Monday, 10 August 2015

Why you need a decent concealer in your life

Unless your blessed with perfect skin when you wake up don't read on, but if your like me and wake up to blotchy skin and gorgeous bags under my eyes then you need a concealer like it's your new best friend.  I personally love a good concealer and literally use one every day and when I run out I go into massive panic mode, so I tend to buy a few to make sure I have at least three in stock.

I've got three in my stash that I replace time and time over and they are two from the chemist (drugstore) and one a more premium. Concealer used along with your foundation and or powder properly can completely leave you with a flawless look. So here's what I have and use.

BD Trade Secrets: light effect concealer.* This is one of my faves, when I run out of this I'm like a looney driving into Cardiff to their huge Tesco to get another one, the BD range has gone from my local Tesco which is such a Shame, but back to this, this concealer is frickin amazing, it reminds me so much of another premium one and if you have used this one you may know what one I mean, however the price point on this one in comparison is amazing. I use this one under my eye area and I also use this on areas on my face I want to brighten.  It's so easy to use and I love that it's like a pen, one of the best.

Maybelline the Eraser eye: I have mine in the shade nude, now the first one I bought the product didn't come out and no matter how much I squeezed or twisted the top I couldn't get any out, I ended up chucking it in the bin and I was fuming, I don't know if it was my fault or the lids so I bought another one, and it worked fine, perfect for the under eye area and didn't settle to bad in any creases or lines.  I use mine around my nose to where my skin is a bit blotchy and find this is absolutely perfect for disguising issues here.

Nars Creamy Concealer: this concealer has a bit of a cult following and your not worth your salt if you don't have this in your stash, we are told, I've got mine in Vanilla, and yes the texture is creamy and the blend ability is great.  This again Is a must for under eyes and it does help me look less tired which is essential in my life,

Laura x