Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Creme de la mer the treatment lotion

Hi guys now anyone who knows anything about beauty products creams and lotions will probably know that normally when you head to a department store and there is a Creme De La Mer counter it either means you scurry past and hide or you go to it and know that your bank card is going to take the battering of its life.  But that aside I did visit it and make a purchase.  I did feel quite bad for buying this as it was expensive but then I did have money left over from work I had done do it softened the blow greatly.  So the blog title gives away what I bought and it's been my first ever purchase from this brand.

 The Treatment Lotion is packed with vitamins and minerals such as iron, vitamins C,E,and B12, eucalyptus, wheat germ and sunflower to name but a few.  The aim of this lotion is to aid to hydrate your skin, so to use you cleanse your skin as you normally would, the bottle says for you to put some product on a cotton pad and wipe over your skin, I personally wouldn't do this, it's so expensive I think that's just wasteful I wouldn't want to waste a drop of this, so I put a few drops onto my fingers and massage into my skin.   This preps your skin amazingly for using your serums and moisturiser.

The lotion is in texture like a thick liquid a little bit runny but not overly and easy to absorb into the skin as it absorbs very quickly, well it does on my skin that literally dances when I use this.

My routine: 

Like I mentioned earlier it's a fab prep for your other skincare, for me with now older skin I cleanse then use an acid such as Alpha H Liquid Gold or which I'm going to get when I get paid Zelens Resurfacing Pads, then I use the Treatment Lotion by rubbing into my skin with my fingers until it has soaked in then I use a serum such as Espa Pro Serum which I'm loving to at the moment then I use my The Body Shop Drops Of Youth Bouncy Sleep mask.  My skin really glows after this routine, it's not for the faint hearted and does take a bit of time to do but I find as I get older you have to work harder to make your skin look as nice as it did say in your twenties.

So to round up:)

I wouldn't recommend for someone who has lovely glowing skin already in my opinion this is a god send for someone who's skin is very dehydrated and lacking glow, and or an older skin, and a skin that's been subject to the battering from the sun.

Is it worth the £85.00 pound price tag (hides face in hands) it's all down to personal feeling... For me that could have been my whole summer wardrobe in Primark but I do invest in my skin and the fact the bottle will last absolutely ages :) it makes the dent even out.

Laura xx