Saturday, 30 May 2015

Review of Kaspas Cardiff and 13th birthday fun

Hello guys well as my previous post lets you know my eldest child turned 13 this week, judging by all the stuff she had planned you would think she was the queen as she's seemed to celebrate her birthday all week.  Anyway moving on she had said she wanted to go to Kaspas which is a diner in Cardiff  which is literally just desserts I say just I'm not talking muffins and custard I mean waffles,Crepes, cheesecakes, you name it.

We walked in myself  and four teenagers, it was really busy and we were told there was a 30 minute wait, I didn't mind that, after all I wasn't going to go home, but it turned out the wait was only ten minutes and we were shown to our table, Now I've never been there before so I sat there waiting for a waiter or waitress to take our order, luckily one of my daughters friends had been there and said that I had to decide what we were having and go up to the counter and order it. Perhaps it might have been an idea for the lady who showed us to the table to say that, just as a thought.

Anyway ordered everything and it came out quickly and the man who brought out the desserts was lovely and friendly, I didn't have anything except a coffee and I was trying not to look at the desserts as I was dribbling, I'm a really sweet toothed person and I could have literally face dived into any of those plates but I didn't.

I mean look at this how could you not want to eat this, I literally wanted to poke my eyes out so I couldn't see them,. The girls were the quietest all night whilst they were eating these.

The plates were cleared away really quickly once two of the girls had finished, two of the girls didn't finish their desserts and were given a box and a bag to take the leftovers home. The lovely man who brought out the desserts noticed it was my daughters birthday (massive badge gave that away) and she was asked if she wanted to have a free milkshake. I thought that was a lovely gesture, my only criticism of my visit was the girl who brought out the milkshake practically there it on the table and mouthed happy birthday,
I'm not keen on service like that, but it didn't spoil my daughters birthday and they had a fab time, would I go there again yes, I'm sure the girl just had a bad Friday.

Lots of love 

Laura x

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

I have a teenager in the house

So today is my eldest child's birthday you have have guessed from the pictures she's turned 13 years old.  I'm running to hide.  I feel quite emotional today probably as she's a teenager and it's gone so fast.

What can I say, you don't know what to expect when you have a child, you have so many thoughts in your mind what it's going to be like but in real life when you have your own it's madness.  Myself and Liberty's father were not together at birth and have never been since, and she doesn't see him now, but this is her choice and I don't stand in her way, she's explained why and I accept that.  She's very loved and a grounded lovely young girl (so far) so why should this be spoilt.
You also may have guessed I've named my blog after her and my Youtube channel, it's something and a name I'm never going to bore of.  I really struggled naming her I couldn't decide what to call her, I wrote a selection of names down on the white board in my work and there was about twenty, and when I read them every day the ones that bored me I scribbled out and then I finally decided on Liberty Nicole. I think it's probably one of those names people either like or don't, but most importantly I do and she does and she really suits it to.

All I can say is these thirteen years have flown, and I can't believe it, I'm quite worried in that she's a bit too much like me, she said yesterday if I get any birthday money can I go into town can I chose a Mac concealer to cover my spots as they have amazing skin tone choices:::: what have I created ha ha. 

I just pray that in the next few years she continues to be nice, and do well in school, and stay a lovely girl.   

Laura xx

Friday, 22 May 2015

Why I've started my you tube channel again

Hello guys hope you are all well,  I thought I would let you all know I've restarted my You Tube channel back up.  I first started my channel in 2013 but I didn't feel that confident about it, I wasn't that sure of what to do or say, some people were a bit spiteful in that they said I was too OLD to do it, well what the hell, but at that time it really affected me.  I'm obviously older than that now, but I think I've grown in confidence since and do you know what I can do what I like.

So what's it all about?

Well mainly it's going to be about Skincare, Makeup Tutorials, Lifestyle, a bit of stuff with my Children, General Chat, and Advice...and just having a bit of fun.  I hope I can find and have my own niche with my own style: I will always be myself on there, and hopefully you or someone will identify with me and think oh my god I'm so like that. But maybe you won't and switch off and that's fine to.

I hope I can help you with anything I have learnt, I've had all the hairstyles and colours you can imagine plus most of the makeup looks through the years but I don't want it to be boring I want to have fun.

So here I am:)

I'd love some suggestions for future videos and obviously tips and hints would be fab and come and say hello.

See you all soon::

Search:: Laura Brooks, in You Tube.

Laura x

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Ysl touche éclat blur primer

Hello lovelies I've wanted this for ages and it was a real toss up between this and the YSL Touche Éclat Blur Perfector so obviously I opted for this, although the Blur Perfector is still on my list.  But as they are both pricey what are they and is it justified.

So the Blur Primer I have is described as a light infused transparent gel to help blur pores and fine lines and help your makeup last longer.

So in reality you get a beautifully packaged glass bottle with a gold topped lid, clear glass which radiates the gel and big gold particles perfectly.

I pumped a bit onto my hand without rubbing in so you can see the texture which as mentioned is a gel, you only need a small amount as a little goes a long way.  My first worry was that the gold particles and they are big in the bottle would end up over my face, and I would rub it in early in the morning and go out to work and look like I had tipped my head in the kids play glitter oooops.

Fortunately and luckily or I would have cried, that's not how it works, well not for me, and I know other people and some of my friends have tried it and they don't get the sparkles either phew.  
So glitter aside, you start the day with your normal routine and apply the gel on a clean face as your base before your foundation or on its own.  In my case with my combination/oily skin this does work for me, it does make my foundation seem to go on nicely and does soften any dodgy skin areas such as discolouration, it doesn't get rid of pores but does seem to soften their harshness. I find this great for keeping my foundation look fresh all day.  This hasn't broken me out which I'm glad of and yes I would buy it again but next is the Perfector.

