Saturday, 27 June 2015

Celebrating my Baby boys seventh birthday

Ok he's not a baby in age years but he's my little baby as he's my youngest, and in my defence he's small for his age, so here he is and what he did.

He's my cheekiest little monkey he's my naughtiest and he's always got a twinkle in his eye as he's generally up to mischief, but I wouldn't change one thing about him as he's my beautiful boy. He was born at nearly ten pound and I went into intensive care after having him, but I'm here and he's here so that's what matters.

Getting presents for this one wasn't too difficult he's football mad and he did only really want a tiny
captain america figure, that was the one thing he really wanted.
I did get him a bike as he hadn't had one before and it's nice for kids to go out on their bikes with their friends, so he was over the moon with that.

So after getting up at about 5am and then this little one opening his presents it was time to get ready for school and work, but after school I promised him he could go for tea afterwards, so we went to Frankie and Bennies in Cardiff.  The kids love the food in there, after that it was time to come home and light the candles and sing happy birthday.

So there he is, his minions obsession shining through, minion ipad cover, minion clothes, minion cake.

You can probably see from the grin that he's a cheeky monkey, but as I said I wouldn't change him for the world. 

Laura x

Monday, 22 June 2015

New foundation update YSL fusion ink

I do have a bit of an issue when it comes to buying foundation in other words I'm obsessed, unfortunately I don't wake up to glowing skin, I have blotchy skin from having awful acne in my teens but I don't think my skin is horrendous considering my age.

I bought the YSl Fusion Ink a couple of weeks ago online and hadn't been colour matched, but as I have used their Touche Éclat foundation before I figured I couldn't get it wrong.

The bottle is sleek looking I think cased In a glass bottle where you can see the colour foundation through it,  not the best for travel, imagine dropping this or it smashing in your makeup bag, and opening it to discover foundation all over your prized makeup collection I would cry.
You remove the gold top which leaves you with a cap that you open by turning once off you get a spatular like wand, as I mention in my video review is the same as their tint in lip glosses, obviously this is not gloss.  I wasn't sure if I was keen on this, and I'm not sure if I am, my personal preference is a pump but it's not the end of the world.

So my initial thoughts on this foundation are: on application I thought it was quite creamy and watery     
Now I applied mine with a Real Techniques flat topped brush, I don't think a foundation brush or a sponge would be the best tool to work with, the bottle suggests you use your fingers, I personally prefer using something to blend and buff foundation into my skin.  If your not a fan of foundation or the feeling of a caked foundation feeling, you will love this -- why? Because on application it doesn't feel cakey it actually feels really light and like your skin can breathe.  After one layer I could still see a little peep of redness coming through and some marks on my face but on the second layer my skin actually looked really nicely covered,  I still need a bit of concealer no matter what foundation I use, so I still stick a little bit on, but on the whole I would say this is a really really lovely foundation, for the reasons that my skin felt like it could still breathe and that I had a good coverage when applied.  I wasn't keen on the applicator but that's not too important, or the glass bottle but I did like how nice my skin looked even after 6 hours on my skin,

Would I buy this again -- yes I would.

If you want to watch my first impressions video of this foundation then click HERE

See you soon 

Laura xx

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Summer haircare tips

I think summer has to be my fave season of all, the warm weather makes me feel better instantly, light nights are the best and bright colours come out in force.  It does require much more maintenance  though I will admit that whether it means defuzzing the legs and armpits and  anywhere else that you chose cough cough, it's also means painting the toes which I have to admit I'm a bit lazy about.  But for me the biggest maintenance is my hair.

I make no secret of the fact I have hair issues, I get bored so easy, I change the colour often and the style but I do try my best to look after it. So I came across some tips for looking after it from  Allcures  I identified with a lot of these.

A lot of these tips you may already know and will make sense but for me who was mrs unhealthy I'm really trying to incorporate these in my life as I'm still weaning myself off chocolate.

Eating Dark Leafy Greens and Carrots:

I always feel better if I've eaten healthy although choosing a cheesecake to veg I will usually much prefer the first option but I know my skin and hair always benefit from the iron and vitamins found in  vegetables. I used to pull out quite a lot of my hair in my teens from anxiety so now I really try my best to do everything to keep my hair in a good way or are least the best I can.

Enjoying the sun but protecting your hair:

The sun can be so damaging to the hair, the UV rays can really damage the hair by drying it out and it also strips the colour.  Now I wouldn't be seem dead before in a hat as you get some people who wear hats well and then others who don't, I fall into the ones who don't category. BUT I do wear a hat now and I don't go on holiday without one, I generally don't care what I look like as I don't want to come home with hair like a frazzled Brillo pad. Also you can buy UV sprays for your hair which are good when your nipping in and out of the pool.

Hair Oils:

Oils are something I stayed away from on my face and hair, facially I figured it would leave my skin a greasy mess and hair wise I figured this would leave me with a head like a chip pan, but used properly they can be the best way to care for your hair.  flax seed oil is a great way to add moisture to the hair as is coconut oil but done correctly and sparingly less is defo more when it comes to application.

Drink more water:

Water is simply amazing, it keeps us hydrated, flushes out our organs, hydrates us and keeps us alive. Summer means we need to drink more water as we dehydrate more, water is essential for keeping our hair healthy if plain water bores you stick a lemon in it and some ice it's so much nicer.

