Monday, 20 April 2015

My thoughts on the hourglass ambient lighting palette

It was only on a trip to London this year and having a meeting I came across Michelle from the blog tThou Shall Not Covet who first introduced me to the world that is Hourglass I don't need much help in converting me to buy pretty things all I need is a gentle nudge and that she gave me, and whilst we were on our lunch break I was tapping in my bank card details.  So a couple of days later in the post this arrived.

Very pretty I'm sure you will agree but for a staggering £56.00 is it worth it and what do you get?

Ok so after you have recovered from the price news you get three powders so that kind of softens the blow, and these shades are:

Dim Light  Incandescent Light and Radiant Light.

Dim light is lovely for using on top of your cheekbones to give you a yes my skin glows from within look, incandescent Light is a highlighting shade which is great for brow bones and Radiant Light gives a glow to the cheeks.
You don't have to stick to that formula you can use the palette how ever you want to and mix all the shades together.

The packaging I think is ok it's pretty basic it's not overly fancy but it's not always about the packaging as I'm constantly telling myself it's about what's inside.  Isn't that right guys??
It's very prone to getting finger marks on the outer side but it's easy wiped I'm just being fussy. You can get dupes around and you can get some amazing highlighters also, but all these powders under one roof I have to be fair and lovely and I think it is worth it because I end up with a lovely glow when I use it which I'm happy with.

Laura x