Thursday, 11 June 2015

Estée Lauder Double Wear Eyeliner

When Estée Lauder brought out her double wear foundation I think half the nation swamped up on the hype, there's not many folks around who do not carry around this or have it in their kit, maybe except me, I'm quite ashamed to say I haven't even sampled it, as I put my head in my hands in shame, but I really haven't. So I bring to you something I have tried tested and I love, these are eyeliners from the lady herself with the staying powder of the "double wear" system. 

As a massive eyeliner lover, I feel that my makeup isn't complete if I haven't put eyeliner on, but the downside is eyeliners that smudge run or fade away being the Bain of my life, so how do these fair.
The shades I have bought are Sapphire and Burgundy Suede.  Can't you tell I'm getting brave there's not a black in sight.  What I will say about these colours are even though they are coloured eyeliners the colours are classy and sophisticated. The sapphire is a rich navy colour which has an element of black in, I've used this as an all over colour and ran it all over my lid if you want to see how this turned out you can watch it on my channel here : You tube

In fact there are lots of ways you can wear the eyeliner depending on what look you want to achieve, the burgundy suede is probably my new favourite, this colour is naturally dark with warm undertones and a slight pearl effect to it. 
The pencils themselves glide on nicely and don't tug at your eyes, which I hate pencils that tug, the nip is quite rounded, you don't get a pencil sharpener with these, you do with some high end brands, but you can use a normal sharpener,.  The other end of the pencil has a smudger to use, I also normally hate these, but this one is fab as it's easy to place under the eye to smudge the liner.  Now as these dry quickly you have to smudge quickly or you will have no chance.

The range have a few more colours and I've seen a purple which I've got my eye on.  Can't you guess I like these eyeliners and yes I'm going to have to get a trusty black as well, oh before I forget you can use these in the water line, I love eyeliner in my waterline and when you remove just be gentle with your remover as these are tougher to remove.

See you soon 

Laura x