Saturday, 2 May 2015

Today's face with sleek makeup

I was very lucky to receive some lovely items from  sleek recently and I was excited to try them, I haven't done a today's face in a while as this week I've been really busy with work and kids but I couldn't wait to use these products and they have been on my face all week.
I still get so excited when I receive products through the post and I couldn't wait to give this lot a go.

So what are they? I'm sure you will recognise things yourself but incase you don't they are the

I-Divine eye palette* which is a combo of eye shadow colours in purples and greens initially you may think yikes this is scary but the colours are really wearable.  As much as I like nudes and browns I also like brights to as you can adapt them to different looks either bright or just pops of colour.

Blush in Rose Gold*  this is probably one of the most prettiest flattering blushers I've seen! To me it doesn't even look scary in the pan even though it's pink and gold,  blended onto the face gives you the most prettiest pop of pink ever, to me this is so natural and a perfect pick up to lift the face. You get a flattering rose tint on the cheeks with a gold undertone without massive glitter pay off.  This has been compared massively to Nars Orgasm and I can see why, but I actually think I prefer this, the packaging is pretty similar to Nars I do find the Sleek blusher a little tougher to open but that's a small price to pay for a blush that fits that statement to and is stunning.

Matte me in Birthday Suit* this is a matte finish lipstick that glides on, I kept thinking it was a lipgloss because it looks like one in the packaging! but once you apply it to your lips you know it's not. The lip cream dries to a cream matte finish and for me one coat was fine.  I could imagine if you suffer from dry or chapped lips you would need to exfoliate them first or apply a lip balm underneath.  I love the colour it dries to it's stronger than a nude but not in your face to play up your eyes. I hear this colour always sells out and I can imagine why.

So here is some different shots of how these products looked on my face,

Thanks for reading beauts 

Laura. Xx

*this post contains gifted items