Sunday, 26 July 2015

Current haircare saviours

Hey, I thought I would do a hair post today as a few people have been asking me since I got my haircut what I use to style it.  My routine changes quite a lot,  but you know when you favour certain products and then get bored so you switch them around again well this is my just switched around routine.  At the moment I currently have gone quite short with the hair so I can't overload it with products although sometimes I forget and over spray things especially hairspray.
So what products have I been reaching for lately, well hair washing wise it's been anything that's been around my bath, I can't say one particular shampoo at the moment has been screaming at me to wash my hair with but before after washing my hair conditioning and then blow drying I would be able to get away without using anything else on it those days are gone, who said short hair is less maintenance.

Paul Mitchell:: Ultimate Color Repair Triple Rescue:: I spritz this on my hair after conditioning, the reason I like this is the quinoa colour locking system in it is meant to help lock in your hair colour for up to 9 weeks that said along with the shampoo and conditioner.  It's also used as a heat protector which after blasting my hair with a hot hairdryer welcomes.  In fairness my hair does feel softer after I use this.

Dove: Root Lift Spray, this is from Doves Oxygen range which I have to admit I bought it on a whim as it was on offer and I think I used it once and wasn't in love with it but my hair was in a bob at that time and I just don't think it did anything for my hair then but this time round I'm loving it.  If your hair is fine and quite lifeless you will love this, couple of sprays at the roots massage in and dry and you will get tons more body and volume, I'm really liking this and I can see me using this up and going to get another one.

Sebastian: Hair Texturizer, I'm not normally a fan of waxes or hair putty or anything like that as I don't like the gross sticky feeling you can get with things like that, however I do really like this, I literally scoop out a tiny bit with my fingers and warm between my hands, I then scrunch well into my hair after it's dry and then tweak my hair into place. You do only need a little bit so with this less is defo more, but I find it washes out well and if you want to create a funky messy style you need this in your routine.

If you want to see me in action styling my hair from just washed to dry then click here:::

See you soon

Laura xx