Sunday, 23 August 2015

Home update and what I've been up to

Hey guys  it's nearing the end of the summer/school holidays, I use the term Summer as it's meant to be, but it's literally been a washout, I'm not going to bleat on about the weather though after all I live in the U.K. So it's kind of expected, although as a kid I can never remember the weather being like this, I remember always being out playing and never getting wet, or that's how it seemed.  So my kids have been out and about as much as I could in between showers so for a change we have been doing quite a bit in the house.  I've also been doing a bit of decorating and updating my living room.  Last year I had a feature wall which was purple and I had purple and silver accessories including cushions, but I've got bored of all the purple, so thought I would change the feature wall to lime.

Well how could I be more wrong, a trip to B & Q later and I was at the paint mixing desk asking for a bright lime, the man mixing kept asking me if I was sure, in my head I couldn't be more sure, so after painting the wall adding my new green accessories I thought this will be a funky update.  I went out after it had been done and returned walked in my living room and looked at that feature wall and it was an instant migraine, I thought I was going to cry, it made the room looked closed in, and every time I looked at it my eyes went fuzzy.

I tried to convince myself I liked it and decided I would give it a bit of time for me to get used to it, I couldn't, every time I looked at it I thought I was going to heave.   So with my middle kid in tow I was back at B & Q, this time not at the paint mixing desk but scouring all more subtle greens.  It's great in there now as they have little square hard samples above the paints which give a true reflection of how the colour turns out once dried, we were undecided on two colours but in the end we decided on a light fresh green.  I was so scared repainting it but two coats later and it was done. I wasn't sure on the colour wet but once dried I stepped back and instantly loved it.  So a clock from Next Home and a huge statement mirror and a new rug my living room was now complete and I'm happy.  It may not be to everyone's taste but I like it and think it looks calming and homely in my opinion anyway.  Oh and look Joel my son has photo bombed the pictures on his beloved ipad playing Minecraft no doubt.

So what have you been up to this summer.

Laura x

Sunday, 16 August 2015

How to pack for a family going on holiday

Going on holiday to me is so exciting down to the buying outfits to wear to getting all the toiletries, to packing it all in the suitcase.
A lot of my friends get so stressed with packing and organising everything and I totally get that, my massive top tip is not a rock science one and I'm sure you all do it already but I'm a list freak.  I write lists for everything including how many flip flops and shoes to go in, to listing what makeup I'm going to pack.  I then literally tick off as I'm going along and then it goes in.
Now an example of when I decided to not use my lists and I packed to go to London and got there and I had missed about three really important things out of my case and they were massively important I got there and thought kill me now.  So list writing is so important.

Another thing I'm keen to do is roll my clothes, I literally get my children's shorts and t shirts and roll them length ways and place them in my case.  This means that it's space saving and you can pack more into your case, not only that but when you get to your destination you open your case and literally hang up your items and the creases drop out.

Another massive tip is don't over pack, there's nothing worse than going over your luggage allowance, and really you don't need to do that, if I'm going somewhere hot then it's usually maxi dresses and maybe the odd light weight cardigan thrown in, don't get me wrong I have clean different clothes on every day but I tend to wear everything I have packed, the same for the children they always have their nice stuff but again I don't over pack otherwise it ends up getting left in the suitcase and what's the point in that.

Sun cream and after sun I normally get in the sale when it's reduced and I make sure it's packed so it doesn't leak as that's my massive fear, imagine getting your stuff out and it's covered in oils and creams gross.

I do always pack sachets of medication as well, plus plasters and antiseptic wipes.  Always better to be prepared and has to be done.

Does everyone else love going away and all the preparation getting ready to go..

Monday, 10 August 2015

Why you need a decent concealer in your life

Unless your blessed with perfect skin when you wake up don't read on, but if your like me and wake up to blotchy skin and gorgeous bags under my eyes then you need a concealer like it's your new best friend.  I personally love a good concealer and literally use one every day and when I run out I go into massive panic mode, so I tend to buy a few to make sure I have at least three in stock.

I've got three in my stash that I replace time and time over and they are two from the chemist (drugstore) and one a more premium. Concealer used along with your foundation and or powder properly can completely leave you with a flawless look. So here's what I have and use.

BD Trade Secrets: light effect concealer.* This is one of my faves, when I run out of this I'm like a looney driving into Cardiff to their huge Tesco to get another one, the BD range has gone from my local Tesco which is such a Shame, but back to this, this concealer is frickin amazing, it reminds me so much of another premium one and if you have used this one you may know what one I mean, however the price point on this one in comparison is amazing. I use this one under my eye area and I also use this on areas on my face I want to brighten.  It's so easy to use and I love that it's like a pen, one of the best.

Maybelline the Eraser eye: I have mine in the shade nude, now the first one I bought the product didn't come out and no matter how much I squeezed or twisted the top I couldn't get any out, I ended up chucking it in the bin and I was fuming, I don't know if it was my fault or the lids so I bought another one, and it worked fine, perfect for the under eye area and didn't settle to bad in any creases or lines.  I use mine around my nose to where my skin is a bit blotchy and find this is absolutely perfect for disguising issues here.

Nars Creamy Concealer: this concealer has a bit of a cult following and your not worth your salt if you don't have this in your stash, we are told, I've got mine in Vanilla, and yes the texture is creamy and the blend ability is great.  This again Is a must for under eyes and it does help me look less tired which is essential in my life,

Laura x

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Wedding outfit ideas from the high street

Hello guys hope your all well, I know we are in August and I can't believe it and the wedding season is still ongoing,  so if your struggling for wedding outfit inspiration and you struggle with what to wear, I hope this gives you a few ideas.

I've picked a couple of outfits from two high street shops that I love, I haven't even asked to do this I've just done my usual scouring the web for fashion ideas and I really like the look of these pics.

The two shops I love are Warehouse and River Island I buy things from here regularly can you guess which two are from what shop?
I would defo wear these to a wedding and what I liked about these items are that I would wear them again, you know when you buy an outfit for a wedding and never wear it ever again, that really annoys me, so when you know you will wear it again it's much more budget friendly.

Do you like any of these outfits and what would you put with it shoes and bag?

Laura x