Sunday, 14 June 2015

Pale skin and red lips with Joan Collins Beauty

When I was in my twenties about 3 million years ago now I used to be so scared of red lipstick, but not now I love it.  Whenever I wear red lipstick it instantly makes me feel super glam even if I'm not feeling it.  This week despite all my healthy eating and vitamin taking I've been struck down by some virus and feel crap and even worse I really look dreadful. I'm not going to moan but I've spent my whole weekend indoors apart from one desperate visit to pick up some essentials and I thought I was going to faint, however on the plus I'm writing this post and I filmed a video. Although I do look like I have been dug up.

So I was lucky to have been sent some products by the lovely people at Joan Collins Beauty which I was excited to try as I've seen a lot of products from her range but never tried any, so I opted for some brights.

I have a lipstick called Helene* which in my opinion is a classic red with elements of  blue in,  don't
be put off thinking its too cool toned, it's not the colour is actually warm and uplifting. For me I
found the colour lovely and bright and very flattering to the face, even in my unwell state I felt it made me look not as sick as I felt.  The consistency is creamy and not drying at all.
Secondly I used a lipgloss in Pearl*  just in the centre of my lips, I felt this would be lovely for a an evening over the red, although I did pop out with it on and I felt glam.  The lipgloss is just like a pearl super shiny with lots of pink reflects in. The good thing was I didn't find this gloss gloppy, and I'm glad as I hate gloppy lipgloss.

The products I tried did live up to my pre conceptions, which were the packaging would be quite luxe and that the quality would be nice.  I could actually imagine Dame Joan actually wearing the combo
herself well I'm sure she probably does.  I'm looking forward to feeling better and wearing the gloss on its own for a pretty pop on the lips.

If you want to see how the colours looked on me click here YouTube

See you soon 

Laura xx

*sent for consideration for review