Sunday, 23 August 2015

Home update and what I've been up to

Hey guys  it's nearing the end of the summer/school holidays, I use the term Summer as it's meant to be, but it's literally been a washout, I'm not going to bleat on about the weather though after all I live in the U.K. So it's kind of expected, although as a kid I can never remember the weather being like this, I remember always being out playing and never getting wet, or that's how it seemed.  So my kids have been out and about as much as I could in between showers so for a change we have been doing quite a bit in the house.  I've also been doing a bit of decorating and updating my living room.  Last year I had a feature wall which was purple and I had purple and silver accessories including cushions, but I've got bored of all the purple, so thought I would change the feature wall to lime.

Well how could I be more wrong, a trip to B & Q later and I was at the paint mixing desk asking for a bright lime, the man mixing kept asking me if I was sure, in my head I couldn't be more sure, so after painting the wall adding my new green accessories I thought this will be a funky update.  I went out after it had been done and returned walked in my living room and looked at that feature wall and it was an instant migraine, I thought I was going to cry, it made the room looked closed in, and every time I looked at it my eyes went fuzzy.

I tried to convince myself I liked it and decided I would give it a bit of time for me to get used to it, I couldn't, every time I looked at it I thought I was going to heave.   So with my middle kid in tow I was back at B & Q, this time not at the paint mixing desk but scouring all more subtle greens.  It's great in there now as they have little square hard samples above the paints which give a true reflection of how the colour turns out once dried, we were undecided on two colours but in the end we decided on a light fresh green.  I was so scared repainting it but two coats later and it was done. I wasn't sure on the colour wet but once dried I stepped back and instantly loved it.  So a clock from Next Home and a huge statement mirror and a new rug my living room was now complete and I'm happy.  It may not be to everyone's taste but I like it and think it looks calming and homely in my opinion anyway.  Oh and look Joel my son has photo bombed the pictures on his beloved ipad playing Minecraft no doubt.

So what have you been up to this summer.

Laura x