Sunday, 26 July 2015

Current haircare saviours

Hey, I thought I would do a hair post today as a few people have been asking me since I got my haircut what I use to style it.  My routine changes quite a lot,  but you know when you favour certain products and then get bored so you switch them around again well this is my just switched around routine.  At the moment I currently have gone quite short with the hair so I can't overload it with products although sometimes I forget and over spray things especially hairspray.
So what products have I been reaching for lately, well hair washing wise it's been anything that's been around my bath, I can't say one particular shampoo at the moment has been screaming at me to wash my hair with but before after washing my hair conditioning and then blow drying I would be able to get away without using anything else on it those days are gone, who said short hair is less maintenance.

Paul Mitchell:: Ultimate Color Repair Triple Rescue:: I spritz this on my hair after conditioning, the reason I like this is the quinoa colour locking system in it is meant to help lock in your hair colour for up to 9 weeks that said along with the shampoo and conditioner.  It's also used as a heat protector which after blasting my hair with a hot hairdryer welcomes.  In fairness my hair does feel softer after I use this.

Dove: Root Lift Spray, this is from Doves Oxygen range which I have to admit I bought it on a whim as it was on offer and I think I used it once and wasn't in love with it but my hair was in a bob at that time and I just don't think it did anything for my hair then but this time round I'm loving it.  If your hair is fine and quite lifeless you will love this, couple of sprays at the roots massage in and dry and you will get tons more body and volume, I'm really liking this and I can see me using this up and going to get another one.

Sebastian: Hair Texturizer, I'm not normally a fan of waxes or hair putty or anything like that as I don't like the gross sticky feeling you can get with things like that, however I do really like this, I literally scoop out a tiny bit with my fingers and warm between my hands, I then scrunch well into my hair after it's dry and then tweak my hair into place. You do only need a little bit so with this less is defo more, but I find it washes out well and if you want to create a funky messy style you need this in your routine.

If you want to see me in action styling my hair from just washed to dry then click here:::

See you soon

Laura xx

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Zelens Triple Action Advanced Eye Cream Review

I've tried eye cream after eye cream, premium and the cheapest I could find all in the search for a solution to getting rid of bags and stopping fine lines in their tracks. I've been eye cream free for about two weeks as I couldn't decide which one to buy and wanted to get one which would be worth getting.  So with all this in mind and me trying a sample Sephora had sent me after purchasing some make up a while ago I decided on Zelens Triple Action Advanced Eye Cream.

These are the claims:

A state of the art eye cream with targeted triple action, developed by Dr Marko Lens.  This moisturising cream helps to visibly reduce the appearance of puffiness, dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes.

I ordered mine online and it came in a 15ml jar, the texture is very light very gel like and easy to apply.  I use morning and evening you only need a tiny tiny amount, I have the tendency to apply eye cream to heavily but not with this one, one as you don't need to and two it's not a cheap cream so I think I bear this in mind when taking some out the bottle.

When I pat some cream under my eyes it feels cool and soothing occasionally I've felt a slight tingling sensation but it's not uncomfortable.  I would recommend getting a sample first as the ingredients are active and may not suit everyone, but I would always try and get a sample of anything first before buying it, to see if I liked it.

If you worry about eye creams being ultra heavy and make your makeup run this one won't be the culprit, it's fine for using under makeup.

Have you tried it and what are your thoughts??

Laura xx

Monday, 13 July 2015

My beauty and clothing Wishlist

I haven't done a Wishlist in like forever, so I thought I would put together a little group of things I'm loving at the moment.  On the clothes front I haven't bought any new ones recently I'm kind of I between sizes a bit after managing to lose a bit of weight woop woop, and for me not anyone else.  I've loved Next for ages and every season there's usually something I'm lusting after.  I'm really loving the Jumpsuit that I've picked out, the colours the style everything it's so stunning.  I can imagine it looking amazing for a holiday to look smart but without being over the top.

