Monday, 22 June 2015

New foundation update YSL fusion ink

I do have a bit of an issue when it comes to buying foundation in other words I'm obsessed, unfortunately I don't wake up to glowing skin, I have blotchy skin from having awful acne in my teens but I don't think my skin is horrendous considering my age.

I bought the YSl Fusion Ink a couple of weeks ago online and hadn't been colour matched, but as I have used their Touche Éclat foundation before I figured I couldn't get it wrong.

The bottle is sleek looking I think cased In a glass bottle where you can see the colour foundation through it,  not the best for travel, imagine dropping this or it smashing in your makeup bag, and opening it to discover foundation all over your prized makeup collection I would cry.
You remove the gold top which leaves you with a cap that you open by turning once off you get a spatular like wand, as I mention in my video review is the same as their tint in lip glosses, obviously this is not gloss.  I wasn't sure if I was keen on this, and I'm not sure if I am, my personal preference is a pump but it's not the end of the world.

So my initial thoughts on this foundation are: on application I thought it was quite creamy and watery     
Now I applied mine with a Real Techniques flat topped brush, I don't think a foundation brush or a sponge would be the best tool to work with, the bottle suggests you use your fingers, I personally prefer using something to blend and buff foundation into my skin.  If your not a fan of foundation or the feeling of a caked foundation feeling, you will love this -- why? Because on application it doesn't feel cakey it actually feels really light and like your skin can breathe.  After one layer I could still see a little peep of redness coming through and some marks on my face but on the second layer my skin actually looked really nicely covered,  I still need a bit of concealer no matter what foundation I use, so I still stick a little bit on, but on the whole I would say this is a really really lovely foundation, for the reasons that my skin felt like it could still breathe and that I had a good coverage when applied.  I wasn't keen on the applicator but that's not too important, or the glass bottle but I did like how nice my skin looked even after 6 hours on my skin,

Would I buy this again -- yes I would.

If you want to watch my first impressions video of this foundation then click HERE

See you soon 

Laura xx