Saturday, 25 April 2015

Getting your legs and feet summer ready

Hello guys hope your all well,  summer is fast approaching and you see lots of adverts in magazines about getting beach ready and bikini ready, personally I'm not a huge fan of that statement as it can put a lot of pressure on teenagers and girls boys men and women.  Myself include, I like sometimes hiding in my clothes in winter, and as much as I love summer for some reasons it can fill me with dread.    There has been lots of support on twitter this week for people being a little bigger and supporting how bigger people shouldn't be shamed or made to feel bad, and I wouldn't they look nice in what they wear etc.  anyway I could write a whole post on this but I think that's been more than covered to so back to what I'm discussing today.

In winter I think we might agree body and skin maintenance does take a back seat, maybe you don't and carry on every week religiously scrubbing and moisturising your skin, I'm not going to lie I don't, the less I can get away with the better oooops how lazy.

But I can't hide away from it anymore so out my drawer came the exfoliators and moisturisers and yes I had to blow the dust off.  So what do you prefer to get your legs ready for summer some people prefer good old waxing, as you get a good result with that and when your new leg hair grows back it is much finer, but the down side with waxing is you have to let your hair grow to a suitable length first.  I personally struggle with this as I don't like letting it grow.  Or are you a fan of the quick and easy shaving method.  Well this is me, sometimes it's not the best, as I think I rush it and literally run the razor up my legs like I'm Mo Farrah and wonder why my leg is dripping in blood or I've taken a chunk out of it.  I like the convenience of shaving though, the only drawback for me is that sometimes I do get ingrown hairs on my legs and they are horrible.  So I normally give my legs a good scrub first with my Elemis skin nourishing body scrub I find this is so nice and actually not harsh even though it's grainy it doesn't feel rough on the skin if that makes sense.

So after scrubbing your legs shaving or waxing and moisturising, it's good to give your feet a good soak, and then I dry them off and use a go is either pumice stone which you can pick up reasonably anywhere, and give the bottom of the feet a good scrape especially the heels as a lot of people have hard skin here I do and I hate it.
Once you have done what you do then a nice colour on your toes is always a good pick up for summer as are bright colours I still love the Rimmel salon pro colours as the colour pay off is good and I love the brushes, they make varnish application quick and easy.

What is your summer getting legs and feet ready routine?

Laura x

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Creme de la mer the treatment lotion

Hi guys now anyone who knows anything about beauty products creams and lotions will probably know that normally when you head to a department store and there is a Creme De La Mer counter it either means you scurry past and hide or you go to it and know that your bank card is going to take the battering of its life.  But that aside I did visit it and make a purchase.  I did feel quite bad for buying this as it was expensive but then I did have money left over from work I had done do it softened the blow greatly.  So the blog title gives away what I bought and it's been my first ever purchase from this brand.

 The Treatment Lotion is packed with vitamins and minerals such as iron, vitamins C,E,and B12, eucalyptus, wheat germ and sunflower to name but a few.  The aim of this lotion is to aid to hydrate your skin, so to use you cleanse your skin as you normally would, the bottle says for you to put some product on a cotton pad and wipe over your skin, I personally wouldn't do this, it's so expensive I think that's just wasteful I wouldn't want to waste a drop of this, so I put a few drops onto my fingers and massage into my skin.   This preps your skin amazingly for using your serums and moisturiser.

The lotion is in texture like a thick liquid a little bit runny but not overly and easy to absorb into the skin as it absorbs very quickly, well it does on my skin that literally dances when I use this.

My routine: 

Like I mentioned earlier it's a fab prep for your other skincare, for me with now older skin I cleanse then use an acid such as Alpha H Liquid Gold or which I'm going to get when I get paid Zelens Resurfacing Pads, then I use the Treatment Lotion by rubbing into my skin with my fingers until it has soaked in then I use a serum such as Espa Pro Serum which I'm loving to at the moment then I use my The Body Shop Drops Of Youth Bouncy Sleep mask.  My skin really glows after this routine, it's not for the faint hearted and does take a bit of time to do but I find as I get older you have to work harder to make your skin look as nice as it did say in your twenties.

So to round up:)

I wouldn't recommend for someone who has lovely glowing skin already in my opinion this is a god send for someone who's skin is very dehydrated and lacking glow, and or an older skin, and a skin that's been subject to the battering from the sun.

