Saturday, 25 April 2015

Getting your legs and feet summer ready

Hello guys hope your all well,  summer is fast approaching and you see lots of adverts in magazines about getting beach ready and bikini ready, personally I'm not a huge fan of that statement as it can put a lot of pressure on teenagers and girls boys men and women.  Myself include, I like sometimes hiding in my clothes in winter, and as much as I love summer for some reasons it can fill me with dread.    There has been lots of support on twitter this week for people being a little bigger and supporting how bigger people shouldn't be shamed or made to feel bad, and I wouldn't they look nice in what they wear etc.  anyway I could write a whole post on this but I think that's been more than covered to so back to what I'm discussing today.

In winter I think we might agree body and skin maintenance does take a back seat, maybe you don't and carry on every week religiously scrubbing and moisturising your skin, I'm not going to lie I don't, the less I can get away with the better oooops how lazy.

But I can't hide away from it anymore so out my drawer came the exfoliators and moisturisers and yes I had to blow the dust off.  So what do you prefer to get your legs ready for summer some people prefer good old waxing, as you get a good result with that and when your new leg hair grows back it is much finer, but the down side with waxing is you have to let your hair grow to a suitable length first.  I personally struggle with this as I don't like letting it grow.  Or are you a fan of the quick and easy shaving method.  Well this is me, sometimes it's not the best, as I think I rush it and literally run the razor up my legs like I'm Mo Farrah and wonder why my leg is dripping in blood or I've taken a chunk out of it.  I like the convenience of shaving though, the only drawback for me is that sometimes I do get ingrown hairs on my legs and they are horrible.  So I normally give my legs a good scrub first with my Elemis skin nourishing body scrub I find this is so nice and actually not harsh even though it's grainy it doesn't feel rough on the skin if that makes sense.

So after scrubbing your legs shaving or waxing and moisturising, it's good to give your feet a good soak, and then I dry them off and use a go is either pumice stone which you can pick up reasonably anywhere, and give the bottom of the feet a good scrape especially the heels as a lot of people have hard skin here I do and I hate it.
Once you have done what you do then a nice colour on your toes is always a good pick up for summer as are bright colours I still love the Rimmel salon pro colours as the colour pay off is good and I love the brushes, they make varnish application quick and easy.

What is your summer getting legs and feet ready routine?

Laura x