Sunday, 19 April 2015

Primark fashion is killing it

Hello lovelies I've been quite naughty and bought quite a bit of skincare lately but as I always say that's a future investment for when I'm 65 hopefully and have good skin I say with my fingers crossed, so as I've spent quite a bit on all that I haven't bought any clothes or shoes for ages.  I do like my premium makeup and skincare not all the time but I'm much more high street for clothes that being said I'd love a Mulberry Bayswater or a navy Chanel quilted bag, but bursting my bubble I always wear high street.  We are lucky to have a huge primark in Cardiff now and I mean huge so in shopping terms it's like heaven.

I used to hate going in the old shop before they did this one, as people used to pick up a top and then chuck it on the floor and basically there would be stuff thrown everywhere and I would lose the will to live to look for anything. But not now  it's fab, so after a little lunch time shop I came out with these two beauties what do you think?

I think these boots are pretty cool and wouldn't look out of place in a designer wardrobe, tan and beige shoes are my fave as you can dress them up with brighter clothes and they look so smart.  I'm a right clutz with walking and I know I will end up on my backside for sure in these, but that won't be down to the shoes that's just down to me....  I've actually just ordered some cool white jeans with complimentary slits at the knees and I'm thinking I will be rocking a pair of those boots with them.

Anything you have seen in the shops you love lately 

Laura xx