And this is my hair I love doing stuff to it and I really belief if I didn't follow those tips it would be 100% horrendous 

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Pale skin and red lips with Joan Collins Beauty

When I was in my twenties about 3 million years ago now I used to be so scared of red lipstick, but not now I love it.  Whenever I wear red lipstick it instantly makes me feel super glam even if I'm not feeling it.  This week despite all my healthy eating and vitamin taking I've been struck down by some virus and feel crap and even worse I really look dreadful. I'm not going to moan but I've spent my whole weekend indoors apart from one desperate visit to pick up some essentials and I thought I was going to faint, however on the plus I'm writing this post and I filmed a video. Although I do look like I have been dug up.

So I was lucky to have been sent some products by the lovely people at Joan Collins Beauty which I was excited to try as I've seen a lot of products from her range but never tried any, so I opted for some brights.

I have a lipstick called Helene* which in my opinion is a classic red with elements of  blue in,  don't
be put off thinking its too cool toned, it's not the colour is actually warm and uplifting. For me I
found the colour lovely and bright and very flattering to the face, even in my unwell state I felt it made me look not as sick as I felt.  The consistency is creamy and not drying at all.
Secondly I used a lipgloss in Pearl*  just in the centre of my lips, I felt this would be lovely for a an evening over the red, although I did pop out with it on and I felt glam.  The lipgloss is just like a pearl super shiny with lots of pink reflects in. The good thing was I didn't find this gloss gloppy, and I'm glad as I hate gloppy lipgloss.

The products I tried did live up to my pre conceptions, which were the packaging would be quite luxe and that the quality would be nice.  I could actually imagine Dame Joan actually wearing the combo
herself well I'm sure she probably does.  I'm looking forward to feeling better and wearing the gloss on its own for a pretty pop on the lips.

If you want to see how the colours looked on me click here YouTube

See you soon 

Laura xx

*sent for consideration for review 

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Estée Lauder Double Wear Eyeliner

When Estée Lauder brought out her double wear foundation I think half the nation swamped up on the hype, there's not many folks around who do not carry around this or have it in their kit, maybe except me, I'm quite ashamed to say I haven't even sampled it, as I put my head in my hands in shame, but I really haven't. So I bring to you something I have tried tested and I love, these are eyeliners from the lady herself with the staying powder of the "double wear" system. 

As a massive eyeliner lover, I feel that my makeup isn't complete if I haven't put eyeliner on, but the downside is eyeliners that smudge run or fade away being the Bain of my life, so how do these fair.
The shades I have bought are Sapphire and Burgundy Suede.  Can't you tell I'm getting brave there's not a black in sight.  What I will say about these colours are even though they are coloured eyeliners the colours are classy and sophisticated. The sapphire is a rich navy colour which has an element of black in, I've used this as an all over colour and ran it all over my lid if you want to see how this turned out you can watch it on my channel here : You tube

In fact there are lots of ways you can wear the eyeliner depending on what look you want to achieve, the burgundy suede is probably my new favourite, this colour is naturally dark with warm undertones and a slight pearl effect to it. 
The pencils themselves glide on nicely and don't tug at your eyes, which I hate pencils that tug, the nip is quite rounded, you don't get a pencil sharpener with these, you do with some high end brands, but you can use a normal sharpener,.  The other end of the pencil has a smudger to use, I also normally hate these, but this one is fab as it's easy to place under the eye to smudge the liner.  Now as these dry quickly you have to smudge quickly or you will have no chance.

The range have a few more colours and I've seen a purple which I've got my eye on.  Can't you guess I like these eyeliners and yes I'm going to have to get a trusty black as well, oh before I forget you can use these in the water line, I love eyeliner in my waterline and when you remove just be gentle with your remover as these are tougher to remove.

See you soon 

Laura x 

Sunday, 7 June 2015

My June Wishlist

Well June is here and I can't believe it, I've been swamped with big birthdays the last couple of months so haven't picked up to much for myself, so I've compiled a little collage of products I'm itching to get my hands on.

It's usually the way when you have money to spend you see nothing to buy and when you haven't got any money you see everything,.  Anyway all that aside here is the reason I would love to grab these products and why.

Tata Harper: is a brand the fabulous Caroline Hirons raves about, so what is it, the claims are 100% beauty without compromise, nontoxic high-performance skincare, and handcrafted in Vermont. The products are made in small batches and they operate from Vermont making everything themselves. The formulas are only there's.  I particularly would like to get my hands on their daily essentials kit, this kit contains smaller sizes so you can try out lots of products to see if these suit your skin, to me this is a good idea just incase you don't like them. The set contains:
Regenerating Cleanser
Reparative Moisturiser
Hydrating FloralEssence
Rejuvenating Serum
Resurfacing Mask
Replenishing Nutrient Complex.

YSL: Bronzer Terre Sahairenne

This bronzer looks super beautiful and comes in different shades, which is a great idea as the thought of my pale skin looking orange fills me with dread.  The colours are Sand, Copper Sand and Golden Sand, I'm guessing there's something wrong if you don't find a shade out of this lot. The packaging is typically on point as well.

YSL: Tint In Oil

I've had my eye on these for months, the idea of a gloss that when wears off to leave a stain on the lips is such a good idea. I've heard that the gloss is not sticky, so that's a good start, and then I like the idea of a stain being left on the lips.  Just can't wait to get one of these that's all I can say.

Flamingo Candles and Wax Melts: 

I'm bit of a candle geek, I love burning candles and tarts and anything that smells lovely in my house. I've seen there candles around for quite a while, and their fragrances have intrigued me as they are different to other candle brands around.  I've noticed that they have wax melts now that you put in a burner, not sure if this is a new thing but I'm really desperate to try these, most of the tarts are on my to get list. I can imagine burning them and sitting there with a glass of wine or two pretending I'm abroad.

Anyway enough dreaming hope you like my Wishlist.

Pictures are stock images,

Laura xx