Is it worth the £85.00 pound price tag (hides face in hands) it's all down to personal feeling... For me that could have been my whole summer wardrobe in Primark but I do invest in my skin and the fact the bottle will last absolutely ages :) it makes the dent even out.

Laura xx

Monday, 20 April 2015

My thoughts on the hourglass ambient lighting palette

It was only on a trip to London this year and having a meeting I came across Michelle from the blog tThou Shall Not Covet who first introduced me to the world that is Hourglass I don't need much help in converting me to buy pretty things all I need is a gentle nudge and that she gave me, and whilst we were on our lunch break I was tapping in my bank card details.  So a couple of days later in the post this arrived.

Very pretty I'm sure you will agree but for a staggering £56.00 is it worth it and what do you get?

Ok so after you have recovered from the price news you get three powders so that kind of softens the blow, and these shades are:

Dim Light  Incandescent Light and Radiant Light.

Dim light is lovely for using on top of your cheekbones to give you a yes my skin glows from within look, incandescent Light is a highlighting shade which is great for brow bones and Radiant Light gives a glow to the cheeks.
You don't have to stick to that formula you can use the palette how ever you want to and mix all the shades together.

The packaging I think is ok it's pretty basic it's not overly fancy but it's not always about the packaging as I'm constantly telling myself it's about what's inside.  Isn't that right guys??
It's very prone to getting finger marks on the outer side but it's easy wiped I'm just being fussy. You can get dupes around and you can get some amazing highlighters also, but all these powders under one roof I have to be fair and lovely and I think it is worth it because I end up with a lovely glow when I use it which I'm happy with.

Laura x

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Primark fashion is killing it

Hello lovelies I've been quite naughty and bought quite a bit of skincare lately but as I always say that's a future investment for when I'm 65 hopefully and have good skin I say with my fingers crossed, so as I've spent quite a bit on all that I haven't bought any clothes or shoes for ages.  I do like my premium makeup and skincare not all the time but I'm much more high street for clothes that being said I'd love a Mulberry Bayswater or a navy Chanel quilted bag, but bursting my bubble I always wear high street.  We are lucky to have a huge primark in Cardiff now and I mean huge so in shopping terms it's like heaven.

I used to hate going in the old shop before they did this one, as people used to pick up a top and then chuck it on the floor and basically there would be stuff thrown everywhere and I would lose the will to live to look for anything. But not now  it's fab, so after a little lunch time shop I came out with these two beauties what do you think?

I think these boots are pretty cool and wouldn't look out of place in a designer wardrobe, tan and beige shoes are my fave as you can dress them up with brighter clothes and they look so smart.  I'm a right clutz with walking and I know I will end up on my backside for sure in these, but that won't be down to the shoes that's just down to me....  I've actually just ordered some cool white jeans with complimentary slits at the knees and I'm thinking I will be rocking a pair of those boots with them.

Anything you have seen in the shops you love lately 

Laura xx

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Drops of youth bouncy sleep mask review

Hi guys hope your all ok,  I've been having a bit of a spell buying skincare at the moment I know it's naughty but I'm thinking of it as a long term investment if you know what I mean. My skin being a bit weird at the moment, I don't know if it's because I'm commuting into Cardiff to work and it's feeling a bit stressed I don't know, but by the end of the day my skin feels like it's crying.  The benefit of being in the centre of town is the shops hooray and an afternoon visit to the body shop had to be done.

I had wanted the Drops Of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask for ages and I bought it.

This mask literally has the weirdest most freakish texture of a mask I've came across it's like a white gloppy ness all placed into a pot.  Luckily the mask does come with a spatula to use, and I would recommend you use it as trying to scoop some out without it is like having a fight with it.  So don't lose the spatular.

How I use this in my routine is I cleanse my face in the evening normally a double cleanse if I can although I would say six times out of a week I do this.  Then maybe use  Alpha H Liquid Gold and sweep this over my face, and then use Khiels Midnight Recovery Mask wait for that to sink in and then use the sleep mask over the top.  I normally give this a good massage into my skin to ensure it sinks in well, but normally you don't have to do this as the mask sinks in well on its own.  Personally I think this is a really good and cheaper alternative to a night cream, if your worried about hydrating your skin and your skin needing a boost then this would be ideal for you.  I would compare this product massively to Origins Drink up Masks which I personally rate to, although this one has literally loads of product in the jar and as you only need a little bit with your spatular (don't lose it!!!) sorry to throw that in again bit you really will be lost without it, will last you for ages.

