Monday, 13 April 2015

Rodial Instaglam Glow Review

Hey lovelies hope your all well and enjoying the weird weather what is with it, boiling then freezing, freezing and boiling - nearly summer so it's not all bad.
So with the warmer weather in mind I thought I would write about one of my favourite things "faking" a natural glow.
As you get older it gets pretty hard to get any kind of glow on your face, but it's not all bad we can fake that glow no problem.

So here is something I bought recently in my quest to ever fake that glow Rodial Instaglam fell into my online shopping basket.  Rodial are fast flying into my faves list with their products so hence why I needed to get this to.

So description wise it's a pen style highlighter which you basically screw the lid at the bottom and the   Product comes up at the tip.  The product is like a shimmering champagne colour, and the texture is creamy and does rub into your skin well.  If your looking for a Mrs K glow this may be the one for you.  It's not the most subtle of glows so if you like a hint of glow this may not for you, but if like me you love full on glow it will be right up your street.  I use this by my tear ducts and just put a really small bit and blend really well here, I wouldn't advise running any down the bridge of your nose it just doesn't give you a glow that looks right here at all, in my opinion, there's two ways you can make this look great one is at the top of your cheekbone BEFORE foundation for a more subtle glow or as I use it over my foundation and I blend in with my Mac foundation brush.

So there we have it you can get a glow...