance your wondering has this to do with exfoliating your scalp well read on and you will understand shortly.

I dont tend to read anything much at all on blogs about caring for our scalps and i don't even tend to see much in magazines about this either but then again truthfully i don't think I've actually looked for it or even realised there were products for it, hang my head in shame.

I actually have a really dry quite irritated scalp probably from using so much bleach and products on my hair and not washing and rinsing them off properly.  I tend to have a flaky scalp gross i know but i bet I'm not the only one so when i was asked if i wanted to try a product to care for your scalp i thought why not.

The Salon Science* Hydrafoliant Scalp Scrub arrived and i was a little sceptical at first after all a scrub for the scalp!!!!

Salon Science are a brand which promote healthy hair and scalps by doing this naturally by using plant extracts such as Aqua-Cacteen which is an organic cactus extract which soothes and cares for scalps. 

How To Use:

Shake before use and apply in sections using the nozzle you see in my pictures by placing this onto your scalp and squeezing out onto your scalp, the directions say to use on damp hair i tried this method which was fine but i prefer to use on dry hair, once you have put the exfoliant where you want it gently start massaging your head, the smell from the exfoliant is so refreshing and clean smelling i really liked that, once you have basically exfoliated your scalp leave on for ten minutes and then the bit i was dreading, wet your hair and wash twice to make sure all the beads and particles have been removed, then condition as normal.

The Benefits:

 Scrubbing away dead skin cells and bit of hair dye and and remaining bits of products has really made me think about how neglected I've been to my scalp and how important it must be to hair health i mean how great is our hair going to look when your scalp has a build up of all these nasties.  So for me this is a product i will be using regularly to care my scalp and hair health.

The only thing that worried me about exfoliating my scalp was that maybe stimulating my scalp would have made my hair greasy and look terrible but it didn't probably the benefit or washing your hair twice after exfoliating and a big tip make sure you wash ALL the beads from your hair which I'm sure you will I'm rubbish with all that and i did it.

The scalp scrub* is priced at £15.00 and is available from Boots 

Have you ever thought to scrub your scalp before?


*pr sent for consideration for review