Wednesday, 11 March 2015

YSL Black Opium My Current Favourite Perfume

I know this perfume hasn't just come out but I thought it was really worthy of doing a post for as i really love it and i haven't changed my perfume wearing daily choice for weeks now as i just can't.

When it was released I actually didn't think i would like it as i wasn't keen on the YSL original Opium i found it very strong and a bit of a heady perfume, i do like strong perfumes but this one was strong in the SUPER strong sense.

So why do i like this one so much, yes the bottle is super pretty, its black with an almost sparkly glittery effect to it, anything glittery is cool,  this does look lovely in your bedroom or wherever you keep your perfumes, then you have the circle which you can see with Black Opium written in it, yes its the little things that please me.

So now to the most important part the smell, enriched with Black Coffee (i knew there was a reason i loved it, then White Florals to give it a more balanced pretty smell and then Vanilla which gives it the sweetness.  these scents wouldn't be great for a perfume as stand alone ones but mixed together give the desired effect.

In my opinion its not a light perfume its more suited to evenings, but if like me you enjoy stronger perfumes for day wear then this will be right up your street.

I love the way perfumes smell different on everyones skin so this is why i would always recommend trying before you buy as what smells amazing one someone you might not like on you.

But if you get this i hope you love it as much as me


Have you tried this one, or what is your fave scent?