The bouncy Sleep mask is priced at £22.00 I think this is a bargain..

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Medosan Bio Clinica Anti Wrinkle Cream Review

As I'm getting older I have to be honest I am getting slightly worried about wrinkles, I don't have any yet although I can see fine lines developing and I'm going to try and use things to help and prevent this.  So with all this in mind I was invited to try a cream called Bio Clinica Plus which has these claims which are:

To protect the skin from Dry skin, lose of elasticity, the forming of wrinkles,age related redness, fatigued eyes.

So I've been using this for a couple of weeks now literally slathering it over my face and I have to be fair it's a very refreshing light cream that smells really nice.  I'm one of these people who cannot just get up in the morning and stick some foundation on, I have to cleanse and moisturise and then I'm done,  I found this cream to be an excellent base for makeup application as the cream sank into my skin quickly.  I have read that this cream contains mineral extracts from pearls, silk and crystals which I think may account for the softness it leaves your skin.

I don't suffer redness on my face so I can't account for whether this cream would work for that, but I can say my skin was left refreshed and felt comfortable, I can't say it's helped with wrinkles as I don't have any but if it's helping me to prevent I'm literally going to apply by the bucket load.

If your in need of a cream that's amazingly priced you can purchase it here Tower Health not only that you can purchase it with 10% off valid till the end of June using the code SK99BE.

See you soon 


This post contains press samples. 

Monday, 13 April 2015

Rodial Instaglam Glow Review

Hey lovelies hope your all well and enjoying the weird weather what is with it, boiling then freezing, freezing and boiling - nearly summer so it's not all bad.
So with the warmer weather in mind I thought I would write about one of my favourite things "faking" a natural glow.
As you get older it gets pretty hard to get any kind of glow on your face, but it's not all bad we can fake that glow no problem.

So here is something I bought recently in my quest to ever fake that glow Rodial Instaglam fell into my online shopping basket.  Rodial are fast flying into my faves list with their products so hence why I needed to get this to.

So description wise it's a pen style highlighter which you basically screw the lid at the bottom and the   Product comes up at the tip.  The product is like a shimmering champagne colour, and the texture is creamy and does rub into your skin well.  If your looking for a Mrs K glow this may be the one for you.  It's not the most subtle of glows so if you like a hint of glow this may not for you, but if like me you love full on glow it will be right up your street.  I use this by my tear ducts and just put a really small bit and blend really well here, I wouldn't advise running any down the bridge of your nose it just doesn't give you a glow that looks right here at all, in my opinion, there's two ways you can make this look great one is at the top of your cheekbone BEFORE foundation for a more subtle glow or as I use it over my foundation and I blend in with my Mac foundation brush.

So there we have it you can get a glow...


Saturday, 11 April 2015

Nars audacious lipstick in Julie

The Nars Audacious lipsticks are fast becoming staples in my lipstick collection, beautifully packaged in a metalic casing they are literally stunning. They come in a vast array of colours but I'm leaning towards the nude subtle pinks and peach ones.

My latest purchase is the colour Julie, which I would describe as a peachy nude pink with lots of depth to it.  There isint any shimmer to this tone although I would say its far from boring.

The colour pay off is good considering this is a neutral toned colour and it really is a one swipe on the lips and go colour. The formula is not drying on the lips I didn't find.

I found this range to be pretty long lasting after a full day of being in work and having lunch and drinking water through the day, I'm not saying I didn't have any lipstick on my bottle but I did have lipstick more importantly left on my lips. Why I like these lipsticks as I find the tones and depth of colour really flattering to most skin tones if not them, all.  You can pair the colours with strong eyes or just a completely neutral pretty soft look.

Do you like this range??

Laura x

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Today's face:

You may notice today's faces popping up quite often on the blog as I'm experimenting with a couple of different looks to get me through spring and see if I like them and I like reading your comments to see if you like them or if you don't? Or what can me made better  and changed.

