Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Wella luxe oil reconstructive elixir review

Hello lovelies, I know me and my product buying ways so whilst in the hairdressers recently, my stylist used a product on me that I thought smelt amazing, I was desperate to spy what she had put on my hair but the bottle was small so I couldn't see so I gave in and asked.  You know what it's like though you come out the hairdressers your hair looks amazing and smells lush, you get home and try all this out for yourself use the same products and bang back to square one with a dry birds nest on your head, well that's me anyway.

So the product I'm referring to is the Wella Luxe oil Elixir so to you and me a tiny bottle packed with luxurious oils.  Packed in are Argan Oil, Almond Oil, and Jojoba oil.
Basically I pump a small amount into the palm of my hand after washing my hair I gently towel dry and work the oil into my hair.  The smell reminds me of almond slices quite a sweet smell, so if your not keen on that smell you may not like this, I love this and the smell is quite homely smelling, I probably would worry about bees chasing me in the summer as I have a bee and wasp Phobia and they might be drawn to the sweetness. But that aside and my vivid imagination it's lovely.

So in what ways would this oil be beneficial?

If your a fine haired person like me I'd use sparingly as too much could overload your hair and leave it really weighed down and lank. So a tiny pump would be good, also if your hair is short this would apply.

If you have really long hair I would probably use two pumps and run through the hair after washing and style.

If you have thick and or coarse curly hair you could pump some in once you have washed your hair, and then once your hair is dry either use after straightening or to define curls.
My daughter has thick wiry natural curls and I scrunch some into her hair to help with frizz condition and shine.

Overall I like this product, I wouldn't use continuously as the keratin can build up and cause your hair to look limp and weighed down, but to get your hair into condition it's really good.

Do you like hair oils?

Laura x