Monday, 6 April 2015

Spring sparkly eyeliner Estée Lauder Double Wear

Hey guys I'm really loving reading all the posts lately about spring and spring makeup looks, spring makeup looks often come out pinky or soft corals and pretty colours. Just as we change our wardrobe over when the weather gets warmer our makeup looks change to.  I don't know about you but I love messing round with different looks and trying out different colours so with this in mind comes to my recent purchase.

Which incidentally is a nice one, I think so anyway, when I knew Estee Lauder had brought out a range of eye pencils in their Double Wear range (stay in place) I thought this would be a good buy as I wear some kind of eyeliner generally every day, so I wanted one that wouldn't budge especially when the weather warms up, no one wants a sweaty eyeliner running down the face look.  The shade I bought is called Olive Lustre which is a dark green colour with elements of gold in.  It's a soft alternative to black so can be really nice for day wear whereas sometime a black eyeliner can look a little harsh.

Colour wise I'm sure this colour would suit most eye colours but I think brown eyes and hazels would really pop with the tones in this shade.  So what sets apart this pencil from other pencils are cheaper alternatives?  

The price is one these don't come in cheap as being Estee Lauder you are leaning towards £20.00 for one of these, but when you take into consideration the quality and longevivity you get with these it's worth it.  The formular is gel like, and the application is soft and just flows, you don't tug your eyes using these pencils whether you use them on your top lash line your bottom lash line or your water line.  Now I can tell you that I'm out the door for work before 8:00 am every morning and when I return at 4:00 my eyeliner hasn't moved and if I choose to wear these on my water line I even get about 4/5 hours out of that,

The only problem I've got now is I fancy another couple of colours.  

Have you tried this range? 

Laura x