Today this is a selection of things I used not everything is there but the main things are there:

I tried out the new Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation for the first time I've got the shade Santa Fe which is described as a medium shade with peachy undertones: in yesterday's look I had used the same shade in the Sheer Glow formula but this morning that had run out.  I'm very impressed with the new one I will do a post on this soon.

I also used the Nars eye primer before I did my eye makeup: trust me for so many reasons I need it one it smoothes out the eyelid area and most importantly your eyeshadow stays put all day which let's face it you spend time doing your eye makeup you don't want that sliding off.

On the eyes is the Bobbi Brown eyeshadow in Black Velvet which is a pretty sparkly purplish shade which I mixed with a BD Trade Secrets eyeshadow I have.

On the lips I've used: Mac Stripdown lip pencil and Nars lip lacquer which comes in a little pot which is so cute and the colour is Chelsea Girls

Hope you liked today's face


Monday, 6 April 2015

Spring sparkly eyeliner Estée Lauder Double Wear

Hey guys I'm really loving reading all the posts lately about spring and spring makeup looks, spring makeup looks often come out pinky or soft corals and pretty colours. Just as we change our wardrobe over when the weather gets warmer our makeup looks change to.  I don't know about you but I love messing round with different looks and trying out different colours so with this in mind comes to my recent purchase.

Which incidentally is a nice one, I think so anyway, when I knew Estee Lauder had brought out a range of eye pencils in their Double Wear range (stay in place) I thought this would be a good buy as I wear some kind of eyeliner generally every day, so I wanted one that wouldn't budge especially when the weather warms up, no one wants a sweaty eyeliner running down the face look.  The shade I bought is called Olive Lustre which is a dark green colour with elements of gold in.  It's a soft alternative to black so can be really nice for day wear whereas sometime a black eyeliner can look a little harsh.

Colour wise I'm sure this colour would suit most eye colours but I think brown eyes and hazels would really pop with the tones in this shade.  So what sets apart this pencil from other pencils are cheaper alternatives?  

The price is one these don't come in cheap as being Estee Lauder you are leaning towards £20.00 for one of these, but when you take into consideration the quality and longevivity you get with these it's worth it.  The formular is gel like, and the application is soft and just flows, you don't tug your eyes using these pencils whether you use them on your top lash line your bottom lash line or your water line.  Now I can tell you that I'm out the door for work before 8:00 am every morning and when I return at 4:00 my eyeliner hasn't moved and if I choose to wear these on my water line I even get about 4/5 hours out of that,

The only problem I've got now is I fancy another couple of colours.  

Have you tried this range? 

Laura x

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Today's face

So after posting a bit of a meh post yesterday I've picked myself up dusted myself down and I'm back, I got rid of my roots which always help the sun is shining and I've put on a face of makeup always makes you feel better.  I'm not going to moan about not having a Lint Easter egg although I would love one ha ha.

So here is today's face:

So what did I use to create this look:

First of all I prepped the skin and used my:-

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer: I find using a primer is essential now for makeup looks as if I don't use one your makeup tends to slip and slide off my face.  Recently I've been using my BD Trade Secrets Primer but I like to switch them around quite a bit.

Nars: Foundation is for my base and the colour is Santa Fe my only gripe is the bottle doesn't have a pump, but I've purchased there newest foundation and this one has got the pump with it.

Nars: Creamy Concealer in Light is one of my faves, it covers such a range of sins such as dark circles redness and it doesn't make your skin look patchy it's amazing.

Chantecaiille: Loose powder in Subtle just to keep any pesky shine at bay.

Chanel:  cream blush in Presage on the cheeks it looks quite scary in the pan but blended in looks quite natural I think .

Anastasia: Contour kit I'm loving contouring still, and love being able to fake cheek bones which I haven't really got as I've got chubby cheeks.

On the eyes:

I've mixed a bit of Mac Patina and Cranberry over my lids and lined my upper lash line with Estee 
Lauder Double Wear eyeliner in Olive Lustre, I love this I think it's such a pretty shade
On my lower lash line I've used cranberry to line and on the lashes it's my mini Benefit Rollerlash.

Lip wise it's Nars  Audacious in Bridget.

And last but not least a swipe  of  Hourglass lightening palette to fake my glow on my face.

