Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Clinique take the day off review

Hello lovelies hope your all well, I'm writing this from my bed with a chicken satay in my mouth and a pile of products all over my bed, I really live it don't I, I really want a cup of tea but I'm so clumsy I would probably spill my products off my bed knock my tea over and have tea all over my cream carpet I wouldn't be pleased.  Anyway enough of my clumsiness thought I would pop up a little review of a cleansing balm that I'm loving right now from  Clinique.  

What do you think of when you hear the name Clinique? I normally think of  a section in House of Fraser where the staff are immaculate with spotless white uniforms on and not even a mark of makeup stained on them.  I think of  skincare specialists to but more recently I think of makeup to clever little cheek pops and the like, but back to the skincare I bought their Take The Day Off cleansing balm as my love of all things skincare grows and grows.

I like my double cleansing, so I start with a micellar water, if you don't just go straight to the balm, scoop a pea sized amount out of the jar, rub in between your hands massage over your face including eyes, once you have done this then it's the turn for water, so I'd suggest using a flannel or a face cloth, the balm emulsifies into a milk which is easy to wipe away. 

For me it doesn't sting the eyes and is 100% fragrance free so if you normally find products can irritate your skin hopefully you will be ok with this one.

The only thing I wish came with the cleanser is a spatular to take the balm out of the pot as sometimes I end up with makeup fingers getting on the remaining balm, it's not the end of the world at all, and it's only me who uses this so doesn't really matter, and to be fair this cleanser is sooo good just ignore me, also travel wise this is brill as it's a solid product you don't get any spillage over your
bags or other products result.

I love it 


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