Sunday, 21 June 2015

Summer haircare tips

I think summer has to be my fave season of all, the warm weather makes me feel better instantly, light nights are the best and bright colours come out in force.  It does require much more maintenance  though I will admit that whether it means defuzzing the legs and armpits and  anywhere else that you chose cough cough, it's also means painting the toes which I have to admit I'm a bit lazy about.  But for me the biggest maintenance is my hair.

I make no secret of the fact I have hair issues, I get bored so easy, I change the colour often and the style but I do try my best to look after it. So I came across some tips for looking after it from  Allcures  I identified with a lot of these.

A lot of these tips you may already know and will make sense but for me who was mrs unhealthy I'm really trying to incorporate these in my life as I'm still weaning myself off chocolate.

Eating Dark Leafy Greens and Carrots:

I always feel better if I've eaten healthy although choosing a cheesecake to veg I will usually much prefer the first option but I know my skin and hair always benefit from the iron and vitamins found in  vegetables. I used to pull out quite a lot of my hair in my teens from anxiety so now I really try my best to do everything to keep my hair in a good way or are least the best I can.

Enjoying the sun but protecting your hair:

The sun can be so damaging to the hair, the UV rays can really damage the hair by drying it out and it also strips the colour.  Now I wouldn't be seem dead before in a hat as you get some people who wear hats well and then others who don't, I fall into the ones who don't category. BUT I do wear a hat now and I don't go on holiday without one, I generally don't care what I look like as I don't want to come home with hair like a frazzled Brillo pad. Also you can buy UV sprays for your hair which are good when your nipping in and out of the pool.

Hair Oils:

Oils are something I stayed away from on my face and hair, facially I figured it would leave my skin a greasy mess and hair wise I figured this would leave me with a head like a chip pan, but used properly they can be the best way to care for your hair.  flax seed oil is a great way to add moisture to the hair as is coconut oil but done correctly and sparingly less is defo more when it comes to application.

Drink more water:

Water is simply amazing, it keeps us hydrated, flushes out our organs, hydrates us and keeps us alive. Summer means we need to drink more water as we dehydrate more, water is essential for keeping our hair healthy if plain water bores you stick a lemon in it and some ice it's so much nicer.

And this is my hair I love doing stuff to it and I really belief if I didn't follow those tips it would be 100% horrendous