I quite liked today's look for a change:)

You might think it's quite a lot and it is but I'm off visiting friends later so I'm hoping it will hold till then

Have a good night guys


Friday, 3 April 2015

How I'm a feeling at the moment

Hey lovelies hope your all ok,  before I start I don't want anyone to read this and think it's a miserable post it's not.  This week I've had some time off from work and it's been a good opportunity to relax a bit, haven't felt very well hurt my back again and had really bad sinusitis and feel terrible for not taking my kids out much.  I thought being off work I would focus on my blog, I really don't know what's going on with it, I know my photos are not the best but it doesn't seem the most attractive of blogs as in everyone seems to be leaping right over me.

I normally don't care about anything like this, I just write my thoughts and reviews and live in my little bubble and I'm happy but I've sat back this week and thought ok what am I doing wrong I want this baby to grow.

I've had so many doubts is my blog not growing because I'm an older blogger?

Is it because I take not amazing pictures?

Is my content crap?

Now before you think I want free stuff blah blah blah I don't, 97% of the content I buy  for myself and I will continue to do so, I blog because it's my hobby and I have fun! but I think this week has made me critical of myself.  I'm not going to say it's all bad it's not. It's not everyday you feature in Look Magazine or get to Vlog for Tesco Beauty Sessions,  these are things I've never thought would happen, I met bloggers I admire so much from that, but at the same time it did make me feel a little inferior as am I  good enough to be featured with bloggers like that.  When I reality I should be thinking hell why not and normally I would.

In a nutshell I think I've had a bad week and made me feel negative and doubt everything, so why would I want my blog to grow, because I feel like I will fail to myself if it doesn't?   And I don't want to feel like that!!!

I'm sure next week when I'm back in work I won't have time to over analyse everything!!

So here's  a crap picture of me very grainy!!!

Do you have any tips to help!!!

And do you ever feel like I do?

Laura xx

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

First Aid milk oil conditioning cleanser

Well guys it's nearly Easter and it's April I can't believe both, it seems like I sneezed a minute ago and was wrapping Christmas presents,   I wish there was a pause button as I'm getting older way too fast, I did pledge to myself this year more than any other I would step up fifty more gears on the skincare front.   When people tell you wash your makeup off be careful what you use on your skin, and look after it listen. That's the best advice ever because as I read somewhere there is no point wearing a Burberry coat and carrying a Chanel bag if your skin has aged liked a rhino (and it's through your own neglect)   I don't do either of these things mind, it will be a River Island coat generally and a River island bag, but you get my point. 

So jumping straight in I've reached for a few brands I haven't tried before to give them ago and I'm trying to buy when money allows a few cleansers a few balms so I can rotate around so for one it breaks up the boredom of the same product and it's good to switch things around.

I bought First Aid Milk Oil Cleanser online through Sephora which probably wasn't the smartest move as there delivery charges are pretty steep, I'd be better off flying over and getting everything in one go.  But I did really want to try it.  


To apply spread 3-4 pumps onto fingertips, tissue or pad and lightly massage over entire face and eyes for 10-20 seconds until makeup has dissolved.  Wipe off with a tissue or damp cloth, may be rinsed off with water if desired.

So that's how to use, the product in itself is very very light in texture, it's not creamy which I didn't expect it to be, it is very milk like in texture which from its name I guessed it would be.  Three or a Four pumps doesn't release a huge amount of cleanser probably about the amount on my hand, but it depends how you decide to use this cleanser.  

I'm quite a full on makeup wearing girl the works so just using this cleanser on its own isn't enough I'd would have to use another product with it but for me I do that anyway, my personal routine would consist of me either using the Elemis  Cleansing Balm first to get rid of most of my makeup (you can't use this one around your eyes) I have and it's agony!!! I tried it for blogging purposes: your not supposed to and then using the First Aid Cleanser for the second cleanse.
I do like the Clinique take the day off cleansing balm to, it's fab for full on makeup days and again using the First Aid cleanser after.

So in a nutshell if you don't wear much makeup or none at all use your say micellar water first and then use this has your second cleanse that will be fab, but if your more like me try it as I've mentioned, it does leave the skin feeling really silky and lovely and clean.

Do you like double cleansing?

Laura x