Have you tried this yet beauties???

Laura xxx

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Wella luxe oil reconstructive elixir review

Hello lovelies, I know me and my product buying ways so whilst in the hairdressers recently, my stylist used a product on me that I thought smelt amazing, I was desperate to spy what she had put on my hair but the bottle was small so I couldn't see so I gave in and asked.  You know what it's like though you come out the hairdressers your hair looks amazing and smells lush, you get home and try all this out for yourself use the same products and bang back to square one with a dry birds nest on your head, well that's me anyway.

So the product I'm referring to is the Wella Luxe oil Elixir so to you and me a tiny bottle packed with luxurious oils.  Packed in are Argan Oil, Almond Oil, and Jojoba oil.
Basically I pump a small amount into the palm of my hand after washing my hair I gently towel dry and work the oil into my hair.  The smell reminds me of almond slices quite a sweet smell, so if your not keen on that smell you may not like this, I love this and the smell is quite homely smelling, I probably would worry about bees chasing me in the summer as I have a bee and wasp Phobia and they might be drawn to the sweetness. But that aside and my vivid imagination it's lovely.

So in what ways would this oil be beneficial?

If your a fine haired person like me I'd use sparingly as too much could overload your hair and leave it really weighed down and lank. So a tiny pump would be good, also if your hair is short this would apply.

If you have really long hair I would probably use two pumps and run through the hair after washing and style.

If you have thick and or coarse curly hair you could pump some in once you have washed your hair, and then once your hair is dry either use after straightening or to define curls.
My daughter has thick wiry natural curls and I scrunch some into her hair to help with frizz condition and shine.

Overall I like this product, I wouldn't use continuously as the keratin can build up and cause your hair to look limp and weighed down, but to get your hair into condition it's really good.

Do you like hair oils?

Laura x

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Clinique take the day off review

Hello lovelies hope your all well, I'm writing this from my bed with a chicken satay in my mouth and a pile of products all over my bed, I really live it don't I, I really want a cup of tea but I'm so clumsy I would probably spill my products off my bed knock my tea over and have tea all over my cream carpet I wouldn't be pleased.  Anyway enough of my clumsiness thought I would pop up a little review of a cleansing balm that I'm loving right now from  Clinique.  

What do you think of when you hear the name Clinique? I normally think of  a section in House of Fraser where the staff are immaculate with spotless white uniforms on and not even a mark of makeup stained on them.  I think of  skincare specialists to but more recently I think of makeup to clever little cheek pops and the like, but back to the skincare I bought their Take The Day Off cleansing balm as my love of all things skincare grows and grows.

I like my double cleansing, so I start with a micellar water, if you don't just go straight to the balm, scoop a pea sized amount out of the jar, rub in between your hands massage over your face including eyes, once you have done this then it's the turn for water, so I'd suggest using a flannel or a face cloth, the balm emulsifies into a milk which is easy to wipe away. 

For me it doesn't sting the eyes and is 100% fragrance free so if you normally find products can irritate your skin hopefully you will be ok with this one.

The only thing I wish came with the cleanser is a spatular to take the balm out of the pot as sometimes I end up with makeup fingers getting on the remaining balm, it's not the end of the world at all, and it's only me who uses this so doesn't really matter, and to be fair this cleanser is sooo good just ignore me, also travel wise this is brill as it's a solid product you don't get any spillage over your
bags or other products result.

I love it 


Guess what guys I'm back on YOUTUBE

Love you to check it out: click 

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Today's face with sleek makeup

I was very lucky to receive some lovely items from  sleek recently and I was excited to try them, I haven't done a today's face in a while as this week I've been really busy with work and kids but I couldn't wait to use these products and they have been on my face all week.
I still get so excited when I receive products through the post and I couldn't wait to give this lot a go.

So what are they? I'm sure you will recognise things yourself but incase you don't they are the

I-Divine eye palette* which is a combo of eye shadow colours in purples and greens initially you may think yikes this is scary but the colours are really wearable.  As much as I like nudes and browns I also like brights to as you can adapt them to different looks either bright or just pops of colour.

Blush in Rose Gold*  this is probably one of the most prettiest flattering blushers I've seen! To me it doesn't even look scary in the pan even though it's pink and gold,  blended onto the face gives you the most prettiest pop of pink ever, to me this is so natural and a perfect pick up to lift the face. You get a flattering rose tint on the cheeks with a gold undertone without massive glitter pay off.  This has been compared massively to Nars Orgasm and I can see why, but I actually think I prefer this, the packaging is pretty similar to Nars I do find the Sleek blusher a little tougher to open but that's a small price to pay for a blush that fits that statement to and is stunning.

Matte me in Birthday Suit* this is a matte finish lipstick that glides on, I kept thinking it was a lipgloss because it looks like one in the packaging! but once you apply it to your lips you know it's not. The lip cream dries to a cream matte finish and for me one coat was fine.  I could imagine if you suffer from dry or chapped lips you would need to exfoliate them first or apply a lip balm underneath.  I love the colour it dries to it's stronger than a nude but not in your face to play up your eyes. I hear this colour always sells out and I can imagine why.

So here is some different shots of how these products looked on my face,

Thanks for reading beauts 

Laura. Xx

*this post contains gifted items