Wednesday, 1 April 2015

First Aid milk oil conditioning cleanser

Well guys it's nearly Easter and it's April I can't believe both, it seems like I sneezed a minute ago and was wrapping Christmas presents,   I wish there was a pause button as I'm getting older way too fast, I did pledge to myself this year more than any other I would step up fifty more gears on the skincare front.   When people tell you wash your makeup off be careful what you use on your skin, and look after it listen. That's the best advice ever because as I read somewhere there is no point wearing a Burberry coat and carrying a Chanel bag if your skin has aged liked a rhino (and it's through your own neglect)   I don't do either of these things mind, it will be a River Island coat generally and a River island bag, but you get my point. 

So jumping straight in I've reached for a few brands I haven't tried before to give them ago and I'm trying to buy when money allows a few cleansers a few balms so I can rotate around so for one it breaks up the boredom of the same product and it's good to switch things around.

I bought First Aid Milk Oil Cleanser online through Sephora which probably wasn't the smartest move as there delivery charges are pretty steep, I'd be better off flying over and getting everything in one go.  But I did really want to try it.  


To apply spread 3-4 pumps onto fingertips, tissue or pad and lightly massage over entire face and eyes for 10-20 seconds until makeup has dissolved.  Wipe off with a tissue or damp cloth, may be rinsed off with water if desired.

So that's how to use, the product in itself is very very light in texture, it's not creamy which I didn't expect it to be, it is very milk like in texture which from its name I guessed it would be.  Three or a Four pumps doesn't release a huge amount of cleanser probably about the amount on my hand, but it depends how you decide to use this cleanser.  

I'm quite a full on makeup wearing girl the works so just using this cleanser on its own isn't enough I'd would have to use another product with it but for me I do that anyway, my personal routine would consist of me either using the Elemis  Cleansing Balm first to get rid of most of my makeup (you can't use this one around your eyes) I have and it's agony!!! I tried it for blogging purposes: your not supposed to and then using the First Aid Cleanser for the second cleanse.
I do like the Clinique take the day off cleansing balm to, it's fab for full on makeup days and again using the First Aid cleanser after.

So in a nutshell if you don't wear much makeup or none at all use your say micellar water first and then use this has your second cleanse that will be fab, but if your more like me try it as I've mentioned, it does leave the skin feeling really silky and lovely and clean.

Do you like double cleansing?

Laura x