Secondly a little light weight jacket in a blush colour, probably not my first go to colour, but a welcome change to my usual navy black or Illuminous colour. I think this little jacket would go with everything and dress up anything and not only that be perfect as a jacket to throw on if it got chilly in the nights.

On a makeup front I've been trying to get the Laura Mercier secret brightening powder for ages I've been going into John Lewis for weeks, but they have been continuously sold out, I've seen so many reviews and people saying how good it is for setting makeup under the eye without the makeup creasing and making under eye lines look worse.

My second makeup Wishlist item is Nars Laguna I have a bit of an issue when it comes to bronzer buying,in fact I think I'm addicted.  Nars Laguna is described as such a natural healthy glow, and being super pale in real life, I think this one would be right up my street.

And lastly but one of the most important is an SPF protector for the face from Zelens, not one to break the skin out, it reads skin protection from the sun at its best, so all I need is payday to help me out, but I defo need this as I'm sick of burning my nose!!!!

Laura xx    

Monday, 6 July 2015

What I like and what I don't about being an older blogger

Hello guys hope your well I'm writing this after stuffing my face all weekend with junk after being really good for weeks, it was a blow out of mammoth proportions lets just say I thought the world would end.  Anyway back on the healthy band wagon and writing with a huge glass of water with slices of Lemon in it. So back to it all.

So I've been in the blogging game for over two years which in blogging terms make me a baby blogger in blogging years but in age years I'm defo an older blogger. Does this have advantages or disadvantages or both?

In my case I would say both, I mean has age stopped me from opportunities again I'd say yes and no. Locally I don't get invited to much events in Cardiff I see lots of local bloggers going to events and that makes me happy for them, although I do think sometimes I'd love to go, I do get invited to a lot of events in London now which is amazing but having little kids and a full time job does stop me attending most of them but the fact I get invited is cool.
Is it being older that means that I don't get invited to certain things, well I guess only the companies would know. But sometimes I feel maybe it is because I'm older or it could be that they just don't like my blog which again is fair play ha ha.

My biggest achievement to myself as an older blogger is, I'm not striving for it to be my full time job, I'm doing it as it's my hobby, I feel that my honest reviews of products and things that go on in my life can help other people.  I've written and talked openly about my massive struggles with depression and how ill it can make me feel, but also how I will not ever let it beat me, I've also said about struggles with past acne and blotchy pigmented skin and how I deal with these, and if these can help people then I'm happy. I've also worked with Beauty at Tesco this year and I currently still am, they haven't judged me or worried that I'm the oldest out of the team and that's given my confidence a huge boost.

So what do I not like about being an older beauty blogger:::::

It's so much harder to get a "glow" with the skin, it really does take such hard work now as compared to me being in my 20's but hey I had acne then so I guess you couldn't see any glow anyway.

I put eye shadow on my eyelids, my eyelids are a bit more Creasy than they used to be but there we are.

I do feel like I am over looked from certain things.

So what I like about being an older blogger.

I'm on youtube now again after a huge break after getting comments before saying, your too old to be on here, you have a fat nose, I don't like your accent, blah blah I've come back with the attitude I really couldn't give a crap now about what people say.

I don't have the pressure that younger bloggers have to look and feel that my life had to be perfect, my pictures need to be sparking and full of the latest products, I'm happy in me (most of the time)

So my advice to anyone thinking of blogging or doing youtube, don't be scared just do it, don't expect to be a millionaire or to be sent a ton of products, and don't message people asking for them, and just be you.

If you want to watch my latest Youtube video it's here

See you soon 

Laura xx

Saturday, 4 July 2015

USA theme: 4th July

USA theme: 4th July

Essie nail polish
£5.46 -

River Island nail polish
£5.14 -

Rocio clutch
£315 -

Summer top
£22 -

Swim suit
£42 -

Superga platform shoes
£22 -