Friday, 3 April 2015

How I'm a feeling at the moment

Hey lovelies hope your all ok,  before I start I don't want anyone to read this and think it's a miserable post it's not.  This week I've had some time off from work and it's been a good opportunity to relax a bit, haven't felt very well hurt my back again and had really bad sinusitis and feel terrible for not taking my kids out much.  I thought being off work I would focus on my blog, I really don't know what's going on with it, I know my photos are not the best but it doesn't seem the most attractive of blogs as in everyone seems to be leaping right over me.

I normally don't care about anything like this, I just write my thoughts and reviews and live in my little bubble and I'm happy but I've sat back this week and thought ok what am I doing wrong I want this baby to grow.

I've had so many doubts is my blog not growing because I'm an older blogger?

Is it because I take not amazing pictures?

Is my content crap?

Now before you think I want free stuff blah blah blah I don't, 97% of the content I buy  for myself and I will continue to do so, I blog because it's my hobby and I have fun! but I think this week has made me critical of myself.  I'm not going to say it's all bad it's not. It's not everyday you feature in Look Magazine or get to Vlog for Tesco Beauty Sessions,  these are things I've never thought would happen, I met bloggers I admire so much from that, but at the same time it did make me feel a little inferior as am I  good enough to be featured with bloggers like that.  When I reality I should be thinking hell why not and normally I would.

In a nutshell I think I've had a bad week and made me feel negative and doubt everything, so why would I want my blog to grow, because I feel like I will fail to myself if it doesn't?   And I don't want to feel like that!!!

I'm sure next week when I'm back in work I won't have time to over analyse everything!!

So here's  a crap picture of me very grainy!!!

Do you have any tips to help!!!

And do you ever feel like I do?

Laura xx