Saturday, 30 May 2015

Review of Kaspas Cardiff and 13th birthday fun

Hello guys well as my previous post lets you know my eldest child turned 13 this week, judging by all the stuff she had planned you would think she was the queen as she's seemed to celebrate her birthday all week.  Anyway moving on she had said she wanted to go to Kaspas which is a diner in Cardiff  which is literally just desserts I say just I'm not talking muffins and custard I mean waffles,Crepes, cheesecakes, you name it.

We walked in myself  and four teenagers, it was really busy and we were told there was a 30 minute wait, I didn't mind that, after all I wasn't going to go home, but it turned out the wait was only ten minutes and we were shown to our table, Now I've never been there before so I sat there waiting for a waiter or waitress to take our order, luckily one of my daughters friends had been there and said that I had to decide what we were having and go up to the counter and order it. Perhaps it might have been an idea for the lady who showed us to the table to say that, just as a thought.

Anyway ordered everything and it came out quickly and the man who brought out the desserts was lovely and friendly, I didn't have anything except a coffee and I was trying not to look at the desserts as I was dribbling, I'm a really sweet toothed person and I could have literally face dived into any of those plates but I didn't.

I mean look at this how could you not want to eat this, I literally wanted to poke my eyes out so I couldn't see them,. The girls were the quietest all night whilst they were eating these.

The plates were cleared away really quickly once two of the girls had finished, two of the girls didn't finish their desserts and were given a box and a bag to take the leftovers home. The lovely man who brought out the desserts noticed it was my daughters birthday (massive badge gave that away) and she was asked if she wanted to have a free milkshake. I thought that was a lovely gesture, my only criticism of my visit was the girl who brought out the milkshake practically there it on the table and mouthed happy birthday,
I'm not keen on service like that, but it didn't spoil my daughters birthday and they had a fab time, would I go there again yes, I'm sure the girl just had a bad Friday.

Lots of love 

Laura x