Friday, 22 May 2015

Why I've started my you tube channel again

Hello guys hope you are all well,  I thought I would let you all know I've restarted my You Tube channel back up.  I first started my channel in 2013 but I didn't feel that confident about it, I wasn't that sure of what to do or say, some people were a bit spiteful in that they said I was too OLD to do it, well what the hell, but at that time it really affected me.  I'm obviously older than that now, but I think I've grown in confidence since and do you know what I can do what I like.

So what's it all about?

Well mainly it's going to be about Skincare, Makeup Tutorials, Lifestyle, a bit of stuff with my Children, General Chat, and Advice...and just having a bit of fun.  I hope I can find and have my own niche with my own style: I will always be myself on there, and hopefully you or someone will identify with me and think oh my god I'm so like that. But maybe you won't and switch off and that's fine to.

I hope I can help you with anything I have learnt, I've had all the hairstyles and colours you can imagine plus most of the makeup looks through the years but I don't want it to be boring I want to have fun.

So here I am:)

I'd love some suggestions for future videos and obviously tips and hints would be fab and come and say hello.

See you all soon::

Search:: Laura Brooks, in You Tube.

Laura x