Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Medosan Bio Clinica Anti Wrinkle Cream Review

As I'm getting older I have to be honest I am getting slightly worried about wrinkles, I don't have any yet although I can see fine lines developing and I'm going to try and use things to help and prevent this.  So with all this in mind I was invited to try a cream called Bio Clinica Plus which has these claims which are:

To protect the skin from Dry skin, lose of elasticity, the forming of wrinkles,age related redness, fatigued eyes.

So I've been using this for a couple of weeks now literally slathering it over my face and I have to be fair it's a very refreshing light cream that smells really nice.  I'm one of these people who cannot just get up in the morning and stick some foundation on, I have to cleanse and moisturise and then I'm done,  I found this cream to be an excellent base for makeup application as the cream sank into my skin quickly.  I have read that this cream contains mineral extracts from pearls, silk and crystals which I think may account for the softness it leaves your skin.

I don't suffer redness on my face so I can't account for whether this cream would work for that, but I can say my skin was left refreshed and felt comfortable, I can't say it's helped with wrinkles as I don't have any but if it's helping me to prevent I'm literally going to apply by the bucket load.

If your in need of a cream that's amazingly priced you can purchase it here Tower Health not only that you can purchase it with 10% off valid till the end of June using the code SK99BE.

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